Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Resident Evil or the copyright to Resident Evil. Any characters in this that are not featured in the games are original characters made by myself.

The man in the black sports coat wiped his sunglasses in his hands, keeping his eyes from sight the whole time, as the airplane flew through one of the clouds. Sitting across from him was his right hand man and the other was one of the other operatives employed by the company that the man in black was a part of. His right hand man had an eye patch over his right eye, a wound that he had received while doing a recon mission in Bosnia, but he still had a very handsome appearance. Unlike the man in black and the Asian-American woman who was sitting next to him, the man with the eye patch was dressed in more casual clothing, with a black leather jacket and black jeans. His shirt was one of humor saying G SCRW YRSLF and at the bottom said, "would you like to buy a vowel." His right hand man only wore business attire when he had to, much to his employer's chagrin, but then again, it made his right hand man stand out less. If he wore an eye patch with a black sports coat he might as well just have the bad guy label slapped to his back.

The woman sitting right next to him wore a showy red dress, which was made so she could move easily and still look elegant. She appeared fascinated with the intel that was on her PDA, but she would also switch to the in flight movie that the man in black was paying no attention to. The man in black was only concerned with making sure that everything was set and prepped for use in the mission that he was about to carry out. His right hand man, on the other hand, was reading one of the mangas that he took some pleasure in reading, despite how childish it seemed to the woman in red.

"Really, Colt, don't you think you're a little old for that stuff," asked the woman in red as she looked at the book that her associate was reading.

"Better than those cheesy romance novels that you buy off the shelves, Ada," replied Colt as he turned the page. "Besides, it's still a story, just because it has pictures doesn't mean that it's childish. You're only thinking of age as dichotomy, one thing being for kids and another thing being for adults."

"I was more of thinking about you bashing the head of every person who laughs at you reading those things," said Ada with a sigh at her associate's brutal defense of his habits.

"All of those men were targets that I had to kill in the first place," said the man as he turned the page and set his one good eye on the page. "No one at S.T.A.R.S. had a problem with my habit, they all just felt like leaving things as they were, unlike some people who have to bring it up every time I pull out the damn book."

"If you could both keep it down please, we don't want to attract any unwanted attention from the other passengers," said the man in black as he pulled out a book of his own.

"What other passengers," asked Colt looking around. "I don't see anyone else besides us, Captain Wesker."

"You still haven't grown out of your habit of calling him captain," noted Ada with a hint of amusement.

"I could say the same for your feelings about that cop," retorted Colt as he eyed her. "You seemed to take great care into making sure that I got the government to pick up Leon Kennedy."

"He had the girl and we couldn't get her without making him come out of the open," replied Ada, trying to hide her embarrassment.

"In the end it was the best decision to make," said the man in black, Albert Wesker, as he picked up his drink and took a sip of it. "Besides he may be of some use in toppling Umbrella right now."

"He may become a pain in the ass later," muttered Colt as he went back to reading his manga.

"He may become a threat, but I will just remove that threat," said Wesker casually.

Chris Redfield got the van to work after making some many repairs to the engine and was rewarded with a working transportation vehicle. He grinned as he sat back in the chair that was right in front of him, taking a rest after working since 5: 00 A.M. to get the piece of junk to work. His hobby was fixing up old cars and other old things that could be useful; a habit he had developed since he had went into hiding from Umbrella and teamed up with the government. The empire of evil had been the symbol of one man that he didn't even know what he looked like, but it was all a side map to the other evil that the was trying to topple. His old Captain, Albert Wesker. Ever since Chris had found out that Wesker was still alive, he had dedicated his life to stopping men like Wesker and Spencer from creating the kinds of nightmares that he had faced in the Spencer Estate. The sound of the door to the garage opening made Chris jump as he turned around to see his younger sister, Claire, standing in the doorway smiling at him.

"My, aren't you jumpy today," laughed Claire as she walked over to him. "Guess who showed up on our doorstep?"

"Someone who I know, but can't guess who it is" replied Chris as he got out of the chair.

"Leon is here for you," announced Claire as she walked right back into the room.

Chris knew that Claire and Leon were close, both having killed their way out of Raccoon together and both were looking for the missing Sherry Birkin, a girl whom Claire had rescued from Raccoon. Leon had informed Chris of her being in the Antarctic and had found them places on the anti-Umbrella groups that had been established by the U.S. government. The group consisted most of the surviving Raccoon S.T.A.R.S. and others who hadn't been bought or went into hiding. It was small to say the least since most decided to go into hiding until the government found them. The man that Chris wished to find was a man named Colt, a former student of his treacherous captain, Albert Wesker.

"I don't think I can get out of the chair," groaned Chris as he slouched in his chair.

"I figured you would be too lazy to do that," said Claire with a mock sigh. "That's why I asked him to come in."

"What's up, Chris," greeted Leon as he entered the doorway next to Claire.

"Nothing much," replied Chris as he extended a hand to Leon, who shook it. "I was just wondering when my next mission would be."

"Well I guess I shouldn't keep you waiting then," said Leon as he pulled a file out of his bomber jacket and handed it to Chris. "Right now I'm supposed to be going out to observe a certain city within the older, more remote parts of France, on the coast and it's almost a ghost town except for another complex that Umbrella built there known as the Hive. I was thinking that you can go out to check out the place as well, but right now this is supposed to be a solo mission to retrieve one of my observers who I lost contact with a few days ago."

"Well then, I guess Barry, Jill, Rebecca, and myself will have our work cut out for us," said Chris, but something about the change in Leon's eyes sent warning flares in Chris's mind.

"Jill will not be going," said Leon as he studied Chris's reaction.

"Is she on another mission right now," asked Chris, not comprehending what Leon was trying to tell him.

"She was the agent I lost contact with," replied Leon.

Adamsk stretched out a bit after the long plane ride to the complex that he would be staying at while surveying its progress and reporting back to Umbrella. He was wearing a blue suit with a blue vest over a white dress shirt with an open collar and blue slacks to match the suit. His pure black hair was cut short in a military fashion, but he did carry around a sort of elegance in his movements and manners, despite the fact that he looked like someone from the Russian Mafia. Over his left eye brow there was a slight scar from a knifing incident that happened when he was training in a Russian military academy that had long since gone on its own to sell out their business to the highest bidder. Umbrella had tried to buy control over the school, but the headmaster wouldn't hear any of it so Umbrella paid some of the students to assassinate the headmaster. Adamsk was a part of it, but he had no previous convictions towards the headmaster, it was just business and he saw a bigger profit in working for Umbrella.

He let his hands trail over the rail as he walked over to the lobby, where he was greeted by the head researcher, a man named David Buchanan, and followed he researcher to his room. As he set his bags on the bed, Adamsk took a moment to look at the report that was on the table in his room and he studied over the basic information that was displayed on the first page. From what Adamsk read, it seemed that most of the experiments on the Tyrants were going okay, but okay was not the result that Umbrella wanted and they would definitely not be pleased to read the report in his hand. After taking out the list of services in the book next that was next to the report, Adamsk decided to call a certain number for one of the finer luxuries of the research facility.