Shooting Star

Ch 1

Artie was worried that morning as he woke up.

He'd had another dream about a powerful demon attacking the village he and his father used to live in.

"It's just another bad dream Artie." He told himself as he looked in the mirror.

There was the black marking of a dragon on his chest.

Sometimes after his bad dreams, it tingled slightly.

"Where did it come from? Maybe Lillian know where but if I ask…. She might not talk about it.

In the dreams I have, I heard a baby scream and a man give in.

But why?

What was it he was fighting?" the young King thought as he went down stairs.

Lillian was in the dining room. She knew the truth about why Artie's father had left Artie at Worchester.

She wanted to tell Artie but wasn't sure.

But maybe now was the right time.

But in the swamp Fiona and Leah noticed something on Shrek's fore head. It was a marking of a flame.

Leah had a feeling he was a vessel for a demon but he was unaware.

"I wonder what demon he has and I hope it os friendly." Leah whispered as Carley came into the kitchen wearing Asian pyjamas.

"What's going on?" she asked them.

"We're…. Just worried about Shrek. He might have a demon in him." Leah told her gently.

"Wow. Does…. He know?" she replied softly.

"No and we've got to keep it a secret, okay? You know how worried he gets if he think something's wrong." She answered the teen.

Carley nodded.

"You have my word." She replied to her.

Charming was nervous as curse marks appeared over his body and thunder sparked from his hand.

"Cool. Maybe U can ue thi to my upper hand in defeating Shrek but how?" he told himself as he set out a plan.

Somebody was in Artie's room waiting for him. He had shoer ews hair, green eyes, wore a green vest that signified he was a sensei and had a gourd on his back.

He knew how Artie was feeling about having a demon inside him.

Artie smiled warmly at him as he entered the room.

"Hey Gaara what're you doing here? Aren't you looking for Leah and Carley?" he asked him.

"No I'm here... to help you." Garra answered softly.

Artie didn't understand what the guy meant.

"I know why you have that marking on your chest.

You... have a demon inside of you. Like me and Naruto. I'm unsure what it could be." Gaara told him.

Tears welled up in Artie's eyes at that.

"So my father made me a freak! No wonder he left me at Worchester. He hate me." he said breaking down.

Gaara sat beside him on the bed. "Maybe there was no other way and he wanted to protect you because he loves you.

My own father was so afraid of my demon, he tried to have me taken care of." Gaara replied wrapping his arm around the teenager.

He knew Artie needed time to adjust and he along with Shrek and the others would help him...