Shooting Star

Ch 13

Fiona watched as her future self looked at her with cold eyes.

Her future self was slender but wore a knighr suit.

Her hair was cut short. There was a huge samurai sword on her back in a sheath.

"What're you doing here? Did Kabuto follow you here?" Snowgre's older self asked her.

"No he didn't. It's because of him, Duloc is dooned." She answered.

"What did you mean by that Fiona?

I don't understand." Leah asked her.

She smiled at the teen.

"In the future we thought things would be better but they got worse.

Kabuto, Orchimaru's hench man found out how to use Ogreix/chakra together.

He took over Duloc and Far, Far Away.

The others and I along with you and Carley fought him but we failed and the both of you were his prisoners.

That's why… we need you and Carley to help us along with the others.

What do you say?" she explained to her.

"I can't believe Kabuto did that! He's going to wish he never took over when we're through with him!" Leah thought.

"We'll help! Kabuto's going down!" Leah replied to her.

But Thorn noticed Snowgre's future self walk away.

He couldn't bear to look at her.

It reminded him of that night when he lost both his hope and Love.

In his mind's eye…

It had been a peaceful night as he and Thorn slept.

Until he heard screaming and ran into the Academy.

Kabuto was using demons to hurt the students especially his group.

"Take your hands off them!" Snowgre yelled.

Kabuto laughed at that.

"Hello Snowgre. I'm afraid I can't stop. I'm having too much fun!" he answered laughing.

Snowgre then activated his Ogreix but heard somebody moan as Kabuto had her in his hands.

It was Thorn.

"I wouldn't try to stop me if I were you.

I… wouldn't want someone as pretty as her to die!" he said as he held a kunai to her throat.

"No! I.. can't let her die! But my students are more important to me than my own life." He thought as he actuvayed his chakra.

Even though he damaged Kabuto's chakra points, something had happened to Thorn.

The dark chakra from Kabuto and Snowgre's own chakra had made her sick, very sick.

He tried to rush her to the healer but it was too late.

Ever since then it had felt like his fault that this had happened.

Back to present day….

Thorn then saw somebody walk into the room.

It was Carley.

"Hey guys. What's going on?" she asked seeing Leah hug her and Fiona's older self look on.

"In the future Kabuto took over Duloc and Far, Far Away.

We're gonna help stop him! But they need our help.

You up for it?" she answered.

A smile crossed Carley's face at that.

"Course I'm ready! Kabuto better watch out!" she replied to her.

Fiona and the others watched as Shrek's older self opened a portal using chakra.

They then walked through it.

They came out into Duloc on the other side.

It was a shock to see. The village was a mess and the people looked sad, depressed to be alive.

Fiona saw anger in both ;eah and Carley's eyes.

"He's so dead when we find him!" Carley said.

Fiona and Snowgre's elder selfs looked worried at that.

Kabuto smiled as he saw Carley and the others.

"So they brought help!

No matter. I can defeat them easily!" he cackled as he approached a cell.

It had both Carley and Leah's older selves in it.

"Soon they'll be destroyed and it'll be your fault." he said to them.

Leah saw anger in Carley's eyes.

"Don't worry. They can do it but we have to keep Kabuto busy." Leah told her.

Carley nodded but watched as a mic appeared in chakra.

"What're you doing?" Leah asked her.

"Just watch." Carley said as she sang powerful rock chords that broke the bars and knocked Kabuto off his feet.

Leah was amazed at that.

"Come on! Let's go find the others." Carley said as they vanished.

Kabuto growled angrily at that.

He should've known the kid would use her musical powers.

Shrek was worried as he saw Leah and Carley appear.

"Hey guys S'up?" Carley's older self asked them.

"Wow I became a musician after all!" Carley said to her.

Her older self was wearing punk clothes along with a punky looking baker boy cap.

"Yes you did. Even better than Kelly Osbourne." she answered her. Leah saw a huge smirk on her friend's face.

"How did you escape?" Shrek's older self asked.

"Carley used her musical powers to break the cell and give Kabuto a massive head ache." Leah's elder self answered him as they walked into the portal.

They then appeared back at the swamp in the present.

"What about Kabuto? Aren't we gonna stop him?" Leah asked curious.

"We are. Just later." Shrel's older self told her.

Carley was curious about what would happen in the future...