Life Goes On

Life Goes On

Disclaimer: I own nothing. If I did I would be rich. FMA was conceived by the fabulous Hiromu Arakawa. I'm only borrowing her characters. I promise to put them back where they belong. The plan is to have this story carry on through as years pass and people's lives go on.

Year Zero


"Hey. It's Jean. Man… I'm really bad at these sorts of things. I guess it comes from just not knowing what to say. Or maybe I just don't want to believe you're gone. I just can't believe childbirth is what finally brought you down. You were so tough…unbreakable. She's beautiful. Little Emily. Just gorgeous. Heh. Breda's accusing me of being worse than Maes. Maybe I am. At first, I thought you were just being nice when I asked you to be the godfather of your kid. You know…be nice to the eternal bachelor kind of thing. I'm gonna make you proud, Riza. Just you wait and see."

"I'm worried about Roy. He's just…there, y'know? Barely functioning. He won't hold Emily--he just sort of stares at her with this expression I've never seen before. I've tried talking to him, Gracia's tried talking to him, hell…even Edward's tried talking to him. I just don't know what to do, Riza. How do I tell a man who just lost the love of his life, that he needs to step up and be a father? Anyways…don't worry about her. She's got me, Breda, Fuery, Falman, Armstrong, Gracia and both the Elric brothers looking after her. I pity the poor kid who tries to take her out on her first date. Heh. Six uncles waiting with loaded guns and alchemy if the boy brings her home late."

"I'm gonna go now. But I'll be back with news. I miss you. We all do. I keep expecting you to come in through the office doors, brandishing a gun and ordering us back to work under threat of execution. It's not the same without you."


"Hi Miss Riza. It's Alphonse. I…I just wanted to let you know that we're taking great care of Emily. She's really something. All soft and wrinkly and tiny. It's hard to believe that we all started out like that. Especially, brother. I don't think he could ever have been that innocent. He's so funny around her. You'd think she was our sister or something. Mr. Havoc has taken so many pictures of her I think the man at the photo store is running out of paper! He'll show pictures of her to people while she's in the room! Brother thinks he's trying to distract Mr. Mustang. Well, we all are trying to distract him. They fight a lot more. Brother and the Colonel. It's the only time the Colonel does something other than stare at Emily or stare at his wedding ring. It's hard seeing him like that. But enough sadness….Emily is wonderful, and we're all going to take very good care of her. I've always wanted a little sister! I will stop by and let you know how things are going. Oh, and I'm taking the test to be a State Alchemist. I know you said I'd pass with flying colors, but the studying is kinda scary! Take care, Miss Riza!"


"Sometimes when bad things happen, people really make a change for the better. Breda…he's actually taken Black Hayate in. He says he knows you'd want him taken care of…and since Falman and I both live in dorms, and Havoc once threatened to eat him…Breda forced himself to get used to having a dog. Black Hayate and he are the best of friends now. Hayate still looks for you when they come to the office. Well, we all do. Colonel Mustang…he's just not the same. Well, truthfully…none of us are. I wanted to let you know that I took your advice and asked the girl at the coffee shop out. Life's too short to waste on what ifs. Emily is wonderful, but I bet you've heard that from everyone else. Havoc…we were all wondering why you would choose him to be the godfather of Emily, but now we see why. You really could see the best in people and would bring it out of us whether we wanted it to show or not. That's your legacy, Lieutenant Hawkeye. You've brought the best out in us all. Godspeed, Lieutenant"


"I want you to know I'm still fighting with the Colonel. But now it's for his own good. It's the only time life actually enters his eyes. I don't know what to say to make him feel better. He's a father….and he doesn't know what to do with his own child! It makes me so mad! My own father….well, this isn't about me is it? Let's just say I won't let him do to Emily what my father did to me. She's going to be looked after. We're all making sure of that. You did so much for Alphonse and I. More than you know. Heh. Al's so funny around Emily. He's already spoiling her. And Havoc? Oh, man…he's Hughes times 1,000! Even Gracia and Elysia have told him to calm down some! Armstrong is already trying to pass down his family secrets to her. She doesn't seem that impressed as she usually falls asleep to the sound of his voice. I'd better go…Al's anxious to study for his State Alchemy test."


"I can't hold our daughter. How pathetic is that? I can sense everyone passing judgment, and I can't say I blame them. What father ignores their child? What man just sits in a dark room and let's his friends take care of his child? I'm so glad you named Havoc as godfather. He's taken the task to heart more than I could have asked. He's tried talking to me about it. Hell, just about everyone has. But how can I tell them that holding her only reminds me of you. She has your eyes…those red brown eyes. I can see you peering through them. It breaks my heart. I'm so afraid of losing her as well. If I don't get close, I can't get hurt. heart can't handle it. I wake up in the middle of the night and reach for your side of the bed. But you're not there. I just don't understand what went wrong…you were so strong…so…prepared for childbirth. Maybe if I had gone to more of those classes with you….maybe if I hadn't insisted on going to THAT hospital, maybe….maybe….if I hadn't given in to my love for you…you'd still be here…oh, Riza…."