Life Goes On: Year 3

Author's Note: I own nothing and am using the FMA Universe for fun, not profit. And I'm sorry for the serious lack of updates. Life/work got in the way (no fun), and the plot bunnies planted a new idea in my head (which is fun), but unfortunately it has nothing to do with this storyline. Oh plot bunnies? Why do you mock me so?


Thank god, the Terrible Two's are ending. At least, I hope they're ending. Gracia says that Terrible Three's are somewhat common—I just pray Emily doesn't decide for a repeat year. The only person Emily listens to 100 is Alphonse. I think it broke poor Jean's heart all the times she told him "no." Of course, she still listens to him and adores him, but I think her new favorite uncle at least for now is Al. Heh. Poor Jean: lost another woman to someone else. She's a stubborn as you are. There's this look in her eyes that appears when she's not going to do something no matter what you do. It's uncanny. Edward's taken to calling her mini-Riza. Emily then responds back with "No. I'm Emily!" Edward then counters by calling her another name, she informs him of her correct name…. and it goes back and forth. I swear, she waits and waits for him to call her something other than Emily.

She definitely inherited your aim. It's dangerous to leave projectiles around her when she's bored. Armstrong has learned to check is mustache for cheerios before leaving. How she manages to get one of those stuck on the corner of his mustache, I have no idea. (The fact that a cheerio will stay lodged on his mustache scares me too--but Armstrong just says it's a Armstrong tradition to have a strong mustache--I didn't ask…who am I kidding…I don't WANT to know.)

The rumblings of war are beginning. It scares me that I may have to leave Emily behind. All of us might. Well, besides Gracia and Elysia. None of us want to fight another war, but the rebellion faction in the west is getting stronger, and their tactics are…well…less than honorable. Bombings of schools and markets and churches have increased. Jean's told me that he'd be willing to drop out of the army if he needs to in order to make sure she's protected. Armstrong doesn't want any part in this war either. I think he'll leave if it comes to that.

Is it selfish of me to stay in? That thought keeps me up at night. Our plans…our hopes for what the military could become…they're the only things keeping me in right now. What we've laid in motion is for the future. But can I really stand to let another war take me away from my family? I sure could use your level thinking right now.


I'm getting married in three months. It's something that would never have happened if you hadn't given me such wonderful advice and told me to take a chance. Is it wrong that I'm worried? Not about Anna…she's everything I would have hoped to find in a wife. No…I'm worried about the possibility of war. She says she knows what it means to be a military wife…that she's prepared for it, but I'm afraid of coming back a changed person. What if she doesn't like who I come back as? It took so much courage to ask her out in the first place, what if I'm not….

Heh. This is the point where you usually point your weapon at me and tell me to stop whining. I never thought I'd say this…but I actually kinda miss it. Well…the advice, not so much the bullet dodging.

Little Emily is going to be a flower girl at the wedding. I just hope she's out of her hating dresses phase by then. If anyone is sure of being a tomboy—it's her. The poor boys won't know what hit them. Of course, when you've got all of us helping raise her, I don't think there's much of a chance she's going to be a girly girl anyway. Thank goodness Gracia is there. That much testosterone raising a girl…it can't be good.


Your little girl sure does like to argue. I think she gets it from her old man. The Colonel is doing a lot better these days. I almost miss picking fights with him on purpose. Not that we don't still fight…they're just about real things now. After the whole incident of him researching how to transmute a human life…I was worried for the longest time. I felt like a stalker for a while, making sure he didn't do anything stupid. I mean, someone in his position who knows the dangers and repercussions trying to bring you back? Not that wanting to bring you back is stupid…that came out wrong. I'll shut up now.

I'm sure you've been told about the rumors of war. I want to keep Al out of it, but he INSISTED on becoming a dog of the military—just like his older brother. I know you said I have to let him be his own person. I agree…I just wish peace had lasted longer. I want to keep him safe, Riza. I know how you felt about keeping the Colonel safe. Because I feel the same way about keeping Al safe. The Colonel said he'd do everything he can to make sure we stay together if it comes to that. I hate to admit it…but he's a good guy. If he ever finds out, of course I'll deny I said anything of the sort!


I never thought I'd be jealous of Alphonse over a girl. I think Emily likes him more than me. At least I didn't lose her to the Colonel like all the other women in my life. Ah, well. At least I'm still her godfather. Pre-school starts soon. Although I think Gracia wants to continue to look after her. She just hasn't said so out loud. I may convince Roy to hold off until Kindergarten. Of course, having Emily exposed to "normal" people might be a good thing. Not many kids have the kind of family she does.

Roy's whole attitude has changed. Who knew getting smacked around would actually knock sense into him? If I'd had your aim, I probably would have shot at him. Just to bring the point home even further. We burned all of his research on Homunculus together. I think he wanted to prove that he was serious about moving on and letting that idiotic idea finally die. Part of me wishes that he could have been successful. But the cost was just too high. Too damn high, Riza. We've all seen what the Elric brothers had to go through…there's no way I'm letting him do that. No way I'm letting him do that to himself, Emily….or the rest of us. Our dysfunctional family can't take another loss.

I got promoted to 1st Lieutenant. Never thought that day would come. I mean, I'm a competent enough soldier—I just always thought I'd be a step behind you. Ah, listen to me…enough drama.

I've got a date tomorrow night. I know. Amazing. Hey, at least I don't have to worry about the Colonel stealing her away this time. How you managed to stay calm during all of that I'll never know. I wish some of your strength and patience had rubbed off on me. Well, maybe it did. Wish me luck. Miss you Riza.