A/N: Pretty apprehensive about this. HOH. So like, I wrote this one, two years ago? And every time I see it, I say "Dude, I'll totally edit this and post it." (A lot of) Time passed, and eventually I got back to it. Simple, short, crappish, no point drabble-esce Main!Character x Luke I wrote during class. You can bother yourself with guessing who it is (Tear, Guy, Jade, Anise, Natalia?), but it's obvious when you reach the end. Hate it, like it, tell me. It'll probably end up kicking me in the face later on down the road. I like how this A/N is turning out longer than the story.

Waiting for You

I tugged at my right glove again and fitted it on properly. It was pretty much a nervous, self-conscious habit I'd just developed recently.

Because of you...where are you?

I checked myself out, making sure no article of clothing was out of place. I did have to look presentable. It wouldn't do me any good if I wasn't, that's for sure.

It's been three years...three long years.

Besides, I couldn't allow myself to sulk, not right now, at least; I've been wallowing in my own selfish sorrow for a while now.

I told you I'll always be by your side.

Right now, I had more important things to do, more important things to worry about. Like reports, papers, random grievances from the citizens, and all that. Heh. A smile tugged at my lips; just what the heck am I saying?

You did tell me you'd be back. You promised.

I closed my eyes and brought the side of my hand to my forehead, letting out an exasperated sigh. "I really need to get a hold of myself..."

So many days, weeks...months. I always dream that you'll come back, just like I did.

I trudged down the hall, the heels of my boots clicking against the floor with every step I took. The hollow, lonely echoing only served as another, painful reminder.

I'll stand by you. I'll always wait for you, just like I did when you promised you'd change.

"Tomorrow..." I said aloud, crossing my arms as I stopped. My eyes narrowed: the Coming of Age Ceremony was tomorrow. Well then, now we'll all see if you can really keep your word.

You'd better come back, Luke. I'll never forgive you if you just...disappear.