Milana hid her face against Kurt's shoulder, arms around her father as they danced slowly to the father-daughter introduction.

"Zat vas... some kiss," Kurt chuckled, stroking her hair as he watched them being watched before other couples slowly started leaking on the floor. "Und in front of ze priest..."

"I know," Milana gigled, blushing. "I just... I had to do it."

"Vell, you are a married voman now. You have every right," he smiled.

"Married..." Milana felt a little weak in the knees, but she beamed. "I never expected this. I never thought he'd be ready... do you think he's ready?"

"I think zat I refused him my blessing twice before I thought he vould be capeable of making you happy," Kurt said gently. "Und each time he vanted to know vat I refused, und each time he returned after vorking hard to improve."

"Really?" Milana asked softly.

"Ja. Und he did everything in his power to make zis perfect for you. Down to ze last detail," he said. "But ze real question is... is zis vat you vanted? Vat vill make you happy?"

Milana smiled and nodded, no lack of confidence at all. "He's the one, dad. I knew it, as soon as he asked. I'm going to spend Eternity with him."

Kurt stopped dancing and took a step back, then grinned and kissed her forehead.

"Zen I am happy for you," he said. Milana beamed at him, then looked up as Remy came over and bowed his head slightly.

"Mind if I cut in?" he asked.

"Not at all," Kurt clasped him on the shoulder, then stepped back and nodded to them before leaving. As Remy and Milana came together, the Cajun grinned.

"So, did I use up all de Trip Patience for funny business?" he asked teasingly.

"Baby, the very idea of this... you should be charged all of the Patience allotted for your lifespan," she informed him, giggling.

"But?" Remy smiled. Milana sighed, then leaned against him and closed her eyes contently.

"But you pulled it off. So you're redeemed," she giggled. Remy smiled.

"You really liked it," he said softly.

She leaned up and kissed him gently.

"It was... better than I could imagine," she said softly. They danced in silence for a moment, and suddenly Remy grinned.

"You know... I showed restraint up dere, wit de kiss," he said.

"Mm? What's your point?" Milana asked, comfortable.

"Remy jus' say... you did yank me in for dat kiss," he grinned. Milana stopped and looked up at him.

"Yes. So?" she said.

"So de way I see it, de Funny Business scale is off. In my favor," he grinned. "N' now we married..."

"You're such an idiot sometimes," Milana laughed.

"I can't help it," he murmured, kissing her again. She returned the embrace, then smiled as the song ended and the dance slowed.

"Hey, Cajun man, share the flower," a familiar voice said.

Milana gasped and turned, then let out a squeal and flung herself into the dark haired Latino's arms.

"Miguel!! I didn't even- but you're here!!" she gasped. Miguel laughed aloud and hugged her.

"Oh, I wouldn't miss a party for the world. Especially not you're big day with the Famous LeBeau. Lemme see you," he said, letting go and then looking her up and down. "Lord, you're beautiful."

"Hey now, dis ma chere," Remy stepped forward protectively.

Milana was about to look cross, but suddenly turned and kissed her husband again.

"Oh, you invited him. Remy, that was so amazing of you," she gushed. Remy looked surprised, but shrugged.

"Er, yeah." he grinned. Then he blinked. "Oh, I t'ink yoh girlfrien's want to talk..."

Milana looked over at the excited women, then smiled and nodded. "I'll be back."

The two men watched her go, then paused and looked at eachother for a moment. Then Miguel grinned.

"You didn't invite me. Her proud papa did," he smirked.

"I know," Remy let out a deep breath, running his hand through his hair. "T'anks foh no' callin' me out on it."

"Hey, man, I'm here to make Milana happy," Miguel smiled. "If that means scoring her new hubby some points he didn't earn, so be it."

"T'anks," Remy nodded slowly, looking at him. Miguel chuckled again.

"I'm really not here to steal her from you," he said.

"Yeah?" Remy arched a brow.

"If I thought I had a chance, maybe. The flower's a keeper. But I'm not stupid, you're the only one who's really for her," he said easily. "So I'm just a friend, alright? And I treasure her as a friend. And it would be cool if you didn't mind us remaining friends."

"Just friends?" Remy said suspiciously.

"Just friends," Miguel said. Remy studied him for a moment, then slowly nodded.

"Fine. Jus' answer me one t'ing..."

"Anything, dude," Miguel said.

"Did you n' ma chere ever..." Remy paused. Miguel blinked, then smirked.

"You know Lanny better than that," he said. "Nah. We slept in the same bed, but never together. It was mostly because of her bad dreams."

"Oh, good," Remy said, deflating and grinning, looking relieved. "Ok, den. Cool."

"Congrats, man," Miguel laughed, coming forward and giving the man a rough hug. Remy returned the gesture, then nodded his head.

"C'mon. Let's get a beer 'fore my wife drag me over foh speeches n' food," Remy smirked, completely at ease with the other man now that he knew he'd never gotten anywhere with his precious Milana.

As the sun slowly sank the sky turned a deep crimson, then a tangerine shade, and the lanturns switched on to illuminate the party, which continued late into the night. The newly wed couple both found themselves overwhelmed by emotion on more than one occasion, but with family and friends surrounding them the feasting, drinking, and dancing didn't end till late.

When they finally set off for bed Remy cheerfully carried Milana up, serenading her as they went, finally reaching their room and bringing her inside.

Laying his new wife down in the blankets he sat beside her, stroking her cheek and looking at her adoringly. She gazed at him with equal affection, then smiled and leaned forward to kiss him, neither needing to utter a word to let the other know how they felt.


Remy woke slowly to the deep, warm scent of his wife, a fresh fragrance that was unique to her in all the world. As his eyes opened the slender purple shoulders were first to come into focus, and the warmth of holding her close all night contrasted the cool sheets that seemed made of pearl.

The eyes that could always bring him to his knees slowly opened as he kissed one delicately pointed ear, and the lips that held the only flavor he could ever love parted to inhale, then breathe his name.

"Good morning, Mrs. LeBeau," he murmured, smiling as his fingers entwined with hers.

Milana smiled and slowly turned to him, kissing him gingerly before she lay her cheek to his.

"Good morning, Remy."

Remy smiled contently, loving the way his name sounded on her lips. He kissed her again, savoring her taste in a way he'd never dared to before.

Then they settled in, looking out towards open doors leading to the patio. Their bodies fit and entwined out of practise, but for the first time there was no distrinction made between inappropriate and acceptable. Completely relaxed they lay, pondering thier happiness, feeling as if they'd been married for years already and excited about the prospect of their future together.

A bird called outside, and the ocean rumbled, and Remy smiled as he leant down and kissed his wife again.

"So, chere, you wanna learn t' surf?"