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When Lily walked back into the common room and smiled so widely, an enormously dreamy smile adorning her delicate features, I knew something had happened. Something big. Never, in all my years of knowing her, had Lily ever looked like that.

Obviously, I asked her what was up, and after some totally discreet and subtle (or perhaps loud and direct to the rest of the mortal world) probing, I found out that Lily had finally, finally, finally done what I knew she should've done all along.

She and James were a real, honest-to-Merlin couple! I couldn't be happier for my mad, self-blind best friend.

After many more hugs, squeals, and questions from me, I had to know what happened in the broom cupboard too – the real story, not the stupid, skimpy one Lils expected me to buy the first time – since it was directly relevant to getting together with James.

It took me a while, but I wore her down eventually and made her tell me everything. Everything she could remember – all the looks he gave her, all the words they said, all the stupid things he probably did for her. Every bit of it. I deserved to know what was going on in there! I orchestrated the plot myself, hadn't I?!

But, anyway, Lily's a good friend, so she did spill whatever details she still had, which were pretty plentiful – enough to give me a good sketch of this dramatic turn of events. Some of the things she said were spoken in a tone that was plainly supposed to make me feel bad, but honestly, I couldn't stop grinning the whole time.

Sure, I'd caused a bit of mayhem; but mostly, I'd caused a lot of priceless bonding between them and I couldn't be prouder of my nutty scheme.

If there was a grade for 'Matchmaking Fated Couples Together' in the N.E.W.T.'s, I'm sure I would have an O in the bag.

However, after some more discussion on the daft things Lily had done both in and out of that cupboard lately, the next pressing matter I needed to get information on was when their first "official" date was going to be. That was when Lily astonished me though; she made the astonishing announcement that she and James didn't actually intend to date yet.

Didn't plan to date yet!!

"Not now, not after all of this," the barmy girl had told me, sighing with that dreamy, far-off look she has. "For the moment, James and I have come to the conclusion that we are going to be proper friends first."

I tried to tell her that they were previously friends, long-time friends, that Lily knew all she needed to know about him by this point at least, but I really had managed to befriend the most obstinate, inflexible ever to exist back in first year. Lily's firmly set stance on that matter is that one night, no matter how tumultuous, is not enough to fully comprehend every necessary complex each person possesses. She knows a lot, she at least acknowledged, but dating is out of the question until at least seventh year – the two of them were going to savor time and really feel comfortable before advancing their screwball relationship any further.

I must've looked pretty crestfallen by then, because Lily smiled very sweetly, and as if to soothe me, revealed that she did apprehend that she loved James intensely – much more than she could suitably explain – and she just didn't want to muck up something this good.

"It would be easy," she had explained thoughtfully, "because the passion has always been there. That part's easy. But the rest – the trust, the presence of mind, mutual confidences – that's all still premature. The only way to let it grow is to, well, know each other platonically before we get into the proper couple stuff; which, after recent events, I think we've got down pretty well already."

When she put it like that, how could I not agree?

So, Lily won that argument and hopped off to get her book bag, but as I began to do my own homework, I found myself oddly warm and at-peace with Lily's super-weird bond with James.

Maybe they're not shagging just yet, but I think that for now, that's okay. Being in that cupboard, regardless of what Lily may think, was probably the best thing that happened to her; they found each other (or, rather, Lily found James) and I think they got a good look at what they were up against with the other.

They both needed reality checks, when I really think on it; James had always been under the impression that Lily's pigheadedness and snappy behavior were feisty and desirable traits, and that her ability to become a fire-breathing dragon was cute, when actuality, he hadn't had a clue what she was about.

But on the other hand, Lily thought James was the worst thing that had happened to the world since Pandora's Box, and that his ability to goof off incessantly was a horrible drawback; but in actuality, she hadn't had a clue what he was about either.

Now, though, I think things are going to be all right.

From what Lily has revealed to me, they had a hell of a time together in that cupboard – and in some of the best ways possible too. The way I see it, this could be the beginning of a brilliant friendship; James is good for my lovely Lils, and she's even better for him.

They just fit; on their own, they're a bit left of center, sure, but together, I dunno…there's just something that goes off, some huge spark triggered from the most turbulent friction anyone's ever seen, and I can tell just like that that they're right.

I mean, really; when I think about it, there's no one else Lily could ever belong to, no one else who could take her for the crazy thing she is and make her as spirited as James does – for the better or for the worse.

By now, he understands her – not fully, no, but he does understand her better than any of the other boys at Hogwarts ever could. Even when she hated him, it was about him, always all about him, and without him, she doesn't know what she's supposed to do. She's wild, and without someone just as wild, she would fall apart.

And, when he's not pissing her off, James does make her happy.

It's as simple as that, and even though she won't admit it yet, she needs him – needs him like air in her lungs, sun in her eyes, chocolate in her intestines. She needs him because she loves him, and he's long made it clear he needs her just as badly. When a girl needs a guy, and the guy needs her back, they need to buck the hell up and get together, because being apart when you know you're fated is absolutely ridiculous – something Lily Evans has only just comprehended, bless her for her ignorance.

Plus, besides all that – how great would the name Mrs. Lily Potter look on her wedding invitations in a few years?!

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