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Again, I see the way of death and blame.
A memory of days alone, empty
And then of sudden mortal fire ablaze—
A name, a girl, unsullied by the dark,
Your freedom brought me light and joyous life
Until my shameful pride caused sweet you to
Die, die, die!!

My child gone; my freedom spent and dimmed.
I now am chained by little Rins who twirl,
Who spin and smile bright but now are false!
Am I doomed here in black notions, my Rins?
Does madness make sorrow numb, cold as you
Are now? I wish for days of peace and past.

My immortal misery binds my life
To this unhappy fate of too many
What ifs, perhapses, late moments and chance,
And sorrys never heard by ears of cute
Girlies who rot beneath an earthen grave.
I wish for you! But fate rejects the claim.