This is my first fic in a while, but this idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while now

This is my first fic in a long time, but this idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while now. I have no beta, so I apologize for any errors.

Summery: Tenten, a basketball prodigy decides there is not enough challenge playing with girls, so she enrolls in a boarding school which is known for its phenomenal boy's team. Disguised as a boy, Tenten begins the year. She is roommates with a cocky blond boy who may have a secret of his own.

Warning: This will eventually be tenten/temari, a girl/girl fic. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, and I am not making any profits off of this fanfiction.

Chapter 1


The chain of the basketball hoop clinked softly as the large orange ball fell through it. Thrown by a small girl, it was her fifteenth consecutive basket. Catching the ball easily, she pushed her brown bangs back from her sweaty forehead. She lined up her shot again, and released the ball, another perfect basket.

"Hey, Tenten!" a voice called.

Upon hearing the voice, she spun around and ran into the man's arms. "Dad!" she cried, "You finally got here. I was beginning to think you were gonna bail on me."

"Honey, I'd never bail on you." He said.

Tenten's eyebrows rose in disbelief. She scoffed and said, "Sure thing Dad. I think you're just scared I'm gonna beat you." A playful smile crossed her lips, lighting up her dark brown eyes.

Her father grinned back at her. "Yeah, well why don't you prove it."

Tenten faked left and drove right, and before her father knew what had happened, she was standing under the basket with two points, and the ball once again in her hand. A look of challenge was evident on her face. Dribbling out to the three-pointer line, she waited for her father to get in position, before she faked right and went up for the shot.

Sometime later, a sweaty Tenten and her father sat on the grass next to the basketball court. Taking a drink from a bottle of water her father said, "Nice game. This old man can't keep up with you anymore." He laughed as he said it. Tenten's father was a man in his mid forties. He had a slight potbelly and his hair was beginning to gray slightly.

"Thanks Dad," she said. She took the water bottle from him and took a drink from it. "I can't believe school starts again in one week. The summer has just flown by, don't you think?"

Her father nodded then said, "You're sure you want to do this? I know you love basketball but is it worth going this far?" his voice had taken on a more serious tone. "I'm worried about what's going to happen…"he trailed off.

"Dad, you worry too much." Tenten said. "I'm sure I want to do this. Basketball is my life. I want challenge, and hard work. I know that I excelled with my team, and not to be full of myself or anything…but I do think I was the best. Where I am going, I know that I will have a challenge. That's what I want."

Her dad sighed. "Ok Honey, I understand." He stood up groaning. "Lets go, we have some things we need to do."

Tenten's room was a work of art; however, this was according to her. When one opened they door, they would come face to face with the worst disaster they had ever seen in their life. Strewn across the floor were piles of clothing, and it was questionable as to whether they were clean or not. Intermingled with the clothes where various books, pieces of paper and pencils. Her walls were plastered with posters, photographs and drawings.

The next afternoon, Tenten's father opened Tenten's door to find her reading on her bed, the only clear space in the entire room. He cringed at the sight of her floor and said, "Tenten, you need to start packing. I want you to bring all of the clothes on the floor to the washer. Then I want you to put the books and other things away."

"But dad," Tenten whined, "Half of these clothes are clean."

"Even if they were," he said dryly, "By now, I'm sure they have become just as dirty as the other clothes. Get moving I don't have all day." He closed her door.

For the next hour, Tenten cleaned her room and when her father opened her door again, he was very pleased. "Very nice…"he said, slightly awestricken.

"Thanks" Tenten said, once more absorbed in her book.

"The laundry will be ready by tonight, but we should probably wait to pack your bags until tomorrow, after we go shopping." Smiling he left once more.

The next day found Tenten and her father in a very large clothing store. They were browsing in the boys section, something Tenten had never done before. Tenten had always been a tomboy of sorts, but she did have some girly clothes. She also hardly went shopping, if she did it was because someone dragged her to a store.

An hour later, after many trips to the dressing room, and many rejected choices, they finally left the store with new shirts, shorts, pants and socks. Their next stop was the shoe store, where they purchased a small pair of men's basketball shoes. The sales clerk made a few jokes about Tenten's small feet in men's basketball shoes and she was seething by the time they were finished.

With her packing mostly done, Tenten spent the next few days lounging around the house, or shooting hoops at the park. The halt in this pattern happened the day before school started. Tenten went to have a haircut. Her long hair was chopped off, leaving her bangs intact. The back was tapered, and went down just below her ears.

On day of her departure, Tenten woke up at nine o'clock. Her bags were by the door and her father cooked a stupendous breakfast for her. They left an hour later, drove for seven hours and by five o'clock that evening they were in the parking lot of Konoha Academy, a boarding school known for its boy's basketball team.

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