I'm untamed and wild

I run free

I am essence pain

An empty cavern of darkness

The seed of evil

and malevolence

I am diabolic

vindictive and cruel

I'm your walking nightmare

A living myth

I am fury bringer of the vengeance

I have one suggestion RUN!

What am I? You figure it out i'm not your maid...ha ha stupid humans...

I slammed the hood of the car down and kissed my old life good bye, I needed to go somewhere were my wounds could heal.

I had gone through enough in my life, mine is a tragic story or tale but then again who's story, tale, or life isn't, we've all had

tragic crap ces't la vie. if you ask me the afterlife is no better, lot more shit to go through i've seen a lot of suicidal immortals

or very depressed one's, its hard outliving the people you love but you know its mostly insane ones that make it the longest.

well don't just sit there and let me bore you here's the horrible tragic tale so listen up boy and girls...


You know when your a kid and everythings fine and dandy you think your parents are unfair, you want to stay up late and be a kid

but they won't let you. Then someday something goes wrong and your just like what the hell? what did i do? no more i luv you's, no

more kisses good night, no more hugs, no more warm cozy and safe house, no more cookie's. Well i can make my own cookie's

NOW but what's the point. Your house may be made out of brick or drywall, whatever but the big bad wolf is in the house he

doesn't need to blow, he can kick the damn door down. Crying won't help but you do anyway. well So i'm sitting by the fire right and

it looks real pretty and I beat down the urge to stick my hand in there and find out how it feels, yeah i was a stupid kid.

Mommy's knitting my gloves, winters coming soon and its getting cold, dad's just sitting there looking at you and mom with a smile on

his face and a look that says how'd I get so lucky. I didn't see that look when he was cleaning my poopie diapers. The room is

dim but the glow from the fire is beautiful and the silence, peaceful but come on your a kid you don't cherish these moments like adults

do, hell I barely remember anything but the horror...

There's a knock on the door a gentle and soft konk...konk...konk you know maybe if the knock had sounded different my life might

not have ended up the way it did. My mother might still be here with little gray hairs pestering me about marriage and kids. If only it

sounded like a raging lunatic was on the other end of the door. Well in a way it did, it was freezing out there the beginnings of freakin

winter If I was freezing my ass of in the cold desperate for heat I'd bang on the damn door but noooo. This knock was careful

precise as if measured and planned or as if whomever was on the other side was savoring the moment. Mom stopped knitting and she

freezes like a rat freezes to sniff the air as it realizes your behind it with a broom raised ready to smack it into oblivion

mother's intuition is the mother load of the sixth sense pay attention to it that's my advice for the day.

Dad rises "who could be out there at a time like this?" he asks to no one in general, he heads for the door and stands at the door

moves his hand to open it and mom hisses "don't do it we live in the Edge of the woods dear there could be a maniac on the other

side of the door" she said clutching the knitting needles. "That's silly your scaring kaggy and besides we have a gun

and...konk...konk...konk... the sound echoed in our small house. We all drew breath, there was tension in the air it din't help when

daddy picked up the gun "WHO'S OUT THERE" daddy thundered in a scary deep voice. I guess he was supposed to be

intimidating but all that voice ever did was make me laugh.

We all shut our traps and listened, nothing then ...konk...konk...konk. "hello" the mystery voice answered I relaxed don't know why

but I was glad, maniac's did not sound like Mr Rogers you know the guy "with its a beautiful day in the neighborhood" I hate

him. Well not exactly like mister Roger's but very good enunciation, should have realized he was covering up his accent but I

wasn't paranoid, every child should grow up with a healthy dosage of paranoia keeps you alive ayways...... Daddy leveled the

gun at the door and threw the door open pointing the gun straight out, I leaned to the right to get a look out the door there was a

shape out the but he was stuffed under a bulky sweater but from what I could see he was tall, very tall his head was obscured, as he

was so tall. All we saw through the door was from his neck to his boots. Daddy stuck his head outside not smart looking up at the

man there were muffled words exchanged we strained to hear, then dad stepped beck and the stranger came in bending low to fit

through the door. He looked ordinary well to Kagome anyway he had dark hair that was matted to his jacket and his eyes glowed

red in the dark she wondered if it was because of the fire's light or if his eyes always did that. Under his jacket he looked huge heavily

muscled dangerous and his skin was a pale color beneath but on top it was dark as if the color had been sucked from his dermis and

left on his epidermis he was pale yet dark color that was out of place for coming winter he had dark covert features that seemed to

hide his emotions with a sharp nose made for the haughty and soft pink lips matched with high cheek bones and big eyes not like

Bambi but they drew you in nonetheless he looked alert he was what most girls would call cute but I was a child I wasn't interested.

My mother stared and she jumped alittle, when dad closed the door and its BOOM! echoed through the house suddenly a wail rose

my brothers cries reach me he was still a baby and couldn't play with me, I often watched dumb founded as adult cooed and cheered

over his slightest gurgle or squeal what a gyp a rip off pay attention to me hello!...Mother rose she mumbled a hello to the man

then rush to comfort souta for a minute, I was unaware of my father speaking. "kagome this is a hunter he got lost and since were a

long way from the village we'll let him stay the night" he finished I was still staring a the gigantor that walked into the house and he was

staring back "hello young lady my name is Naraku" he said crouching low he offered me his hand, I shook it. My eyes widened at the

contact he was hot on fire actually, He was aware she was trying to pull away but he wasn't letting go his gaze scorched her. When he

leaned close and sniffed her it her freaked out. She wanted him to let go so she did the only thing she could "daddy" she whimpered

stretching her other hand to her father. Who scooped her up yet the stranger did not let go instead he held onto her hand "she a very

pretty Little girl" Naraku said. Suddenly my mother voice came from the nursery "kaji can I see you in the nursery" she yelled her

voice stern. My father turned to take me along but the man still had not let go "I'll hold on to the little one" naraku said opening his

arms looking honest and her father her own father handed her over "be right back" daddy said.

Just like that I was alone in the room with the giant, the one thing I loved about being a child you can terribly blunt. "Let me go" I

squealed usually thats enough, a child is weaker than an adult however observe when you watch people with their children they do not

have to let go but they do , but he wasn't letting go and sometimes I get desperately claustrophobic. It took few second and I was

panicking several thoughts flew through my head what if he never let me go? what if he squeezed me to death?. I clawed at his

forearm but all that got me was a chuckle form him, I shuddered a little as the chuckle rumbled in his chest and his skin vibrated deftly

because of it his skin was so hot I was sweating in his arms. Oh god this is how i'm going to die sweating to death? those were my

thoughts at the moment "DADDY" I squealed I hated doing that calling for help looking weak in front of this man because I felt I had

given him the advantage but relief flooded her as her mother an father both came in, gullible man my father was he saw no problem in

my sitting in the friendly strangers lap.

My mother on the other hand thank god for her came over and picked me up "I'm sure Kagome would like to stay but its her

bedtime" she said I didn't care as long as I got away from him, as my mother walked away I happened to be looking over her

shoulder he watched me as she walked away I tucked my head against her neck and didn't look up again. She took me to my room

and help me change then she cuddled me and put me in bed with the soft sound of the forest coming from my window she sang to me

softly I think she sensed I didn't like that man out there and I think that made her not like him more "Make him go away he's bad

he is dark" I whispered to her. She let go and laid me against the soft white pillow smiling at me "I know I sense it too somethings not

right about him bad aura I'm so proud, barely acquired you're powers and you can sense bad aura's I'm so proud sweeting" she said

as she smiled at me, it was the one thing I remembered about her, her smile the way she glowed lit up everything. Mother is god in

the eyes of child and she was to me the fact that the man out there brought her to unease made me scared "make him go away" I

repeated. She looked at me and nodded "I'll try sweeting but banishing evil is a hard thing" she murmured her voice hushed, softened

and became of the whispery sort her pupils fixed and dilated and I knew she had gone within herself to seek the future or perhaps

the answer. So I watched over her in her frozen state eventually the body of a child is weak and I slept I shouldn't have, I really

shouldn't have perhaps my life would be different had I not scummed to sleep.

Perhaps Naraku sensed my hate of him an knew I would beg my mother to make him leave, which ever it was it made him attack

early, I've had many encounters with him and he told me he planned on attacking while we slept. Whether it was to divulge upon me

heavy guilt and grief over the death of my parents by making me consider it might have been my fault or just to hurt me I haven't

decided yet. As recall while I held dying my mother as she grew faint from this world she told me it happened like this...

After my mothers trance she had seen the future and what she had seen had terrified her, she rose from my bed and ran to the living

room determined to tell my father to send out unwanted guest outside but it was to late. She described what she walked in on a

massacre like none she'd seen before, the walls were bloodied, my fathers body lay in a pool of his blood the light dimming from his

eyes his belly torn open and his insides scattered across the room. She saw from within that gash his lungs pumping and his heart

hitching as it pumped with a skitter. She felt rather than heard the growl even though adrenaline pumped through her veins she had

seen the future she knew what lay behind her though the first time I saw it, the beast within I felt fear so deep I wanted to piss myself

literally I was a child.

By now you've guessed that Naraku is a Werewolf, let me assure you of certain differences there two races within the race of the

undead that would be Nosferatu and a vampire, you can guess which side is evil, Nosferatu are evil because at some point if a good

vampire drunk the blood of someone say carrying HIV they would be infected and turn evil on the spot due to bad blood the stronger

the virus or desease the stronger the Nosferatu. Now in the world of the humans who turn into animals there are various types,

shifters, Werewolves and humans pertaining to the occult, witches but I digress. The Werewolf is a powerful beast think of an

ordinary wolf then something four times the size of it.

Unlike a wolf Werewolves have extremely shaggy furr and only a foolish wolf would cut it it served as protection the teeth of a wolf

are sharp and thin for the incisors and the premolars and thick for the molar and the canines they make it easier to tear through flesh

even bend iron. Their sense of smell is very close to a rats for they can smell their food and judge if its healthy or if there was poison in

it. Werewolves always have healthy physique and was bred for power It is known there is a line drawn between the undead and the

Were's. Were wolves sometimes ride in packs or live in a community together the legend of silver killing a Werewolf should be

undermined, when a werewolf gets caught and is shot with a silver bullet it mearly pretends to die or is stunned into unconsciousness

the only way to kill one is by getting its own kind to do so.

My mothers knew her demise she fought scouring her nails deeply into Naraku's face though she just scratched his fur he mauled her

and being a male werewolf she slammed into the floor knocked unconscious. she knew what he'd done while she was unconscious

and I will leave you with some idea the point of the fact is, when he was done he proceeded to tear her open and rip and gnaw on her

insides. Her screams woke me at first I thought it was a nightmare, I ran to the once cozy living room and a scream lodged in my

throat You can imagine my horror, my fear, and pain surpassing any pain death could bring. My mother looked at me even though she

was screaming and a muzzle was buried in her opened stomach she mouthed the word souta. I burst into action I would not leave

my brother to face this fate I detected myself from the moment pulled away from the horror and focused on one thing getting souta.

Stumbling in the Nursery I found him snoring away in a little bubble away from this terror I wished I could spare him the pain he

would feel when he realized his mother would never feed him again,comfort him, if we lived. I picked him up gently and wrapped his

blanky around him he barely stirred, I ran to my room pulling away the rug move the tile beneath my house and lay him gently beneath

the hollow and I covered the tile and replaced the rug. Standing I ran to my parents room and found daddy gun on the dresser, I

cocked it turned and nearly dropped it above me standing like a man was the wolf, massive in size, black fur with red glowing eyes.

It dropped on its haunches and stared at me with intelligent eyes she pointed the gun at it right between the eyes sure I was cornered

but I would live damn it my brother needed me. It hissed and opened its muzzle through it black gums revealing sharp teeth glint in

saliva I saw something caught on his teeth a piece of blue cloth drenched in blood my mother was wearing a blue cotton dress I

thought this and I pulled the Trigger. It missed he had me on my back I didn't scream I wouldn't though I wheezed a little I tried to

scramble away from him/it he nipped my back hard and drew blood his teeth pierced me deeply touching the bone, I twitched and he

suddenly begun to lick my back the sudden gentle attention scared me. Suddenly an idea came to me we had neighbors they might

here us. I open my mouth and screamed, I halted in shock as I heard another scream, my mother she joined me, I screamed loud

joining her he immediately realized what we were doing soon enough and left me I kept screaming though I heard my mother's scream

reduced to a gurgle. I screamed till my voice grew hoarse he padded back in and began to change he stretched out losing his hair and

his hair shrunk into his skin never having seen a man naked before this renewed my screams, I didn't know what he planned but I

didn't want a bit of it.

He kneeled before me he stroked my hair and I screamed some more tendons in my neck stretch like tight cord he muffled me with

his mouth it was a shock his mouth on mine, suddenly screaming was not my top priority. I shut my mouth as he tried to plunge his

toungue in what was he doing I was thirteen this was my first kiss? this wasn't fair?, twisting my head to the side I got free and

screamed he didn't care he kissed my neck and whispered something that made me scream all the louder he said "I searched and

search and finally found you my mate" I was a kid who went to school I recalled something about wolves mating for life and I

also knew what sex was he nuzzled against me and I cringed and fought shuddering heavily and he mistook it for desire "such a

fierce mate we will enjoy each other" he hissed his red eyes glowing and he kissed me shoving his tongue in my mouth tears of shame

at being kissed by this vile creature rose but anger rose higher and I bit his tongue he pulled back with a growl and slapped me hard

My world dimmed for a second but a fought the darkness. "OH MY GOD IT"S GOT THEIR KID" these word roared from the

doorway my eyes settled on a young boy older than me, the preacher's son he pulled out a gun and shot at Naraku who growled and

darted off me with unnatural speed for the boy but he was joined by three adults including the preacher. They pulled out gun Naruku

looked corner but when he turned I expected him to go not to try to take me which he tried to pick me up and drag me out the door

the preacher shot once it hit him in the shoulder and with that he bounded out the window he threw me a look that made him know

he'd be back.

I got up and walked past the gaping men I knew how I looked covered in blood in the tattered T-shirt and claw marks raked red

down my thighs I hadn't even felt him do that. I went to my room and retrieved my brother cradling him in my arms I went to the living

room stumbling for my mother she was barely alive but I lay down and closed my eyes and prayed for the lord to take me as well.

I heard my mothers breaths grow faint "have strength" she said hoarsely her sticky hand brushed my face once and then her touch was

gone. I knew she was dead because souta opened his eyes and burst into tears wailing loudly, I lay there numb even when the

preacher picked me up. Even when they covered my parents with sheets, even when I heard them murmuring about coming for the

bodies on the morrow to bury them. I just clutched my brother and sucumbed to exhaustion I could hear my heart thudded frantically

and sleep eluded me. I groaned in frustration somebody touched my forehead "god she burning I think she has a fever" this voice

sounded younger deeper preachers son I registered as I pushed his hand off and began to struggle. I didn't want to be touched by any

male preacher or not I felt dirty I know that sounds redundant but I did like no bath could ever wash away this filth. Clawing

my way out of his arm I pounced to the floor and glared at the preacher he seem to understand which was so annoyingly adult of him.

I immedeatly proceeded to snatch my brother from the other mans arms I would take care of him he was my brother my

family all I had l left. When everything was put to rights we left the doors were closed behind us. As I was gently patting my

little brother behind the back I something rustled in the forest there was a low rowl and I felt the men stiffen behind me. "Da

did ya hear that" the preacher son whispered lowly to his father "hush" his father commanded "we should go back" the third

man said I was pretty sure he was the black smith but then what did I care, I mearly clutched my brother closer turn and

darted back to the house. I would not waste time chattering the house was our best defense and I planned on using it, I

vaguelly heard them following me and registered to leave the door open for them. I slipped into the house waiting for them

counting to ten when I heard a roar, a scream and then a gun shot, I grabbed the gun I left behind and returned to the door

but it was pushed open and the preachers son stumbled. He looked pale which did not suit his handsome face his eyes were

wide suddenly the door was pulled open and the preacher was holding up the black smith the other half of him was outside

his bushy face was contorted with agony. there was a ringing in my ears but I could hear the screams and I saw that the

preacher was playing tug of war with the black smith's body something had the other end. Shoving souta into the preacher's

son arms I grabbed the gun and squirel my way infront of the preacher, gazing into the darkness outside I saw naught but

darkness, there I saw a flash of blazing red eyes, I aimed with the gun, the eyes widened, I pulled the trigger. Behind me

the preacher jerked back as Naraku let go and let out a sharp whine I slammed the door after the man was dragged in.

Locking the door, I turned and hissed the black smith was missing a leg it was savagely torn at the hip and from the knee

down missing and bleeding. He was screaming in agony and I found the sound Irritated me he was scaring souta and I beat

down the urge to tape his mouth shut. I grabbed my brother and walked over to the man, I pointed the gun at him and his

scream skidded to a hiccup, pulling the gun away I pressed it against my lips and let out a shush sound I was calm on the

outside but my mind was going a mile a minute contemplating If I was crazy. He face looked aganized, Turning to the

prechers son "The kitchen is that way" I said pointing to the left I went to the hall closet and snatched six heavy quilts,

turning I lay one on the floor not to far from the sheet covering my fathers. The boy return with whisky in one hand,

bandages and ointment in the other. "Does anyone know your here?" I asked "Yes my wife she heard the screams" the

preacher said "I hope no one comes" I said and they all threw me a look but i had my reasons I wanted no more deaths.

Crouching over the man I called him over with a wave of the hand using my hands I tore the shreded cloth from his leg and

handed him the whisky which he began to drink. I cleaned the wound and bandaged the leg well the stump. He was

dragged to the quilt and put down I believe I learned eleven bad words that day we cover him up and I grabbed a quilt for

myself and souta I almost crawled in when I saw I was crusted with blood My entire body my hair was matted, my clothes

were soaked.

I needed a bath and I took souta with me leaving them in the living room, in the bath room I stripped and took of souta's

clothes turning on the faucet to hot I sat in the tub and let the water fill in I watched stoically as it turned pink. The water

must have calmed souta because he smiled tentively and splashed grabbing soap I scrubbed him throughly then myself and

rinsied, emptied the water and repeated till my skin begun to wrinkle yet I felt no cleaner stepping out the tub I wrapped a

towel around myself then around souta trotting to my room I dressed myself first then I went to souta's room and dresed

him clumsily putting on his diaper. Once again we where in the living room again the silence annoyed me the reacher and his

son had setlled as well using the quilts though the precher took one and guarded the door and his son meerly curled in a

corner. I grabbed a quilt and set in on the floor using another to cover myself and souta, sleep would not come so I turned

to rubbing gentle circles on my brother's back and he slept innocently gurgling nonsequential gibberish. There was a

mournful howl outside and the preacher jerked and his son twiched, It was going to be a long night. Hours listening to the

hours tick away while listening to claws pound at the door were enough to drive a person crazy but I made it through

sane at least I hoped so. The others well, I could not say the same for the others, I think the preacher's son was struck with

Insomnia had he lived, he be carted to the nut house along with his father, the blacksmith slept snoring and squealing in his

sleep reminding me of a sow(pig). With morning light came a voracious hunger for food I was hungry and guilt at that

hunger ate at me I was more hungry than ever before and my parents where dead they couldn't eat. I got up and the smell

of fresh blood made me think of flesh I wanted flesh. No I wanted meat I thought and ran to the kitchen seting souta in his

high chair what smelled so good I sniffed my brother something was wrong I realized my brother smelled very good

and subconciously opened my mouth and licked my suddenly sharp teeth.

I jerked as catastrophe exploded there was clatering in the living room which made me forget my hunger I snatched up

souta and ran the scene. I witnessed was starling there were my parents at least what looked like them though they were

slightly furred and naked as the day god made them My father bent mouth deep in the preachers chest as he gnawed at

something huge, meaty and bloody raising his muzzle to swallow it. Nausia erupted as I saw the beating heart go down his

throat even as I licked my lips in hunger my mother already took care of the other man and they were now zeroing in on the

preahers son. For one second his wide scared eyes stared at me he was stuck in a corner my parents grew more furred and

threw their heads back to howl in unision I realized I wanted to howl to howl and howl my eyes widened when another howl

erupted from outside I was stuck in some nightmare the heavy door cracked down the heavy wood wearing down after a

whole night of being pounded at I watched my parents eat with the enemy I will not relive the details with you but they tore

the preacher son apart I will forever here his screams in my head. At that point it seemed they all noticed me Naraku first

then my parents I stared three wolves down. End of the line, no where to run, I tensed ready to fight can you imagine me

clutching my brother in one arm ready to fight with the other? pathetic. which is why I thank god my parents attacked him

whether it was because they didn't want to share their meal or they were trying to protect me. Under werewolf protocol

they attacked their master which was frowned upon I scrambled for a gun and pointed which was which three black wolves

rolling around clawing at each other blood matting their thick fur Which one? in the middle the were in the middle had red

eyes I pointed and pulled the trigger the force was stroger enough to pull me in the air and my brother burst into a fresh

batch of tear the wolf in the midle roared frightening the other to away his leg was destroyed broked the hatred, longing,

and lust those red eyes held for me was deep and disturbing.

He tore out the door leaving the room in silence. My parents/wolves turned to look at me they suddenly stretched up

became less furry and more sweaty and naked they looked dazed blood coverd their bodies and their mouths my mother

was the first to throw up my father followed looking pale and drawn they took a step toward me I took one back "kagome

my mother" sighed looking confused herself she had severl gashes my father fell groaning I turned to him his organs were

flling from the slit in his stomach he was dying again he gave us a pained looked and mumbled one I love you before he

slumped to the floor. Dead. I looked to my mother she looked drawn tired defeated not exactly a look I'd ever expected to

see on her face.

She turned to me "you have to go sweetie get the horse get on and run" she said her voice was hollow "aaare you

coming?" I asked. she noded "i'll be right behind you" she said I got up and ran I trusted her I packed clothing and got a

horse from the stables we used horses because we live mostly in the forest we had no need for a car. I took the house with

a rather small cariage and dumped the packed clothing in aswell as food and money the gently put souta in a craddle made

for him I got in the another horse ready for my mother. I ran in she was still on the floor holding her side "there a horse

ready lets go" I said "I have to clean this up go ahead sweetie I'll be right behind you" she said "ok i'll pack for you" I said I

ran got er clothing ran back and forth packing her things and her books which she needed for her wiccan casting

when everything was done I went to her why wasn't she dressed? why was she holding her side so much? these were

questions that should have occured to me. I hugged her and she squeezed back "I love you I want you to go and keep going

use the books when you need them always remember I love you take care of you're brother" she mummured I squeezed her

"i love you too" i said back holding her when I let go the tears in her eyes were confusing even as i rode away from the

house and she waved in the window. At somepoint I realized something her side the side she'd been holding was bleeding

the horor set in she was dying and she wanted to spare me Oh god. My life stretched out before me cruel and unhappy and


End of flash back

That was years ago this was the now appearently I am a Werewolf you don't want to know how I found out lets just say my

brother has a scar on his shoulder the size of a fist my brother souta Is now a grown man who's happily married I'm a

proud auntie. I've never had sex never been married my lifes been to busy apearently Naruku doesn't give up.

Naraku is delusional enough to believe I'm his mate in several archives I've found It states naruku lost his mate long ago

and apearently he believes I'm her reencarnation lucky me huh...

I got in the car and headed for my new home everynow and then I have to move to a new home due to the rabid werewolf

looking to fornicate with me, due to the many times I've eluded him and beat him he seems even more convinced I'm his

mate thankfully I inherited my mothers wiccan nature souta did as well but he only inherited her talent for healing. I was one

with nature like her added to the fact that I was a beast of nature makes it pretty easy to know when someones closing in. I

had to learn somethings fast like eating people is bad, eating you're brother worse. I would say my weakest point of the

year is full moon I have to be locked in a cage in the basement Because all I'll think about is sex sex sex gives a whole new

meaning to moon madness. It a little better that naraku is weak on this night too. My new home was in drannkish compound

with a mass of healthy lush forest I fell in love with a victorian home that was half in half out of the forest perfect for a

werewolf I'd been in there to redecorate see when i'm not running from naruku I have a job I'm an interior designer/

architect. It was really easy to decorate my house to my liking the outside was green and the shutters where dark green

and the porch shot out long and made for picnics and barbecues there was a vast array of widflowers surrounding the

house. I brought nature inside aswell the master bathroom was a dream a claw foot tub and a the flowers i'd spread

around the house cast a fresh smell into the house all my things had been moved in had been put in orders.

The fridge was stacked with fresh meat, seafood and vegetables she cleaned all morning and the made lunch, a turkey

sandwich which she ate on the porch in the relaxing sun her limbs ached but she felt good this was her house and in a few

months when naraku caught on to her it would be someone elses that thought made her sad so she decided to go for a run

in the woods. Dressing in black spandex shorts and a soft cotton tee that was pink she put on a black jacket incase it got

cold. While she ran she reveled in the nature around her along with the feeling of her legs stretching and conecting with the

earth the unbearable urge to lose herself and become beast but If kagome was known for her control. A scufling sound

came from her right making her pause she sensed someone but not naruku he had a certain feel like darkness and rotting

this was something else. "Allright who's out there" she said taking a sniff a different scent trailed up her nose it was

werewolf and her body relaxed she almost laughed.