Princess Peach's Birthday Present

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Well, since today is the first day of writing without doing anything Smash related, and since today is May Day, also known as the first of May, I decided to write a one-shot in honor of me starting off in the Mario section, without having the Smash section interfere. Enjoy!

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Lol, I triked you.

Disclaimer: Mario and everything related belong to Nintendo.

It was a calm, nice beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario was outside of his house, doing some gardening around his backyard while Luigi relaxed on the hammock he set in between the two deciduous trees. Toad has came over to have a vanilla cupcake, originally here to tell them about Princess Peach's upcoming birthday. Hearing the proposal, Mario and Luigi quickly changed into their regular overalls and headed off towards the southeastern direction with Toad, towards Toad Town.

Upon arriving in Toad Town, Mario first checked into the nearest Toadie's. Luigi and Toad patiently waited for Mario, who ordered three large hamburgers with no cheese and extra ketchup, and a side order of extra large fries. Mario came back out, holding in his right hand a white paper bag with the Toadie's logo on it, and in his left hand one of the three burgers he purchased, munching on it with delight. Shaking his head, Luigi headed into the nearby Department shop with Toad, to search for a new diamond ring. Mario simply sat on the wooden bench right next to him, sitting down and stuffing as much fries as he could as he waited for Luigi and Toad.

Within the clothes section, Toad frantically searched through the dresses, picking out a puffy, yellow-and-purple stripped dress to a long, skinny dress with black-and-purple dye. Luigi was walking down the diamonds aisle, looking carefully at the bright rings. He picked up a diamond with a green gem within the middle and held it up to the purple-capped mushroom clerk, placing seventy eight golden coins next to it in a pile. The mushroom clerk smiled and grabbed all of the gold coins, handing Luigi a receipt as he then called Toad and headed for the exit, the young mushroom boy carrying several different layers of dresses as he waddled right behind, paying before he left, of course.

Back outside, Mario has stuffed his second burger fully into his mouth, and as he ate more of the remaining, golden, crispy french fries, he got up and joined Luigi and Toad, heading towards the north toward Princess Peach's castle. Upon passing by the happy mushroom people, Mario gobbled up the last of his third and final burger, and he wiped his hands with a napkin he nabbed from the fast-food joint, wiping his lips and then tossing it and the empty paper bag into the nearby trash can. Upon passing through the gates, Mario, Luigi, and Toad all headed straight to the path, entering Peach's castle and being greeted by the plentiful mushroom people. As the three males headed up the stairs and entered into peach's bedroom, they opened the door, and they all dropped their jaws in disbelief as they saw...

...Princess Peach kissing King Bowser Koopa. Right in front of the birthday cake.

Later on, Mario would be at his house, crying on his bed as some of the Smashers were there to help comfort the red capped plumber. Pikachu was singing as gently as possible while Lucario patted Mario on the back, with Sonic The Hedgehog offering the devastated plumber some chilli dogs as a way to make him forget what had occurred earlier.

Luigi and Toad looked at each other, both of them still shocked as to see Peach kissing Bowser, but both of them not feeling as in disbelief as Mario was.