I was thinking about Mr. Tall's teeth; how they are black and his tongue is yellow. And omfg, I thought of a stupid idea. Plus I was getting my own teeth cleaned when I thought of it...XD Hope you enjoy this!

Disclaimer: Not mine, Shan's.

"…Why do you think Mr. Tall's teeth are so…ew?" Darren Shan looked up from his resting spot. He was laying on a blanket in their tent, listening to the crickets chirp and the licks of ice cream him and Evra Von echoed. Evra was his best friend, a snake boy who had been rescued by said man. The sentence, nay question, spilled from young Shan's mouth before he could stop himself, hoping he didn't offend the older lad.

They had bought ice cream by a passing truck a few miles away; both had gotten vanilla ice cream cones. Evra, who was lying in a hammock with his pet snake on his belly, licked the ice cream again. He hesitated, looking thoughtful, "…Hmm….I…don't know! I never really thought about it that much."

Seeing the chances of offending the boy, Darren continued to poke fun at his hero. "I mean, no one's teeth is that bad! I can imagine black grayish teeth…but for your tongue to be yellow; yuck!"

Evra chuckled, watching his snake stick its tongue out threatening towards the ice cream. "Yeah. Maybe he doesn't have a tooth brush or tooth paste."

From his position on the ground, Darren twisted his body abnormally to look at his friend. "...Have? I doubt he even knows what those things are!" He snorted.

Smirking, the snake boy laughed, "Yeah! Well, since he seems to be really, really, really, really old…maybe they didn't have that when he was young. And after all the years it took for him to become a man, his teeth wasted away and all. I bet even if he started to brush that it wouldn't do any good!"

"Maybe if we get him the teeth whitening paste, it might!" The boys burst into laughter.The ice creams they ate suddenly disappeared. Gasping, they both shot up and looked around.

When they turned towards the entrance, which the tent flap was open, they hesitated. Slowly, both walked over and stuck their heads out. Immediately two scoops of vanilla ice cream slammed into their faces.

There was Mr. Hibernius Tall, smiling in all his yellow and black glory.

I noticed that some wolves have gray teeth and diff. colored tongues besides pink/red…So since Hibernius was born from a preg. She-wolf….yeah, get what I mean?