On A Sea Breeze
Chapter 2:

Hi! I decided to post this chapter sooner then planed, just because of all those nice reviews. Also a heads up on Sailor Moons power I'm going to be playing with her powers a little, like she can change into SS Moon, or Eternal Sailor Moon, and go to Cosmos at will. She will also have different attacks. So just be warned there will be some differences in her normal character, also Usagi and Mamoru are not together. It will be explained later why. Well hope you like this next chapter.

"In other news the 'Langley School for Girls' was demolished today by what some witness's call a monster. Witness's said a tall pink woman with black wings is at fault. They say she would have killed everyone had it not been for a young woman in a sailor outfit, who after some trouble destroyed the monster. The school was not saved however; the only buildings left standing were the cafeteria and the student store. In other news..." said a news report from the T.V.

The Ronin Warriors were listening intently to the news report, expecting another attack from the Nether realm. "The Dynasty usually doesn't attack girls schools." said Rowen "It must be something different"

"The girl that stopped the demon sounded like a Sailor Senshi, think that they know what's going on?" said Cye.

"It could be, I don't know of any other team that goes around fighting demons fitting that description." Said Sage.

The Ronin's new of the Sailor Senshi, and they respected them. "But what would one of the Sailor Senshi be doing here? This is our turf." Said Kento.

"I don't know Kento, but we should keep our eyes open we don't know when this new threat will attack." Said Ryo.

"What about the Sailor Senshi?" said Cye.

"If it is them we'll try to join up with them later, if they will work with us" said Rowen. They all agreed that it was a good idea, so with that issue resolved they got onto other issues like what's for lunch. That was a big issue in it's self they all wanted something different and Kento wanted triple portions. In the end they decided to eat at Mongolian Barbeque.

"Usagi are you alright? Another monster attack! This is why we left Tokyo in the first place, to get you kids somewhere safe to grow up. Are you ok dear? Are you up to tonight? Raved, Usagi's mom Irena.

"Yes mom I'm fine, after Tokyo one just gets used to the attacks. Sailor Moon showed up and took care of the demon. So does this mean I can go to public school again?" asked an egger Usagi.

"I'm glad that you're alright dear, how about you go upstairs and take a nice warm shower? Wash all that dust off, and calm your nerves. I'll make you some camel meal tea, and about you going to public school we'll just see what your father says about that."

That night Usagi and her parent's waited in the living room while the museum curator Mr. Thatch looked at all of Usagi's paintings. Mr. Thatch had been looking at all the art work for the last two hours, he had stopped every once in awhile to examine a few closer but then he would move onto another painting. The one's that he would spend extra time looking at would go the piles in the living room. After about three hours Mr. Thatch finally spoke "Miss. Usagi where did you get these paintings? He asked pointing to two odd paintings.

"At a yard sale."

"A yard sale?"

"Yes, for about five dollars apiece."

"You paided five dollars for these?"

"Yes is that bad?"

"No that's not bad, it just astounding. These are Picasso's, a few over there are Thomas Kinkade's, and still others are priceless originals. Where did you get all these?"

"Well for a few I posed for, some were given to me by friends, some I bought at yard sales and art shops, and a few I painted myself."

"Well my dear, you have quite a collection here. Would you mind if we display some of them at the museum?"

"Sir, I don't have anything nice enough to go in a museum."

"Yes you do, do you know how much a museum will pay to display them?"

"People will pay to see my collection?"

"Yes, my dear girl they will. If is alright with you, we can put together a collection and display it in the museum."

"Well..." Usagi said then looked to her parents who nodded their approval "Ok I'll do it."

"Great! we could call it the Usagi collection"

"Or the Tuskinto collection" said her father Ken."

At each suggestion Usagi made a funny face. "How about we call it by my first name? The Serenity collection?"

"Wonderful it fit's perfectly. I'll call the museum and start making arrangements, in the next day or two there will be an insurance agent her to insure all these works of art. I'll go back now and see to the arrangements personally, I'll be incontact with you shortly. Thank you so much for letting me see this extraordinary collection."

When Mr. Thatch left Ken and Irean were excited, they couldn't believe what was about to happen. Their daughter was going to be famous! They had bragging rights! They would be the talk of the neborhood. They were so proud of Usagi, who had taken good care of all her paintings since she had started collecting them four years ago. Every picture had a frame and she had extra frames around in case she got new pictures, so she could frame them imidetly. Their daughter was growing up, for now they weren't quite as worried as they were before about her future. This would open some doors for Usagi, maybe an art school would want her, or maybe schools would compete for her like they did with sport jocks. They were sure that things were changing for their little girl, but little did they know how much her life was about to change.

It was now Wednesday Usagi was starting a new school, most importantly a public school. Some of the classmates had transferred with her to this school. Because of the destruction of her own school she had to go to a different school, this one was a twenty-five minute drive from her home, It was a long bus ride. At this moment Usagi was standing in the front of class waiting to introduce herself, their were three people ahead of her giving their own introductions. When it came Usagi's turn she said her name and then waited, and waited some more, when it became clear she wasn't going to say more, the teacher told her to sit down in the last available seat. The seat just happened to be between two very cute guys, as she sat down they introduced themselves.

"Hi, I'm Ryo" said a boy with messy dark hair and blue eyes.

"And I'm Sage" said a blond boy who's hair was covering one of his blue eyes.

"Hi", said Usagi a little timidly.

"Now class who would like to show these young ladies around," asked the teacher a Mr. Smith. As he began to assign various people to show the new girls around he came to Usagi, "Sage will you show Miss Usagi around?" there was a low grumble from all the jealous girls.

"Sure Mr. Smith I wouldn't mind at all", stated Sage as he smiled at a still slightly timid Usagi. Getting up he offered his hand, Usagi smiled and took it. They were given a free period so they could become better acquainted with the school grounds. As Sage was showing Usagi around they saw the other girls from 'Langley School for Girls', finally Sage asked the question we all wanted to hear. "Usagi, why are all your classmates wearing those horrible outfits?" he asked referring to the bright orange jumpers with white undershirts.

"Those are our school uniforms, my classmates must of thought that they had to ware the uniforms to this new school."

"They look like prison issue uniforms"

"I think they were, either that or our headmaster has a strange sense of humor"

Hearing this caused Sage to laugh, this drew attention to them. A few boys started walking in their direction, "hi Sage" they chorused.

"Who is this lovely young lady Sage?" asked Rowen.

"Ya spill who is it," said Kento.

"Guys this is one of our new students Usagi. Usagi these are my friends Rowen, Kento, and Cye."

"Hello, as you know I'm Usagi, do I know you from somewhere?"

"I don't think so, because how can we forget such a pretty face," said Cye

"I know I've seen you somewhere before, the beach! I saw you four at the beach last weekend! Am I right?"

"Now that you mention it you do look like the girl from the beach" said Rowen.

Just as Usagi was about to say more the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. "Listen we have to go, but we'll all like to talk to you some more. How about we meet after school at the pizza parlor the one on the corner of Rosewood and State?" said Kento.

"Sounds good to me, I'll see you after school then, goodbye till then" said Usagi. Sage then started to lead her away to her next class. A few hours' later five boys and two girls were sitting in a pizza parlor getting to know each other better. That is until there was a loud crash a few terrified screams and the entire front of the store was demolished.

How about I end it there? Will I be in too much trouble if I do? Well good, hope you like it.