Chapter 1-Through the Rift

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Summary: Naraku is dead and peace has finally returned to the Feudal Era. However, it is during the very battle that Sesshomaru senses a disturbance coming from another dimension calling out to him, and decides to leave everyone behind to investigate. Upon arrival to this place he stumbles upon Konoha and one Uzumaki Naruto. There the real story begins.

The harsh battle against Naraku had been a hard fought one, but it did not come without its heavy prices. Kikyo had had been torn to pieces by the sadistic demon, who had used her own powers against her killing the undead clay bodied woman forever. Koga had his jewel shard removed during the attack before Naraku stabbed him repeatedly under the protection of his barrier before the Wolf Demon finally died from his injuries.

Kagome had lost her spiritual powers shortly after the battle and was forced to leave the Feudal Era before she was stuck in this point in time forever. Miroku had given his life to kill Naraku by taking the creature with him into the Wind Tunnel after Kagura, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had teamed up to break the barrier for the Monk to get close enough to perform the fatal act.

When the battle was finally over only Inuyasha, Sango, Sesshomaru, Kilala, Shippo, and Kohaku after the jewel shard was removed and the boy was revived by Sesshomaru's sword Tenseiga. Kagura and Kanna had been killed due to the fact that Naraku held both their hearts with him thus resulting in both incarnations dying with him. As for the Sacred Jewel itself, it had finally been completed and in Inuyasha's hands with Kagome telling him this was his chance to become full human.

Inuyasha however, did the exact opposite of what Kagome wanted and had become a full fledged demon, but used the Sacred Jewel to make it so that he would still be in complete control of his demon blood, and wouldn't go berserk towards the people he cared about. Kagome had not been happy about Inuyasha's decision at all and even tried to "sit" him with the rosary for his disobedience. The result of such an action was for the said rosary to pulse once before breaking off into several dozen pieces. After that happened Inuyasha grabbed Kagome by the throat, brought her face towards his, and growled some choice words in her ear that made her go albino white in the face.

When the group made its way to the village, Inuyasha escorted a still upset Kagome to the time traveling well, then without another word, he shoved her in, and not so politely where she could be in her time permanently to do whatever it was that whiney girls like her did.

"So this is where we break off I suppose," said Inuyasha, who was now almost as tall as Sesshomaru, and just as regal looking having been given some new clothes that fit him.

"For me yes," said Sesshomaru earning a confused look from Inuyasha and the others.

"What do you mean?" said Sango not understanding the meaning behind the Demon Lords words.

"I mean I'm leaving this world for another," said Sesshomaru seeing the startled looks from the group and Rin grabbing his leg and hugging him as tears escaped her eyes.

"Please don't go Sesshomaru-sama! Don't leave Rin," said Rin grabbing his pant leg and squeezing with all her might so he would be able to leave.

"You just can't go and leave without her brother. You have become the Father that she has always wanted," said Inuyasha looking at Sesshomaru, who patted Rin's head gently knowing it maybe for the last time.

"I have to. I sense a disturbance in another dimension while we were fighting Naraku that calls to me. Surely, you felt the disturbance?" said Sesshomaru, who saw his brother nod in agreement with him.

"Yeah, I felt it, but it wasn't calling to me like it did you," said Inuyasha wondering what the disturbance was.

"I must go to this dimension in order to fix the growing imbalance there and for me to do that I must leave here with only myself. You my brother will rule over the Western Lands in my place," said Sesshomaru, who saw the surprised look on Inuyasha's face yet again.

"Are you sure?" said Inuyasha knowing that unless his brother was positive with this, he wasn't going to accept this major responsibility.

"Quite sure little brother. You have been deprived of your demon home for far too long," said Sesshomaru looking down to see Rin had let go of his leg and was slowly walking over to Inuyasha, who kneeled down to put the kid on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Rin, it will be fun spending time with your Uncle Inuyasha," said Inuyasha, who saw the girl give a small smile.

"What about Sango, Kilala, and Kohaku?" said Shippo having jumped onto the opposite shoulder of Inuyasha pointing to the trio next to them.

"Its all right Shippo, we can go back home and rebuild it so it won't...," said Sango, who was caught off by Inuyasha raising his hand to tell her to stop.

"No. The time for living in the past is over. As my first official act as the new Lord of the Western Lands, I hereby invite you three to stay with me at my castle as my guests," said Inuyasha seeing the three look at him like he was crazy.

"Are you sure Inuyasha? I doubt it would look good in the eyes of the other demons that you took in a family of demon slayers," said Sango, who was slightly nervous, but felt relieved that Inuyasha had given them all a home.

"If they don't like my decision then they can go to Hell for all I care. Your happiness is what is most important to me now," said Inuyasha walking up to Sango, who for some reason was blushing, as the Demon Lord got closer and wrapped a hand around her waist.

'So his demon instincts are turning him toward the demon slayer. Ironic, yet it's perfect at the same time with the woman being a strong alpha female, and will no doubt be able to give birth to a powerful half-demon,' thought Sesshomaru smirking at the two finding that there was more of his Father in Inuyasha then he thought possible.

"Sesshomaru-sama! What about us?" said Jaken holding onto Ah-Un, who moaned at the sense of losing his master.

"You will serve my brother, as you have served me, and if I should one day return to find that either of you have betrayed him...I will kill you," said Sesshomaru glaring fiercely at Jaken, who bowed in fear of his former master while the two headed dragon did the same.

"Y-Yes Milord," said Jaken knowing that this would take some getting use to.

"Before I head to the Western Lands there are some friends of mine I want to take with us that helped us on our travels," said Inuyasha knowing that his pack knew, who the people he was talking about were.

"Then I shall take my leave. Until we one day meet again my brother," said Sesshomaru extending his hand, which Inuyasha took with pride, and honor at the feeling of this feud between them was finally over.

"Take care Sesshomaru. Hopefully you'll find a woman to call your mate while on this journey," said Inuyasha before using his left arm to touch his brother's damages one and channeled demon energy into it making the arm re-grow back.

"Thank you brother. Goodbye Rin," said Sesshomaru before walking away several steps and opened the rift in dimensions and entered it.

"Do you think Sesshomaru will return Uncle Inuyasha?" said Rin hopefully that the great Demon Lord would comeback to her.

"In time Rin. Until then, never let go of your memory of him, and remember that he loves you very much," said Inuyasha, who received a smile, kiss on the cheek, and a hug in that order from the little girl.

(With Sesshomaru)

It had been nightfall when the former Demon Lord of the Western Lands walked through the forest that surrounded him after exiting the dimensional portal and wondered what the disturbance was that called to him. As he walked, he saw what appeared to be a village of some sort in the distance, but it was of such incredible size that it almost looked like a small city due to the walls being so high. On the gate, the symbol for Leaf was etched upon it and Sesshomaru became even more curious with each passing moment feeling that the disturbance was coming from this place.

'It seems I am heading to the right location,' thought Sesshomaru walking into the village ignoring the people staring at him and the women looking at him with heavy blushes.

The place seemed to be celebrating some kind of festival tonight at the moment involving something in regards to a fox, but what he couldn't make out from all the large amount of people around him. Sensing that the disturbance was farther away from the festival at the moment, Sesshomaru walked towards the direction until he came to what appeared to be a home for children without parents, or an Orphanage, as it was apparently called from the sign above the building.

As Sesshomaru wondering why the disturbance would be here, he heard sounds behind the building of something or possibly someone being hit hard, and with each hit he felt the disturbance grow within his mind. Leaping onto the roof of the building, Sesshomaru watched in confusion as an elderly lady with a cane hit a downed, and clearly defenseless child.

"Filthy demon! You have some nerve asking for more food when that rotten apple I gave you to last the day was more then generous. If it were up to me, I would lock you in a closet without food for Months until you starved to death, and make you suffer for what you did 5 years ago," said the woman, who had lost her son, who was a Shinobi to the Kyuubi when it attacked.

'Demon? This child? Even the little fox demon Shippo would have fought back by now then take this abuse. Clearly this foolish old crane is mistaken in her judgment of this child,' thought Sesshomaru frowning slightly before descending to the ground silently behind the woman, who readied her cane for one more strike.

"After I'm done beating you with my cane I'm going to kick you out and into the heavily crowded streets of people enjoying the festival. They deserve have a go at you for what you did to this village," said the old woman bringing down her cane to strike the boy in the face.

It never reached its target, as the woman's arm at been severed off right at the shoulder, spraying blood everywhere, and her scream that followed was cut short by a hand around her throat. The woman tried to break free from this unseen foe that was behind her, as she tried to let out a scream, but the smell of poison filled her nose, and before she knew it her life ended.

Throwing the body of the decaying dead woman aside some 20+ feet, Sesshomaru had now turned his full attention to the boy on the ground, who amazingly still conscious, yet in serious pain. The boy had blonde hair that looked like it came from the sun itself and his face while covered in dirt has whisker like birthmarks. When the boy opened his eyes, Sesshomaru felt his own eyes widen in shock at the intense shade of blue they were, and saw that this boy was suffering not unlike that of a half-demon back home.

Just like his brother used too.

Like Rin used too.

"P-please don't h-hurt m-me," said the boy looking at the tall man while shaking slightly in fear of his attacker making Sesshomaru snap back to reality of the situation before him.

"What is your name little boy?" said Sesshomaru calmly trying not to scare the boy while staring down at the frightened child.

"N-Naruto sir. My name is Uzumaki Naruto. But m-most people j-just call me demon or monster," said Naruto getting up slowly, as his instincts told him that this person before him was not in danger.

"They are arrogant and stupid. Do not listen to their poison tipped words. Tell me, who runs this village of yours?" said Sesshomaru looking down at the boy seeing the wounds on his body were healing at an impressive rate.

"The Hokage is in charge of the village. I can show you tomorrow since I'm not exactly welcome outside during the festival and on my birthday," said Naruto looking down with sadness in his eyes.

'This festival is on his birthday, yet he is outright hated for it for some unknown reason. Interesting. Even now, with his wounds healing, I sense demonic energy is healing him, yet it's not his own,' thought Sesshomaru, who saw the boy now heading back into the building before the Demon Lord stopped him, but not before sensing the wince that came from the contact.

"Please don't hurt me," said Naruto hoping that wouldn't be the case with this man, who seemed to radiate power.

"I'm not here to hurt you Naruto. If I wanted to hurt you, I would have simply let the old woman do that with her cane, and have done nothing to stop her. As for the fools in this festival, I will be your protector, and no one will dare lay so much as a finger on you out of fear of losing their hand," said Sesshomaru, who almost wished for such a thing to happen so he could show these humans just how strong he was.

"Okay. Thank you...umm I'm afraid I don't know your name sir," said Naruto nervously hoping the man again wouldn't do anything to hurt him for his stupidity.

"My name is Sesshomaru. For now that is all you need to know," said Sesshomaru, who saw the boy nod his head before bowing politely at the Demon Lord.

"Again, thank you for saving me Sesshomaru-sama," said Naruto knowing that there was a good chance he wouldn't be alive right now if it weren't for this giant that stood before him.

Sesshomaru nodded to the little child, pleased with the fact this boy did not take his act of heroism for granted, and showed him the respect he deserved. Picking up the said child, the Demon Lord put the boy on his shoulder so he could keep an eye on him at all times, and headed into the crowded streets while Naruto pointed which ways to go to get to the Hokage Tower.

As the Demon Lord walked towards the tower, he smelled the growing hate coming off the humans they passed that were aimed at the boy, and one person even had the nerve to throw a empty sake' bottle at them. A bottle that Sesshomaru got, broke in his hands, and then threw the shard in his hands back at the offending thrower scarring the man for life. After that, everyone around them just looked at Naruto hatefully rather then try anything to hurt him, which was good for Sesshomaru because he wanted his energy reserved for the man responsible for the child riding on his shoulder's welfare.

When the two finally got the Hokage Tower, Sesshomaru scowled at the group of guards wearing masks, and recognized them as Shinobi only different then the ones he saw back home. He sensed they were letting out a large amount of killer intent towards the boy on his shoulder and only the Demon Lord's presence alone was shielding Naruto from it.

I'm sorry sir, but that thing is not permitted to enter the tower for security reasons," said an ANBU wondering why the killer intent he and his comrades were hitting Naruto with wasn't affecting him.

"If you do not let me pass with this boy on my shoulders, I will see to it that both you, and your Shinobi comrades never leave this area alive," said Sesshomaru unleashing his own killer intent making the ANBU around him tense at the sheer strength of it.

Naruto himself was slightly frightened, but remained mostly calm on the fact that this man's rage was not directed towards him...for once anyway.

When Sesshomaru finally stopped unleashing killer intent, he walked passed the nearly collapsed group of Shinobi, and smirked at Naruto's action of waving bye to the shaken group. As they walked through the building several people tried to stop or rather tried to remove Naruto from Sesshomaru's shoulders, only to be sent flying into a nearby wall with the help of the back of Sesshomaru's hand.

(Hokage's Office)

The Sandaime sighed heavily, as he looked over the massive pile of paperwork he had been doing throughout the entire day, and yet he still had to get it all done. Though all things considered, it was a good night so far since no reports of abuse aimed at Naruto had been reported yet and that had been refreshing if only slightly. The majority of the Shinobi Council had been harassing him into either killing the boy or turning him into a weapon for Konoha and the Sandaime was none of that. He was having a hard enough time dealing with them without the Civilian Council on his back on how they wanted the S-Class law concerning Naruto removed.

'Until Naruto enters the Academy, graduates, and becomes a Genin my power is divided between the two Councils. I need someone to adopt the boy, but every time I get close the person soon changes his or her mind. Someone is breaking my law in secret, but there is no proof of that even if it is the only explanation,' thought Sarutobi suspecting it was one of the Council members from either Council.

"Wait you can't go in there! Sir!" said the secretary only to be thrown through the doors and into the wall in the Hokage's Office with the two guards outside his office to boot.

"I have neither the time nor the patience to be stalled by human garbage like you wench," said Sesshomaru walking into the room with Naruto of all children on his shoulder.

"Who are you?" said the Sandaime looking at the regal looking figure and thought he was a new Feudal Lord having come to power from another land.

"My name is Sesshomaru and the reason I am here is to address you on the sheer cruelty of your village when it comes to this boy named Uzumaki Naruto. It was fortunate that I found him, as he was being beaten by the apparent Overseer of your Orphanage, and I could tell that it was not the first time that this has happened. Care to explain yourself to me about this, leader of this Shinobi village?" said Sesshomaru walking towards the slightly nervous Hokage, who could see, and sense that this man was no mere man, but something else entirely.

"I cannot. It's a village secret that concerns Naruto. If I told you, you would have to leave the boy outside, and promise not to tell him after I told you," said Sandaime wincing, as he saw the look of being betrayed in Naruto's eyes, and knew he would have to make this up to the boy somehow.

"That is unacceptable. Perhaps I should leave the boy here and ask the drunken villagers or Shinobi down below in the village myself. I wonder what they would say under a loose tongue?" said Sesshomaru seeing the Hokage starting to sweat nervously knowing that he could do that.

"You know why they hurt me old man? Why they scorn me? Why they always kick me out of places to eat, when I try to get clothing, and why they tell their kids my age to stay away from me?" said Naruto, who couldn't help, but feel that the man he thought of as a Grandfather had just stabbed him in the back, and it wasn't sitting well in his heart right now.

"Naruto I...," said the Sandaime, who was silence from speaking any excuse he could give by the glaring hatefully by Sesshomaru.

"No more excuses old village leader. Tell us now, or I'll kill you, and then I'll find the information concerning this boy myself in another manner that is more fitting of a Demon Lord," said Sesshomaru turning his eyes into a demon red while covering the room in demon energy.

"D-Demon Lord?" said Sarutobi, who thought he was going to have a heart attack from just those two words alone.

Naruto himself was in complete shock at this news and that anyone much less a Demon Lord like Sesshomaru claimed to be had even tried to save him.

"Yes. I came here because I sensed a disturbance in your village and the source of it was the abuse this boy was receiving. I also noticed that as his wounds healed, his body was releasing a significant amount of thick demonic energy, and that I sensed it was not apart of him naturally," said Sesshomaru wanted a good explanation from the Hokage.

"I had hoped I wouldn't have to say anything to Naruto much less another Demon Lord, but seeing as how I have been given no choice, I will tell you, and I hope Naruto that you will forgive me," said Sandaime, who saw the boy was so serious at the moment that all the kid needed was the Hokage hat, and he would look just like the Yondaime.

Biting back the bitter memory of his late successor dying, the Sandaime told Naruto, and Sesshomaru everything concerning the Kyuubi being sealed in the boy. How the Fourth Hokage wanted the boy to be seen as a hero while the village in its stupidity paid no heed to the man's dying wish. How the Sandaime made an S-Class law in order to prevent the younger generation from learning of the Kyuubi and trying to give Naruto a normal life.

"So that's why they hate me. Wait! Do you know who my parents were?" said Naruto, who looked at the old man hopefully, but the man shook his head, and tried to ignore the cold yet fearsome face of Sesshomaru looking at him with a knowing look that told the old Hokage that the Demon Lord knew he was lying.

"Do you have a picture of the Yondaime?" said Sesshomaru his instincts on this matter suspecting something concerning this boy getting stronger with the lie the current Hokage just told.

To his credit, the Sandaime didn't start sweating until after he nodded, and turned around to pry a small picture up from the wall behind his seat. He gave it to Sesshomaru, who saw the reason why the Hokage had lied, but felt that it was foolish all the same. Giving the picture to Naruto, he saw the boy looking at the picture curiously almost like a fox would when seeing its reflection in the water, and within moments of seeing the picture Naruto looked up at the Hokage with a fierce scowl on his face.

"The Yondaime is my Father isn't he?" said Naruto in a serious tone that made the old man noticeably wince at those words that were just as bad as when Enma scolded him for letting Orochimaru get away.

"Yes Naruto he was your Father. I didn't want to tell you until you were old enough to understand why he did what he did, but my hand has been forced," said the Sandaime seeing the look of betrayal in Naruto's eyes and the shadow of something akin to hate dwelling in them as well.

"What of his Mother?" said Sesshomaru, who saw the Sandaime wince even further at that, and knew something was up when the man didn't give a straight answer before making the man talk by releasing a small amount of demonic killer intent.

"She's...she's alive," said the Sandaime weakly and saw the look of surprise from Naruto at the thought of his Mother being alive.

"She's alive, yet Naruto was forced to stay in the Orphanage? That doesn't sound like a loving Mother to me," said Sesshomaru having already deduced what happened after the woman heard the news.

"She's currently living at the Namikaze Estates under the Namikaze name, as she doesn't want anything to do with Naruto, and told me so herself when she had heard of what her husband did to her son. I gave him her Maiden name so the Yondaime's enemies outside of the village would not try to attack the boy," said Sandaime seeing the large and still growing amount of anger in the boy flaring around him with his eyes flashing red for a few seconds.

"So his Mother plays the tragic widow while her son is considered the enemy and hated demon of this village. Didn't you inform her of his dying wish or did you neglect to tell her that at all?" said Sesshomaru clearly displeased with the old man's incompetency.

"I told her that Minato wanted everyone to see their son as a hero for holding the Kyuubi, but she refused. She said she wanted nothing to do with Naruto and even threatened to kill the boy herself if he ever came to the Estate," said Sarutobi wishing he didn't have to speak such harsh truths in front of Naruto knowing it was infuriating him even more.

Sesshomaru noticed it too and sensed the powerful demonic energy or "chakra" as these Shinobi called becoming visible around Naruto. If the boy learned how to control this power, it would make him a force to be reckoned with to anyone that stood in his way.

"You will take us to the Namikaze Estate. We are going to have a little talk with this so called Mother of Naruto's here," said Sesshomaru, who saw Naruto now look up at him in surprise before nodding, and the Demon Lord could have sworn he saw a hint of blood lust in the boy's eyes.

The Sandaime shivered at the word "talk" when Sesshomaru spoke it and knew that this night was not going to be pleasant for him. Especially, when the Council got wind of the news that Naruto now knows of Kyuubi's existence inside of him, and would no doubt blame this on Naruto tomorrow before lunch.

'I'm getting too old for this shit,' thought Sarutobi, who walked out the door with the Demon Lord following and Naruto once more on his shoulder.

(Outside the Namikaze Estate-20 Minutes Later)

Sarutobi knocked politely on the door with Sesshomaru and Naruto off to the side out of eyesight range waiting to see how this woman would be like around the Hokage. Within a few minutes of knocking, the door opened, and a young woman with red hair stepped out to greet the Hokage.

"Hello Kushina. I hoped to talk to you about a familiar matter and hope out of respect for your late husband that you would reconsider taking in Naruto," said Sarutobi seeing the woman's face become as cold as ice and as hard as steel.

"My answer is still no Sarutobi. I refuse to embrace that demon as my son. As far as I'm concerned, my son died the day my husband died sealing the Kyuubi. I will never allow that demon into this house as long as I draw breath," said Kushina coldly making the old man sigh in defeat, as if she had just failed a secret test given to her, and from the way he looked over to his right it seemed she had been caught saying the wrong thing.

Kushina followed his line of sight and saw a handsome young man with the very boy she spoke of right next to him looking at her with a great deal of hate in his eyes. She turned to the old man, who had promised never to tell Naruto anything about his parentage, and then back at the boy whose hands were turned into balled fists. Acting quickly, Kushina drew a sword before leaping into the air ready to bring her weapon down upon the vile creature that robbed her of a loving husband and son that she wanted to call her Mother.

'Foolish wench,' thought Sesshomaru, as he would not tolerate the woman's stupidity, as he summoned his energy whip, and with the precision only a Demon Lord of his caliber could produce sliced the blade in half.

"Who are you? What business do you have interfering in matters that do not concern you," said Kushina now a little bit over 10 feet away from the two.

"My name is Sesshomaru. My concern in this matter is this boy and I will not allow him to come to harm. I sense his very death will upset the very balance of your world even further if it is allowed to continue," said Sesshomaru putting a protective hand over the blonde haired child, who attached himself to the Demon Lord's leg to show his sign of affection.

It reminded Sesshomaru of Rin and how she would do that.

"Sesshomaru is a Demon Lord, Kushina. He came into my office with Naruto and made me tell him along with the boy everything from the Kyuubi sealed inside of him, down to the boy's parentage," said Sarutobi seeing the look of shock on Kushina's face.

"He knows?" said Kushina looking at Naruto, who looked at her with hate filled eyes of betrayal and rage that she only saw in her husband during the last war.

"That's right...Mother. Of course since I'm a demon as everyone calls me then that means I have no right to call you that anymore," said Naruto his eyes flashing red once again for a solid second before turning back to normal.

"You couldn't even honor your husbands dying wish and yet you still hold his last name like it was some form of privilege to be his wife turned widow. You are a disgusting and retched human, who is unworthy to be called anything, but that of filth," said Sesshomaru cracking his claws in his right hand, as if ready to strike the woman for her sins against her own son.

"My son is dead!" said Kushina jumping back at Naruto again only she started making hand signs for a Fire Jutsu while Sesshomaru unsheathed Tokijin and stood still.

"Get behind me Naruto," said Sesshomaru holding the blade lightly in his one hand.

"Yes Sesshomaru-sama," said Naruto, who took two steps to hide behind the Demon Lord.

"Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu!" said Kushina shooting the fire right at Sesshomaru, who raised his sword in a guard position before it glowed and repelled the attack like it was nothing.

"Is that all you Shinobi can do? I expected more in that attack from the so called wife of the Yondaime," said Sesshomaru clearly unimpressed with this woman though it was hard to judge given the fact he was a lot stronger then her.

"I'll kill you," said Kushina getting further enraged that this demon would enter Konoha and insult her skills when she had been in a highly trained ANBU back in Whirlpool as well as in Konoha during the last war.

"Save your weak threats for someone even weaker," said Sesshomaru before placing his sword's point in the ground and sent a wave of demonic energy at her that shook the ground sending the woman flying back into the wall of the Estate leaving a large imprint upon impact.

"Sesshomaru-sama please do not kill her. If you do the Council will take it out on Naruto if you do," said Sandaime knowing that the loss of the Yondaime's wife would cause a riot and he doubted he would have enough Shinobi to put it down.

"I'm not going to kill her," said Sesshomaru calmly now in front of the downed woman with Naruto right beside him.

'That's a relief,' thought Sarutobi not knowing if he could beat the Demon Lord himself whether it was now or in his prime.

"Naruto is going to do it himself," said Sesshomaru looking at the boy, who looked back at the Demon Lord in shock at this news, as did Kushina with fear in her eyes.

"What?" said Kushina and Sarutobi at the same time not believing Sesshomaru just said those words while Naruto remained silent from the surprise.

"You heard me. Naruto is going to end the life of this woman and with this very sword in my hand," said Sesshomaru knowing that while the evil in this sword was powerful, he had this strange feeling that Naruto could handle it because of the demon sealed inside of him.

"You can't! If you do the Council will...," said Kushina only to be fiercely backhanded hard by Sesshomaru with his free hand leaving an immediate bruise to her face and claw marks when the tips of his claws made contact.

"Your Council will do nothing because I will see to it that they do exactly that...nothing! Now Naruto take this sword in your hands. Don't be afraid," said Sesshomaru giving the sword over to Naruto, who found it to very heavy, and could barely lift it with his own tiny hands.

That and he was low on strength from the lack of food in his stomach.

'If I try to stop this, then Sesshomaru may try to kill me, and if I do nothing I lose apart of Naruto to the ways of the demon. Either way I lose,' thought Sandaime knowing that if Sesshomaru wanted to, he could transform into his demonic form, and destroy all of Konoha easily.

"The blade is heavy Sesshomaru-sama," said Naruto feeling the power of the sword in his hands giving him a weird feeling.

"It's supposed to be due to sword being made from demon teeth, which why it generates the large amount of power inside of it. The fact that you can even lift it off the ground is impressive for someone so young and malnourished," said Sesshomaru, who felt a sense of pride at seeing this boy's eyes fill with joy at being given praise by him.

"Really? Wow! You must be really strong to wield a sword with this much power," said Naruto looking at Sesshomaru with awe at the Demon Lord's greatness.

'Naruto's more right then he knows. I sense that sword is really powerful and if I were to guess in terms of power, it could have easily killed Orochimaru, and if in the right hands could vanquish the growing evil throughout the Elemental Countries,' thought Sarutobi as he looked on at Naruto struggling to hold the blade steady in his hands.

"Naruto. Sweetie. You wouldn't hurt your own Mother would you? I brought you into this world honey and I imagine your Father would be most displeased if you killed me," said Kushina trying to sway her son's hands from using the sword to end her life.

"Just like he would be displeased in you abandoning me right after I was born and had the Kyuubi sealed inside of me?" said Naruto feeling the anger and the hate he felt inside for this woman that was his Mother, who had left him to rot in the Orphanage with the cruel woman and the other adults there.

'The boy's unknowingly pushing back the corrupting power of Tokijin with the help of the fox demon inside of him. If Naruto could learn to fully master and control this demon fox's power, he could ascend to become a Demon Lord himself. Unfortunately, for that to happen, I would have to stay in this filthy Shinobi village to make sure his progress is not usurped by the majority of people that despise him,' thought Sesshomaru knowing that the people in this place would do anything in their power to cripple the boy whether it was physically or mentally.

"You know what I wished for when I was alone thinking my family was dead? I wished for just that, a family! I wished for a Mother and a Father to call my own that would love me for who I am to no end. Now that I see you, I don't want a Mother like you in my life. I just want die!" said Naruto his eyes now staying blood red, his canine teeth now becoming pointer, and his grip on Tokijin becoming steadier.

'Incredible! I have not sense such demonic energy like this in all my time alive. This fox demon sealed inside Naruto must be truly power indeed,' thought Sesshomaru looking on with interest, as the boy raised Tokijin up shaking slightly, and before Kushina could scream the blade came down ending her life instantly.

"Sesshomaru-sama I'm tired. I think I'm going to take a nap now," said Naruto, who had felt the drain of using the demonic chakra, and immediately passed out falling down hard onto the wooden floor outside of the Namikaze Estate.

"You did very well Naruto," said Sesshomaru slightly surprised at himself for saying the words with such praise and affection like a Father would give a son.

Did he care for Naruto, as if the boy were his own?

"It's a shame she never saw Naruto as her son. Her grief over Minato was so scarring that it blinded her to what she had that was apart of him and her," said Sarutobi, as his eyes were filled with sorrow for the loss of a dear friend.

"Indeed. However, now is not the time to dwell on such things old man. It is getting late and the boy needs his rest. Since that Orphanage is out of the question, I suggest the boy sleep here tonight so we can address some things you have yet to discuss with me. Like this Council of yours that seems to have more power over the village then you do," said Sesshomaru giving the old man a piercing gaze while the Sandaime cleared his throat somewhat nervously before becoming more serious looking.

"Very well. It can't be helped. This is Naruto's inheritance after all and I can't deny it from him any longer," said the Sandaime walking into the large home with Sesshomaru carrying the tired boy after putting Tokijin away.

When Naruto was put in a bed that was originally planned for him when Minato found out he was going to be a Father, the Third Hokage, and Sesshomaru were both in the Living Room sitting in the plush furniture. Sesshomaru himself found the material to be strangely comfortable to him and felt this place was worthy of a former Demon Lord of the Western Lands.

"Sesshomaru-sama, I feel that in order to understand what happened, you need to know that I did everything in my power as the newly reinstated Hokage to protect Naruto from harm. The problem started several weeks before I was officially reinstated as Hokage that the Council had complete control over everything except for it military that is its Shinobi forces. The Yondaime had made several enemies on the Council due to his policies that supported change within the village in order to evolve with the times rather then stick with the harsher traditions set in place during the days of the Shodaime. When I came back reinstated the Council was bickering over what to do with Naruto, which was good thing because had they come to a conclusion during their time in power, I would have been unable to stop them from carrying it out. Some people called for the boy's death, not trusting the seal or out of their own hatred for the boy's Father for being so much more powerful, and stronger then them. Others wanted to make Naruto into a mindless weapon that would be loyal only to them and when he was no longer needed, they would kill him, and leave it at that without any regard for the boy's life at all," said Sandaime before he further explained that Kushina wanted nothing to do with the boy and the only possible solution he could get them all to agree on was to put Naruto in the Orphanage under his Mother's maiden name with an ANBU team guarding him from harm from the adults that knew of the fox being sealed in Naruto.

"If Naruto had these 'ANBU' teams watching him as you claim they did, then where are they now, and why weren't they watching Naruto tonight when he was being beaten by that old wench with a cane?" said Sesshomaru though the already suspected the Shinobi had left their assignment for their own selfish reasons.

"Minato's student Hatake Kakashi was in charge of the detail that was guarding Naruto today into the night. I'll speak to him tomorrow in front of the Council when I setup a meeting with them tomorrow in order to catch them all off guard by your intervention," said Sarutobi smiling at the Demon Lord, who nodded in approval of the action.

They were going to let Naruto's enemies sleep peacefully tonight thinking they had won since tomorrow they were soon learn that they have lost.

(The Next Day)

Naruto awoke finding himself in a nice warm bed rather then wet moldy rags he found in the laundry room when he was back in the Orphanage. Groggily he got off the bed, much to his bodies protest, and walked aimless out of the room following the steps down the flight of stairs finding there were more steps then he remembered. His stomach had been killing him for some food worse then it had yesterday and if it was one thing he couldn't ignore that was it. Naruto could only hope that he could secretly get some food in his stomach before the old hag had learned of him being awake and tried to stop him from eating.

When he made his way into the seemingly larger kitchen, Naruto was surprised when he saw the sweet ramen stand girl making him breakfast. She looked at him with a warm smile that he imagined came from having a big sister or at least something close to that anyway.

"Hello Naruto-kun. How are you feeling?" said Ayame not surprised at seeing him look so surprised since she suspected he thought that what happened yesterday was some kind of dream.

"Fine," said Naruto happily before looking around after the reality of what had happened yesterday set in and he started looking around for the Demon Lord, who rescued him last night.

"Who are you looking for Naruto?" said Ayame confused, but slightly humored by his actions of looking around like he lost something.

"Where is Sesshomaru-sama?" said Naruto wondering where the man that had saved him went.

"Oh! You mean the handsome young man that looked like a Daimyo? He went to the Hokage's office to sign some papers concerning his residency in Konoha and if what I suspect is true...he's going to adopt you as well," said Ayame though she wasn't really sure about the latter part of what she told Naruto, but she always preferred being an optimist.

"Really? You mean Sesshomaru-sama wants to be my dad? YATTA! I'M GOING TO HAVE A DAD!" said Naruto dancing around making Ayame laugh before she put the food on the table for Naruto to eat, which he ate within a time span of a minute.

"Wow! That has to be a record," said Ayame amazed that the boy just sucked up her food like there was no tomorrow.

"Could I have some more? Please Ayame-chan!" said Naruto holding out his plate with the hope of her filling his still hungry stomach.

It may not have been ramen like she gave him at the stand, but they say hunger was the best spice and he had a tone of it ready to mix with the incredibly good food she made him.

"Sure! Hokage-sama sent me here to make sure you got a full tummy and I wouldn't be doing my job if I just gave you a single helping," said Ayame making more ham and eggs that she gave him earlier.

"Thanks Ayame-chan!" said Naruto kicking his little feet slightly while he was sitting in the chair with a very happy grin on his face that made Ayame smile warmly at him while scowling inside at the fools, who would seek to hurt this innocent child.

(Hokage's Office)

"I assume you know that once you sign these papers you will be declared Naruto's Father correct?" said the Sandaime looking at Sesshomaru, who simply nodded and signed his mark on the papers.

"As the boy's legal guardian I will help him master the powers from the demon fox as well as give him his Father's last name," said Sesshomaru finishing his signature on the original and copy of the adoption papers.

"The latter of the two I must strongly urge you to reconsider. If the Shinobi villages like Iwa or his other enemies in the Elemental Countries discovers that the Yondaime has a legacy they will do everything in their power to kill him," said the Sandaime taking the original paper while Sesshomaru took the copy.

"No more then what the people in your village have already done to the boy already if his malnourishment is any indication," said Sesshomaru, who saw the old man wince once again under such a counter by the Demon Lord.

"I regret that I truly do. I have let both the Civilian and Shinobi Council push me around on this matter for too long. The Yondaime entrusted me to protect Naruto no matter what I had to do and I intend to do just that during this meeting in a few hours," said Sarutobi, who was going to remind these fools on both Councils why he was the Third Hokage.

"Good. As for my decision concerning Naruto's last name, it still stands, and before you even think to remind me of your late successor's enemies. Let me remind you just who I am!" said Sesshomaru showering the Third Hokage in an incredible blast of killer intent that made the old man clutch his chest almost ready to have a heart attack.

'By Kami! Such incredible power. It makes Orochimaru's seem like a 5 year old having mild child temper tantrum,' thought the Sandaime finding his ability to breath was much more difficult then before.

"I am the Demon Lord and former ruler of the Western Lands! I fear NO ONE!" said Sesshomaru before simply stopping, as if it was as easy as turning off a light switch, and that in itself scared the Third Hokage the most.

'His power may rival Kyuubi's and all the more reason to do as he says considering there is no possible way to seal him inside an object or child,' thought Sandaime knowing that there was no one other then himself right now, who loved this village to such a point that they would die for it.

"You need not fear the enemies of the Yondaime coming after his son Hokage. What you should fear is my fury if you fail Naruto and not allowing him to become stronger," said Sesshomaru before he was covered in large ball of energy and teleported out of the office back to the Namikaze Estate.

"I'm getting too old for this shit," said the Sandaime wondering if it was not too late to find another successor he could trust with this title.

(Namikaze Estate)

Ayame couldn't believe she just saw Naruto finish eating over 20 large helpings of food and only now was he starting to feel full in his stomach. Seriously, the kid was an eating machine that put the Akimichi Clan to shame! Though it wasn't really a surprise due to the fact that he was never really fed during the time spent in the Orphanage and there was no restaurant other then her Father's that would serve him. Sure they gave him a few of their bowls on the house, but it only went so far, as he was only allowed out 2 day out of the whole week by that bitch that ran the Orphanage, and it didn't take a skilled Shinobi to see he was not properly being fed.

Naruto had never felt better in all the years he had been alive with a stomach full of food and with a person he knew didn't hate him. It was bliss! It got even better for him when Sesshomaru appeared in a ball of energy that made Ayame faint and Naruto looking at him in awe at his power.

"That was incredible! Can you teach me to do that too?!" said Naruto eager to learn from the Demon Lord if he was willing to teach.

"We'll see Naruto, there is still much I don't know about the Kyuubi inside of you, or if there are any problems that may arise from such teachings. But do not worry, as there will be plenty of time for that, as I just came back from the Hokage's office to tell you that you are now officially my son and while that is in full effect, you will be given your Father's last name, and you will learn from the scrolls he left behind in this Estate," said Sesshomaru, who was going to train Naruto for as long he the boy could stand.

"You're really my dad now? YES! YES! I REALLY HAVE A FATHER NOW!" said Naruto dancing around yet again to this news and despite himself, Sesshomaru found it quite funny, but he dared not show it outside of a small smirk that came across his face.

'I wonder if this is how that little fox demon Shippo reacted when he acted happy around Inuyasha,' thought Sesshomaru already seeing fox like traits in the boy popping up.

"I can't wait to start training," said Naruto before seeing Ayame was still down and out of it from her shock at seeing the way Sesshomaru entered the room.

"Don't let this go to your head Naruto. I'm not going to pamper you when it comes to training you to hone your skills. I will be harsh as possible to ensure that you have no equal in or out of Konoha. As my newly declared son, I expect complete perfection of each skill that you try to master," said Sesshomaru getting serious knowing that for the boy to get stronger, he needed to take this seriously, and work hard like everything else in life.

"Don't worry Father I won't fail you. I want to be strong like you. If it means training my guts out is the way to go, then I'll do it, and I'll give it my all," said Naruto looking up from Ayame to Sesshomaru with serious blue eyes that proved to the Demon Lord that Naruto was indeed serious about his training.

"Good. Now let's take this girl back home and then head to the Hokage Tower. We have a meeting to get to that concerns this village's past behavior with you," said Sesshomaru, who picked up the girl, and teleported to the three of them to the ramen stand.

(Hokage Tower-Meeting Room)

The Sandaime had to use his old school poker face to keep himself from smiling at the sight of the suspicious Civilian and Shinobi Council members seated before him. They had been summoned as a whole to deal with a situation that could not be discussed until all parties concerning this matter were present. After the two Councils arrived the ANBU teams of Shinobi assigned to protect Naruto had gathered as well from those that did their jobs and those that did not.

As it stood, only two more people were left for this matter to come to order.

'Speak of the devil and considering, who I'm looking at, it is possibly more literal then I think,' thought Sarutobi, as the large ball of energy appeared and then vanished revealing Sesshomaru to everyone before him with Naruto standing right beside him.

"Hokage-sama could you please tell this man of noble blood to take that thing beside him outside," said a Civilian Council member glaring daggers at Naruto, who in return glared back finding his instincts were helping him call out the Kyuubi's power, as he could start to feel his eyes change from blue to the red slit ones of the fox himself.

"You would your best to watch your tongue Councilman or you will find it removed from your mouth and hanged by it outside this tower," said Sesshomaru taking in the smells of the people in the room though the women with the tattoos caught his interest.

He had only been told so much about the various clans with "bloodline limits", which he deduced was watered down demon blood that was more adaptable to humans.

"You dare insult me? A Councilman?! I could have you arrested for such actions, noble blood or not," said the man, who was in his late 50's and part of the merchant section of Konoha.

"Arrest me then if you can. All those you send against me will die horribly before I come to kill you...fool," said Sesshomaru his face calm like the eye of a storm before the said storm unleashed itself upon the helpless masses.

The Councilman hesitated, as he was unable to read the man's face, and could not tell if the man was bluffing or if he was really that powerful. The Shinobi in the room could probably handle the tall figure, but even they seemed wary of him, and even the Shinobi Councilwoman Inuzuka Tsume seemed highly nervous for some reason.

The loyal dog beside the Inuzuka's feet whined in fear and hid its face away from the very presence of Sesshomaru while telling its owner not to oppose him. Tsume herself was not going to disagree with that having sensed the familiarity between her clan and this person here, who could be considered close to God amongst dogs. This figures very presence in itself had nearly compelled the Inuzuka Clan Head to get on the ground and kneel before him as a sign of submission.

"As much as I would like to see Sesshomaru-sama's skills put to the test against a team of our strongest Shinobi, now is not the time. It has come to my attention, as of yesterday that certain individuals have sought out the means to find loopholes around the law that concerns Uzumaki Naruto," said Sandaime, who paused from continuing when he saw Naruto scowl at being addressed with his Mother's last name.

"There are certain people in this room that have not been honoring the Yondaime's dying wish to see this boy as a hero. As such I took it upon myself to adopt the boy as my own son," said Sesshomaru seeing the outrage and outpour of opposition to such a thing.

"Hokage-sama you cannot allow this man to adopt the demon! You must rescind the adoption at once!" said another Civilian Councilwoman with pink hair and nearly flat chest that made her more man looking then woman.

"I cannot. Sesshomaru-sama has met the requirements needed to adopt Naruto and I have already seen a demonstration of his power yesterday when he fought Namikaze Uzumaki Kushina last night. I have no doubt that this man is more then qualified to protect Naruto from the dangers that linger both inside and out of the village," said the Sandaime, who once more received protests on this matter.

"Then we demand that Kushina come here to fight the adoption seeing as how she is the demo-boy's Mother," said Koharu seeing the piercing look directed at her by Sesshomaru and made her spine shiver.

"That's not possible," said Sarutobi taking his pipe into his mouth and blowing out the smoke from it.

"And why is that Hokage-sama," said Aburame Shibi, who had felt his bugs going crazy under the power they were sensing from Sesshomaru, and further told him that this man was somehow related to the Inuzuka Clan.

"She's dead. Naruto killed her," said Sesshomaru seeing and sensing the shocked looks in the room while all eyes now turned to Naruto, who nodded in confirmation at this news.

"Quickly, arrest the demon for the murder of the Yondaime's wife and prepare for his public execution!" said Homura pointing at Naruto with the Shinobi that had been called in now holding multiple weapons should the boy resist.

"Take one step forward and you will all die," said Sesshomaru taking notice of the more reluctant Shinobi pulling out their weapons before releasing his own killer intent freezing them all in place.

"Stop this stupidity at once! I am the Hokage, and as the Hokage I order all Shinobi in the room to stand down...right now! No one is going to kill Naruto or raise their hand against him for defending himself against the very Mother that shunned him when she tried to kill him in the first place," said Sarutobi, as he glared at his former teammates, who had now looked away, but lost none of their hate for the boy.

"She got what she deserved," said Naruto without emotion getting everyone's eyes on him again.

"What did you say demon?" said Uchiha Fugaku, who had been trying for sometime to secretly seduce Kushina so he could bed her, and take a peek at the Namikaze scrolls to learn the Yondaime's secret to his Hiarishin Jutsu to turn it into a skill for the Uchiha Clan to have to make them invincible.

"You will address me as Namikaze Naruto: The Son of the Yondaime!" said Naruto his body slowly letting out a small amount of the fox's charka as his rage grew.

"I will do no such thing!" said Fugaku his Sharingan Eyes activating and seemed ready to strike Naruto if it weren't for the deep demonic growl coming from Sesshomaru's throat.

"It doesn't matter whether any of you do or not. As of today Sesshomaru is giving Naruto his Father's last name as his first act as the boy's adopted Father and guardian. From now on, Naruto will be staying at the Namikaze Estate, he will receive everything in it that his by right, and everyone who has a problem with it must take it up with Sesshomaru," said the Third Hokage, as he decided not to tell them about the other decision Sesshomaru made concerning Naruto having already seen the hesitant looks from the Councilmen in the room, who wished to object to this news.

"Have you lost your mind Hokage-sama! Can't you see that these two demons are trying to manipulate you into giving into their demands? Give the order to kill the boy now!" said Fugaku getting angry over the fact that the Namikaze had a shot of becoming even more powerful then before.

"Speaking of orders, I believe the Hokage would like to address the Shinobi in the room that were apart of Naruto's security detail," said Sesshomaru smirking again making the Council members of both Civilian and Shinobi shiver in fear of that smirk.

"Yes, thank you Sesshomaru-sama. Last night upon the arrival of our distinguished guest, Naruto was attacked by the old woman, who ran the Orphanage, and proceed to hit the boy with her cane. What I find hard to believe is that the ANBU detail under the charge of the Yondaime's own student did NOT intervene at all to save the child from harm. I want ANBU Captain Hatake Kakashi to step forward and explain his actions as well as those of his teammates," said the Sandaime glaring at the dog masked ANBU, who now stepped forward.

"Hokage-sama, I cannot condone what I or my team did nor can I properly apologize for our actions in neglecting our duties, but I did not know that Naruto was my sensei's son," said Kakashi, who soon felt a wave of killing intent flowing off Naruto.

"Let me get this straight Hatake-san. You are only sorry now, after you learned that I was your sensei's son? Does that mean that if I was just some child from a none important or nobody family tuned orphan you would have continued to neglect guarding me? Perhaps you would have tried to kill me yourself give the chance?" said Naruto, as his very words came out with venomous hate, and all the anger inside of him refused to stay down.

"I never said that," said Kakashi though that fact didn't seem to calm Naruto at all.

"But you weren't denying it either Kakashi," said the Sandaime frowning at the ANBU, who did not bother giving a response back.

"This cannot go on any longer. This Shinobi and his team must pay Naruto back one way or another. Refusing to do so will mean their deaths," said Sesshomaru his gaze focused on Kakashi, who was sweating slightly under the mask at the invisible weight that was now pressed against him by the Demon Lord.

"Agreed. Kakashi you are no longer in ANBU. You shall receive no pay for the rest of the month unless you are assigned a high class mission. You will also be given the rank of Jounin in order to perform other missions that are not ANBU related," said Sarutobi, who saw Kakashi wince at that and remove his dog mask before handing it over to the Third Hokage.

"Hokage-sama, please be reasonable. Sure Kakashi is at fault here, but do you have to punish all the ANBU watching the kid," said Yuuago, who like her fellow ANBU had actually done their job in watching over the kid.

"I wish I could Neko-san, but unless I know just who was doing their job and who was not I can't let anyone in the ANBU Division go unpunished," said Sarutobi before eyeing Sesshomaru for a possible solution.

"I can help with finding the guilty from the innocent," said Sesshomaru turning his gaze too the ANBU making some of their inside squirm under his powerful presence.

"What do you suggest Sesshomaru-sama?" said Hiashi, who was very tempted to uses his Byakugan right now to see the man's charka network finding the man to be unnatural in every aspect of the word.

"Every ANBU that was involved Naruto's protection is in your office and if I asked them whether or not they did their job, I will be able to sense if they are being truthful or they are lying," said Sesshomaru since any demon with superior senses like his could tell if someone was lying or being truthful.

"Sense it? You mean you have a bloodline limit?" said Danzo finally speaking after all this time while wondering how to get a sample of the man's genetic tissue for research purposes.

"No. What I have is far superior to your weak human blood," said Sesshomaru finding some satisfaction in demeaning these humans before him.

"What do you mean to say exactly Sesshomaru-sama?" said Shibi wondering what the man meant.

"I thought at this point it would have been clear to you all by now. I am a Demon Lord," said Sesshomaru seeing the looks of fear now hitting each and every one of the Council members.

"What?" said Fugaku leaping out of his chair drawing his sword while several Shinobi re-drew their weapons.

"Sesshomaru is a Demon Lord," said the Sandaime calmly, as if it was the most common thing in the world.

"You knew?" said Koharu glaring at her old teammate.

"I learned about his status yesterday when he arrived," said Sarutobi, who saw Hiashi had now stood up while activating his bloodline and gasped before sitting down in awe at the demon's chakra network.

Simply because, there was NO network for him to see, as Sesshomaru's chakra was so thick that it was like looking into a crimson oceans depth that had no end.

"I see that the disturbance in this dimension is far more unbalanced then I thought," said Sesshomaru cracking his right hand as his claws further extended.

"Enough! There will no fighting here. Fugaku-san sit down! If Sesshomaru-sama wanted us all dead he could have just transformed into his true demon form and wiped Konoha out last night," said the Sandaime seeing the Nara Clan Head nod his along with his two partners, who both agreed with the old Hokage knowing that what he just said was true, though they were still nervous at the thought of facing another Demon Lord.

"What your Hokage tells you is true. While I am far more powerful then any of you in this room in my current form, my true demon form is by far more powerful then you could imagine," said Sesshomaru making everyone in the room shiver at his words.

"When Sesshomaru-sama signed the adoption papers for Naruto, he also signed papers to allow himself to become a citizen of Konoha, and protect the village from harm so long as Naruto is alive," said the Third Hokage, who let this information sink into his fellow Council members heads before deciding to speak.

"The Inuzuka Clan will be the first to honor Sesshomaru-sama's citizenship to Konoha," said Inuzuka Tsume being the first to speak rising from her seat as she did while bowing her head at a slight angle that told Sesshomaru that she was submitting to him like a dog does to its master.

"The Hyuuga Clan will also recognize and honor Sesshomaru-sama's citizenship to live in Konoha," said Hiashi looking at Sesshomaru with a look that told the Demon Lord that the Hyuuga wished to speak with him later about something important.

"The Aburame Clan finds that it is only logical that Sesshomaru-sama's citizenship to the Leaf be honored and has our support as well," said Shibi rising from his seat and nodding towards the Demon Lord to what would be considered as a sign of respect.

"I think I can speak for my lazy and large friends here when I say that our three clans will honor Sesshomaru's citizenship," said Inoichi, who looked at his two teammates, who nodded with the Nara lazily mumbling something along the lines of "troublesome".

"I heard that Nara," said Sesshomaru making the man go pale and forgot that the Demon Lord had good hearing.

"The Uchiha Clan will NOT honor this Demon Lord's citizenship and is NOT welcome at the Uchiha District nor is his adopted demon son," said Fugaku scowling heavily at the Demon Lord with his Sharingan Eyes still active only to have them be return to normal forcibly by a quick and sudden burst of demonic killer intent directed solely at him from Sesshomaru, who he could have sworn had his eyes flash red just briefly before returning to normal.

"I trust that the rest of the Shinobi Council will not follow Uchiha-san's example and will quietly agree to honor Sesshomaru-sama's citizenship to Konoha knowing what strength he brings to the Leaf Village," said the Sandaime eyeing Danzo and his two teammates carefully, as they nodded reluctantly to the Hokage.

"The Civilian Council agrees, though we do it under noted protest," said the pink haired woman, who glared at Naruto one more time before keeping her face somewhat calm looking.

"Good. Now to deal with the two ANBU teams that were assigned to watch Naruto," said Sarutobi turning to the Shinobi teams in question with Kakashi's getting nervous.

"Hokage-sama if I may speak on behalf of my team?" said the Neko masked Shinobi approaching the table while staring directly at the Hokage.

"You may," said the Third Hokage gesturing her to speak her mind.

"My team's loyalty to Konoha is absolute and we would never disobey your orders for an assignment given to us. This case is no different and I can say right now on behalf of my entire team that we did the job you gave us to protect the Yondaime's son," said Neko before turning to face Sesshomaru seeing him nod having sensed no lie from her.

"Good. Neko, you and your team is cleared of all possible accusations with an increase in the teams pay to make up for it. Now if Hatake Kakashi would step forward and account for themselves and the neglect in their duties last night," said the Sandaime whose face had now become more serious when facing the Cyclops.

"Hokage-sama, I unfortunately cannot speak for my whole team, as I was not always on time, and could not watch them all. After all you know how I am with my tardiness and always being late for something. But I'm sure no one on my team would allow Naruto to be harmed by anyone," said Kakashi his one seeable eye turning into a U-shape at the end.

"That's a load of crap!" said Naruto not going to be silent any longer.

"Watch your tongue boy!" said the pink haired woman only to be silent herself when she felt the eyes of Sesshomaru on her.

"Every time this guy's so called team was on duty I was always beaten up by someone and called names in the process. Not once did they help me and only after I got beat up did they decide to 'help'. They told me if I ever said anything they would kill me before you could punish them," said Naruto glaring at Kakashi, who looked away though it was unclear if it was due to shame at himself or anger at the boy that made him do that.

"I see. It seems that I have been a little too lenient when it comes to believing that the people of this village both Shinobi and civilian will be nice to Naruto. As of right now I am no longer going to be lenient with either side unless Naruto himself wishes me to be. As of right now, Kakashi's entire team except for Kakashi himself, are hereby demoted to Chuunin, and will have the necessary amount of money taken from their accounts that is equal to the amount you were paid for each completed day you watched over Naruto. In addition to that, I'm having each of you being sent to Ibiki for interrogation to find out, who else has been violating my S-Class law concerning Naruto before executing them," said the Sandaime, who could almost see the various looks of protest behind the ANBU masks of each member of Kakashi's team.

"This is hardly fair Hokage-sama. Such harsh punishment is not fitting for these ANBU Kakashi was leading," said Fugaku looking at the Hokage in the hope the old man still had some form of sympathy in his old heart.

"Is that because they are highly skilled Shinobi? Or is it because they are all Uchiha Clan members?" said the Sandaime knowing that all members of Kakashi's team were Uchiha at the request of their Clan Head.

Fugaku bit back a curse forgetting that the Hokage knew exactly who was behind those ANBU masks.

"I'll leave the Hokage to administer the punishment from this point on and I trust it will be done without opposition," said Sesshomaru as he picked up Naruto and placed him on his shoulder like he did with Rin later on during their travels.

As the two walked out of the office rather then simply teleporting out like they entered, Naruto couldn't help, but wonder at what the future would hold for him now that he was the adopted son of a Demon Lord. Whatever the future held good or bad he was going to see to it that he would get stronger to one day surpass his dad.

'One day I'll become Hokage just like dad was and none of these arrogant jerks are going to stand in my way,' thought Naruto his eyes filled with ambition and desire to become strong.

Deep inside Naruto, the beast inside of him stirred slightly.

(A/N: YO! I know your wondering what's going on. Okay I'll tell you. I hit a small snag with my other fics (in other words writers block). I'm hoping to vent out my head with this fic so I can spark up ideas for the others. That and I'm waiting for some of the other fics I like to be updated too so they can help with my inspiration. So if you're waiting for an update from my other fics hang tough I'm working on it. Also should I make this a NarutoxHarem? Or just keep it at eventual NarutoxHinata? Until next time...PEACE!!)