Chapter 19-Fighting for Rin's Heart

"So this is all the information Kakuzu gave you?" asked Tsunade while Naruto nodded while the rest of his team waited behind him along with one Nii Yugito.

"Every word. Turns out they're hunting for the Jinchuriki in Iwa and planned to go after the one in the small Shinobi village called Taki. A kunoichi their named Fu. Kakuzu was from Taki so he knows how to get into the village and take Fu down with the help of his now dead partner that was a Jashin Priest," answered Naruto with Tsunade nodding while glancing at Yugito.

"The Raikage won't like the fact Kumo's own Jinchuriki is here in the village Naruto and it could lead to war," replied Tsunade with Naruto shrugging.

"I don't see how it would. She's not a prisoner and Yugito is only here to confirm exactly what happened during our mission to hunt down those two morons in the Akatsuki. We can easily send a message to the Raikage that Yugito is here and she can leave at anytime to return to her village," said Naruto with Tsunade nodding since that was true.

"Something I will do after this meeting and assure him nothing has happened to her while here. Until then, I would suggest Yugito find an apartment, or hotel to stay in until I get a reply back from the Raikage," suggested Tsunade with Yugito nodding.

"We should also keep the fact that Yugito is a Jinchuriki a secret from a majority of the people in the village. The last thing we need is for some of the more aggressive bigots in Konoha getting bold and doing something...violent," commented Naruto with Tsunade nodding in agreement.

"Agreed. Yugito, the only people in Konoha currently aware of your status are those in this room, and I assure you that no one here will tell anyone in the village about what you hold. While Konoha has been cleansed mostly of the hatred it has for Jinchuriki, there are still some bakas that have alluded us, and might try something with the end result causing problems for both villages. At the same time, your position as a Kumo Shinobi will also make things stained with some of the more conservative members of the Hyuuga Clan, who would like to get some measure of revenge for a certain incident years ago, and I also suggest that you stay away from the Hyuuga Clan Compound in general. The last thing anyone needs is another incident with increased tensions for spilling Shinobi blood needlessly. Understood?" said Tsunade with Yugito nodding since that was the last thing she or anyone in Kumo really wanted.

"I understand Hokage-sama," answered Yugito while Tsunade dismissed them.

"I take it you heard all of that?" questioned Tsunade before Jiraiya came in through the window.

"Yeah. It confirms what my spy told me. They tried to get to Iwa's own Jinchuriki, but have so far failed, and the only ones unaccounted for are those of Mist. One left the village and the other has been dead for nearly three year so the three-tailed Biju won't materialize for a few more Months," explained Jiraiya with Tsunade nodding.

"With Suna now practically being liquidated after their shared invasion with Orochimaru failed, we've had a large influx of Shinobi from there joining our ranks, but some of them have scattered to either be Missing Nin, or join other Shinobi villages. Its fortunate that we were able to get the majority of them to join us and one of them was also a Jinchuriki, but also a dear friend of my Godson," replied Tsunade seeing Jiraiya nod since the seal had been fixed and the red haired boy's sanity had been stabilized.

"That and Temari is now with Naruto on a romantic level," remarked Jiraiya with a grin while Tsunade let out a growl to keep his perverted nature to himself.

"That aside, our Godson has done so much for the village, I almost shudder to think what would have happened to him if this village kept abusing him, and made Naruto into the very monster they thought he was growing up," stated Tsunade before she shuddered and Jiraiya grimaced.

"Chances are this village wouldn't be standing right now," remarked Jiraiya before letting out a tired sigh.

"Thank Kami for small miracles in the form of curious and powerful Demon Lords from other dimensions," said Tsunade with Jiraiya nodding.

"I still can't believe that Sesshomaru has Kurenai, Anko, and Shizune for mates! From I've also heard throughout the village, is that Tsume is even interested in him too just as Hana was in Naruto," said Jiraiya with Tsunade smirking at that.

"No surprise there. Tsume is an Inuzuka and its not like she's too old that she can't find a man. Remember, she got married, and had Hana at a young age so its not like her prime years are behind her," stated Tsunade since Tsume had been a lot wilder during that time and entered puberty faster then the other kunoichi around her.

"Her son isn't happy about it though. Both his Mother and sister being with two people he despises," clarified Jiraiya with Tsunade frowning.

"What Tsume and Hana do with their lives or who they have a relationship with is none of Kiba's business. That baka better understand that soon or else!" stated Tsunade with Jiraiya nodding in understanding.

"To be young and in love," replied Jiraiya before leaping out the window with Tsunade small laugh at the statement.

(Inutaisho Estate-Days Later)

The mighty castle like house that belongs to Sesshomaru loomed over what was once the Uchiha District of Konoha, a symbol of might, and power to all who looked up at it. Now while many would think this building was a sign of arrogance on the Demon Lord's part, it was in actuality symbolizing the power the Demon Lord residing within possessed, and was to be respected. The home itself had a large wall to prevent intruders from entering the courtyard, which could fit a small army, and had detection seals all over the physical barrier to prevent any unwanted guests from entering.

At the moment, Sesshomaru was inside his home, sitting in the main room, which had a very regal look to it, and his mates beside him looking at a kneeling Rock Lee. The boy in question knew all about the regal formalities one should acquire when speaking to the Demon Lord. One didn't just show up at Sesshomaru's door and simply demand to see him unless it was of the most extreme importance.

Such an act usually got you thrown out and literally cost you one of your limbs.

Hence why Rock Lee requested permission to speak to the mighty Demon Lord and was humbled to have an audience with him.

"Please repeat what you just said to me Rock Lee. I do not believe I heard you correctly," said Sesshomaru calmly, but inwardly he was not happy, and the source of it was the boy in front of him.

"I humbly wish and request your permission to date your daughter Rin. It is why I am here Sesshomaru-sama," answered Lee, as he dared not look up at the Demon Lord, and could feel Sesshomaru's power fill the room.

"Awe! Rock Lee wishes to date Rin-chan," replied Shizune sweetly with Anko smirking while Kurenai scowled in protective Motherly form when looking at Rock Lee.

"And what brought on this sudden desire to date my daughter?" questioned Sesshomaru with his words indicating that Rock Lee should have a worthy response...or there would be painful consequences.

Very painful consequences.

"I have had feelings for Rin-chan for some time now Sesshomaru-sama, but I am hesitant to ask her how she feels about me from the times we have talked in passing within the Leaf. I merely wish to see if she feels the same way as I do about her and possibly pursue a relationship higher then friendship," explained Lee while hearing the sounds of claws digging into the chair the Demon Lord sat in.

"I see. And should my daughter reject the idea of being more then friends with you Rock Lee?" questioned Sesshomaru with Lee keeping his head bowed.

"I would understand and accept her decision Sesshomaru-sama. I will do anything you ask of me to prove myself worthy Sesshomaru-sama," answered Lee with Sesshomaru nodding at the response.

"You wish to prove yourself worthy of dating my daughter?" asked Sesshomaru for further clarification with Lee nodding.

"Yes Sesshomaru-sama," answered Lee with Sesshomaru pondering this.

"How do we know you're not some pervert trying to defile Rin?" demanded Kurenai, as she glared at Lee, but Sesshomaru shot her a quick look, and focused back on the boy in question.

"I would never do something like that to Rin. I will take any test and challenge of your choosing to prove I am worthy," declared Lee with Sesshomaru looking at the boy in thought.

"Very well. You will be given a chance to prove yourself Rock Lee. In two days time, you will return here with your sensei as a witness, and prepare yourself for the trial that awaits you in proving yourself worthy of...datingRin," replied Sesshomaru while Lee now looked up in shock, but it was clear the boy wasn't upset by this, and once again bowed.

"I will Sesshomaru-sama. Thank you for this honor," declared Lee before leaving the house.

"Why are you giving him a chance with Rin?" asked Kurenai with Sesshomaru now looking in her direction.

"Because I can sense his honesty. Rin is growing up and is becoming a woman. She is the same age as Rock Lee and its clear that she knows him well from their time together in the village," answered Sesshomaru with Kurenai nodding.

"I think its sweet. Rock Lee isn't the kind of boy to do anything perverted. Its not in his nature," replied Shizune since Gai was the same way.

"I've got to admit, it takes big balls to come here, and ask anything of Sesshomaru-kun. Even more when you consider it was in regards to our husband's little girl," added Anko, as she had loved that girl so much, and smothered her repeatedly with hugs.

"Okay. Perhaps, the boy isn't a pervert, but I still say he should be tested to prove himself worthy," said Kurenai with a sigh leaving her.

"And he will be tested," stated Sesshomaru, as he would not make this easy on Rock Lee, and the boy would earn the right to date Rin.

(Two Days Later)

"Are you sure about this Lee? I mean...don't get me wrong, but this is crazy! Even for you and that's saying something. To just blindly accept this challenge for the right to date Rin just seems!" exclaimed Tenten, as she along with Neji, and Gai were now heading to the Inutaisho Estate after he told them of the challenge.

"Yes! I will prove myself worthy of dating Sesshomaru-sama's daughter. No matter what challenge he throws at me!" exclaimed Lee, as he had a fire in his eyes, and it was times like this that made his teammates worry.

He tended to act a little battle crazy when like this.

"While it may seem archaic to you Tenten, some Shinobi based clans with high nobility only want the strongest of bloodlines to mix with their own, and sometimes the best way to do it is through passing a test or a series of tests," explained Neji with the kunoichi nodding though she still didn't like it.

"Neji is right. Such tests used by noble Shinobi clans are used to test worthy suitors or to see just how far one is willing to go to prove themselves," added Gai before they entered the courtyard and saw Sesshomaru standing there in the middle.

With Rin and her surrogate Mothers watching from the sidelines.

"Are you prepared to face the test that will determine whether you are worthy of dating my daughter?" asked Sesshomaru with Lee looking from him to Rin and then back to the Demon Lord.

"I am. I brought my sensei to be a witness to this event and he has brought my teammates along as well," answered Lee before looking over at a worried Rin since she clearly knew what the test was since Sesshomaru no doubt told her.

"Very well. In order to prove yourself worthy of dating my daughter Rin, you Rock Lee must fight me in combat, and land one blow upon my body," replied Sesshomaru with Lee and the others with him looking a bit more concerned.

"What? That's not fair! You're a Demon Lord. You have more power, speed, strength, and experience then all of here put together! How can Lee land a single blow on you knowing that?" protested Tenten with Sesshomaru not taking his eyes off of Lee, but it was clear he didn't like her tone, or that she was speaking out of turn.

"Tenten, its not meant to be an easy test that Lee is being given. Its meant to be one that is next to impossible to pass. That way, only the most worthy of potential candidates has a chance of passing the test," explained Neji with Tenten not liking this one bit.

"I accept!" stated Lee, as he walked toward Sesshomaru, and got into Taijutsu fighting stance.

"Lee-kun! You don't have to do this," protested Rin, as she was worried about him, and saw the determination in his eyes.

"Lee-kun? Does our little girl like a certain boy fighting for her?" questioned Anko with Rin blushing a bit while looking at the ground shyly.

"Maybe," whispered Rin, but it was quite clear that Sesshomaru heard it due to his eyes narrowing, and his right hand cracking in anticipation of carving through flesh.

"Don't worry Rin-chan. Your Father won't hurt Lee," said Shizune in hope to assure Rin that Lee wouldn't be leaving here for the hospital ER.

"Well hopefully he won't hurt Lee...much!" added Kurenai with Shizune sending a look toward Kurenai that she wasn't helping.

"Do you still wish to continue?" asked Sesshomaru with Lee nodding.

"Let us proceed Sesshomaru-sama!" answered with the Demon Lord nodding.

"Yes. Let's see if you are even worthy of dating my daughter," stated Sesshomaru before his body vanished one second and was behind Lee the next.

Acting on instinct, Lee ducked low, his body barely an inch from the ground, and saw the clawed hand of Sesshomaru slash the air where his body had once been. Acting further on his Shinobi training, Lee kicked upward, hoping to land a blow early, but his opponent for a Demon Lord easily dodged it, grabbed the offending limb, and threw the boy across the yard. Lee was able to land on his feet, but he skidded quite a ways, and Sesshomaru was upon him in an instant. A horizontal kick to the face sent Lee flying to his right, the force behind the blow was so powerful that the boy was bouncing hard on the ground, and only missed being hit again by spring boarding from his position after the third hard bounce. Spitting out some blood, Lee moved with his own speed, intent on landing a blow on Sesshomaru, and threw punch after punch after kick at the Demon Lord.

'I can't give in. I won't fail this test! I will prove I'm worthy of dating Rin. Do not fear my lovely flower, I will love win, and we will go somewhere that is special to you on our first date,' thought Lee, as his attacks were either dodged, or blocked by Sesshomaru's right hand.

'His speed is impressive. So is his hand to hand combat skills,' thought Sesshomaru, as he dodged two more punches, blocked a kick, and a spin kick before slashing down on Lee's face with the boy blocked using his left arm with weights being used to prevent the claws of the Demon Lord from destroying the limb.

Though it still hurt.

'Now! Block out the pain and hit him now!' thought Lee despite the pain, as he grabbed the offending hand that tried to claw his other limb off, and tried to do a straight jump kick Sesshomaru right in the face.

However, Sesshomaru moved his head to the side to prevent the contact, a frown forming on his face in the process, and threw Lee viciously aside. Bringing out his energy whip and struck quickly with the attack stinging Lee right in the chest to make the boy fall to his knee.

"Lee-kun!" exclaimed Rin, as she saw Lee grabbing his now bleeding chest, and looking directly at Sesshomaru.

"I'm all right Rin-chan. When I pass this test to prove I'm worthy, I'll take you out on our date, and go anywhere you want!" exclaimed Lee before charging forward and began to dodge the whip by moving in all directions.

"The kid's got guts. I'll give him that!" stated Anko, as she saw Sesshomaru watch Lee's movements closely, and striking when best, and hitting his mark every single time.

After about twenty hits to his body, Lee was finding himself slowing down, and he knew why that was the case. Each strike from Sesshomaru was aimed at his legs or arms. Never the chest or the head. The strikes to his four limbs that provided speed and agility were now screaming in pain while bleeding in those areas with his movements getting sluggish in the process.

"Do you yield Rock Lee?" asked Sesshomaru calmly while seeing the bleeding boy leap away rather then move to any side knowing the Demon Lord would strike if he did.

"No!" exclaimed Lee defiantly with Sesshomaru just staring at him.

"You should yield boy. Any further attempts at fighting me will only result in failure and a trip to the hospital. Yield now and I will let you try again at a later time. If not and you fail this test...there will be no other chance. You will be banned from ever dating Rin...for all time," stated Sesshomaru seeing Lee looking back at him in horror and a bit of anger before his eyes went to Rin to see her just as horrified to hear this news.

"No! I will continue!" said Lee defiantly toward the Demon Lord.

"Lee-kun, you need to stop! If you don't...," protested Rin while starting to cry and it was clear that the sight of the young woman crying hurt Lee dearly.

"I can't! I won't! If I can't pass this test the first time and I quit now...then I don't deserve to go on a date with you," said Lee before removing his weights and got ready for another fight.

"Well said Lee," said Naruto, as he had just arrived to see this event, and cursed the fact that he missed the beginning.

"I will earn my right to date Rin-chan. I will prove myself worthy. Even if I have to open all Eight Celestial Gates to do it!" declared Lee before he charged forward again, his speed much greater then it once was at the start of the fight, and his determination rising as well.

'Well spoken boy. You may be worthy after all,' thought Sesshomaru, as he along with Lee were a blur of motion around the others watching, and only highly trained eyes could keep up with them.

This went on for roughly for a 30 minutes straight before Sesshomaru appeared, holding a bruised, bleeding, and ultimately exhausted Rock Lee's head in his hand. Rin gasped, tears flowing freely from her eyes, Shizune looked upset, and so did Anko since they both thought the boy had a shot. Kurenai remained impassive, but there was a twinge of sadness in her eyes for a moment, and didn't show anymore emotion on the matter.

"He lost," stated Tenten, as she saw her teammate being held by the Demon Lord, and was unable to do anything.

"You fought well boy. Most impressive," stated Sesshomaru with Lee grabbing the hand on his head by the wrist and stared at him defiantly.

"I won't lose. I will fight even if my body is broken beyond repair," declared Lee, as he tried to break the grip of the hand on his face, but found Sesshomaru was too strong, and his grip was unwavering.

"The match is over Rock Lee. There will be no more fighting between us this day," said Sesshomaru before dropping the boy on the ground and walked away.

"Lee-kun!" exclaimed Rin, as she ran to Lee, and held him tightly while crying.

"I'm sorry Rin-chan. I lost. I really wanted to go on a date with you. I really do like you, but I knew that only someone approved by Sesshomaru-sama would be worthy of the honor," whispered Lee with Rin crying further knowing she wanted to go on a date with him too.

Rin liked Lee a lot when they first met each other while she was walking through Konoha with Shizune and the two talked about their lives growing up. Both tragic and harsh while finding comfort in those they cared about before going on about their likes and dislikes. Over time, the newly formed friendship became something more, and had to resist being so affectionate with the other in public or else risk it being known to Sesshomaru without his expressed approval.

Hence why Lee came to ask for permission to date Rin and earn the right to express such affection to the beautiful flower that now held him in her arms crying.

"Lost? Did I say that you lost Rock Lee?" questioned Sesshomaru with both Lee and Rin looking at him in surprise while Naruto smirked.

"But I...I never landed a blow on you. You said I would only pass the test if I landed a single blow," stated Lee, as he struggled to get up, and was helped up by his teammates along with Rin.

"True, I did say that, but I never said it had to be a physical blow. In actuality, you were successful in landing multiple hits on my very spirit. My very belief that you were in fact unworthy of dating Rin. That you were unworthy of one courting my daughter and one day marrying her. You fought bravely, I gave you the chance to back down, and try to prove yourself at a later time. Yet you refused, but for the right reasons. Had you decided to give up when I made the offer, my opinion of you would have been different, and the next time you tried to fight me for the right to date Rin...I would have killed you," replied Sesshomaru with Lee looking at him in shock.

"So I...I can date Rin?" asked Lee just to be sure he heard correctly.

"Yes. You may date my daughter and if things progress further into wanting to be more then what you want now...I approve of courtship with the marriage that will surely follow it. However, I expect you to be faithful to Rin during this time when dating her Rock Lee and not touch another woman. That means no wandering eyes, hands, mouth, or any other body part you possess on you. The moment you the moment your life is forfeit and you will beg for death before the end of your life comes by my hands when I am satisfied you have suffered enough. Am I understood?" explained Sesshomaru with Lee nodding since he understood fully what the Demon Lord was telling him.

It meant no cheating on Rin or you were fucked before you even knew you fucked up.

"I understand Sesshomaru-sama. I swear on my honor that I will be faithful to Rin while we are dating. Should for whatever reason we do not go beyond dating and wish to end the relationship to just be friends...I will be content with that position," stated Lee with Sesshomaru nodding in approval.

"Shizune, heal Rock Lee up so he can go home to prepare himself for the date he has with my daughter tonight. I will not have him be tardy for Rin's first date in life because of his injuries," commanded Sesshomaru, as he walked away from them, but was stopped when he felt Rin wrap her arms around his waist, and hug him with all the affection she could.

"Thank you Father! Thank you so much!" exclaimed Rin with Sesshomaru smiling gently at her and stroked the girl's hair affectionately.

"Your welcome Rin. Now go with Kurenai to get ready for your date tonight. I will not let it be said that my daughter embraces tardiness and make the man worthy of her wait," replied Sesshomaru with Rin nodding and rushing inside the house with Kurenai walking in as well to follow the excited girl with a smile of her own.

"You want me to watch them in secret?" asked Anko with Sesshomaru thinking about it for a moment.

"No. I trust the boy. Anyone that fights like he did just for the right to date Rin has my trust that nothing bad will go wrong on their end," replied Sesshomaru with Anko in full agreement.

"I know, but some people in Konoha that don't like you could try something. I wouldn't be spying on them because I don't trust Rock Lee, but rather I would be making sure the time they spend together isn't ruined by the various assholes still living here," remarked Anko with Sesshomaru frowning since he knew she had a point.

"Spy on those around them. Not on them in general. I won't allow Rin's first date to be ruined by arrogant spiteful humans," stated Sesshomaru with Anko nodding since she wouldn't put it past certain people.

"I'll help too. Rin is my sister after all," added Naruto with Sesshomaru nodding.

"I take it we're not getting involved?" questioned Tenten, as she pointed to herself before pointing to Neji, and Gai since they overheard everything.

"Correct. While you are Rock Lee's teammates, the sight of you by them will only instill the belief that you don't have faith in Lee at all," said Naruto with the three nodding.

"I will not get involved in my student's date. It would be unyouthful! Come my students! We will spend our time training to keep the temptation of spying on Lee and Rin at bay!" exclaimed Gai, as he quickly grabbed the two now protesting Shinobi, and ran off before anyone could do anything to stop him.

"That was scary, yet reassuring to say the least," remarked Naruto before he sighed and turned to his surrogate Father and nodded with the Demon Lord leaving to return to the inside of his house.

He would await his daughter's return form her date there.

(Konoha Streets-Sometime Later)

"How does it look on your end Naruto?" asked Anko into her communication ear piece, as she watched Lee, and Rin walking through Konoha.

"Clear on my end. No troubles from what I can see among the crowd. A few glares were aimed their way, but nothing to take seriously at the moment," answered Naruto while making a mental note of each person that did glare and made a reminder to prank them in a humiliating fashion sometime tomorrow.

"Same here from my view point. So far so-uh oh," said Anko suddenly.

"What? What is it? What do you see?" asked Naruto while feeling the hairs on the back of his head rise up.

"Uchiha Sasuke is walking around the area," answered Anko with Naruto cursing.

"Shit! If he sees them, the baka is going to ruin their date!" whispered Naruto with Anko nodding since the Uchiha would do that just for spite.

"Crap! The Uchiha sees them and is heading their way!" exclaimed Anko knowing this would not end well.

"We can't just jump in to stop what will no doubt happen or it will make things worse!" whispered Naruto knowing that their sudden interference would ruin Rin's date with Lee.

"We won't do anything unless absolutely necessary. If things go bad, we'll jump in, and make sure the date is at least salvageable," replied Anko with Naruto nodding from his current position even if she couldn't see it.

As for Lee and Rin, the two of them were enjoying their outing together. They had gone throughout the village, going from vendor to vendor, and enjoying the others company. It seemed nothing could ruin this romantic evening out, as those that glared at Rin for her affiliation to Sesshomaru were minor, and ignored by Lee while Rin herself didn't seem to notice. Even if she did, the girl turning into a young woman was ignoring them just as Lee was right now, and wanted to spend time with Lee.

Only for their time to be ruined with the arrival of Uchiha Sasuke looking as arrogant and cocky as ever.

"Well if it isn't the Sesshomaru's little girl and the pathetic student of Maito Gai who can't use chakra for Ninjutsu or Genjutsu," remarked Sasuke while glaring at the two lovebirds in front of him.

"I may not be able to use chakra like you Sasuke, but I am still a Konoha Shinobi, and I can use Taijutsu in ways few can. I can compensate for what many would consider to be a weakness in our profession and make my enemies underestimate me," stated Lee since many had failed to handle him simply because they focused to much on Genjutsu or on Ninjutsu.

"You're still weak when compared to an Uchiha," countered Sasuke with Lee frowning at him.

"If all you are here to do is be insulting Sasuke-san, then we will be leaving to enjoy the rest of our evening, and bid you farewell," stated Lee, as he took Rin's hand, and the two walked around Sasuke.

Something the Uchiha didn't like and moved to grab Rin from Lee.

Only for Lee to grab the offending hand and squeeze to the point where the wrist was close to breaking.

"Let go of me you piece of low level trash or I will bring you up on charges," threatened Sasuke with Lee not backing down.

"For what? Protecting his date from scum like you?" asked Yugito, as she was walking around, minding her own business, and saw what was going on between the three.

"Stay out of this bitch! Its bad enough I have this trash touching someone of elite status like myself, but a Shinobi from Kumo defending him, and this...girl is even worse," spat Sasuke with Lee's eyes narrowing at him while Rin became more concerned about what was possibly going to happen next.

"I maybe from another village, but I know when someone is being civil, and when the other person is being an asshole. You Uchiha Sasuke are the latter," stated Yugito with Sasuke looking enraged by this.

"You dare insult me? An Uchiha?! Wars have been started for less. I should have you arrested and thrown in jail for that!" exclaimed Sasuke while his words were echoing throughout Konoha and he was making a scene for everyone around him watching.

"I can insult you all I want Uchiha. Especially if its true. Your clan status doesn't make you immune from being called what you clearly are to those who see your true self beyond your arrogant persona. I see a weak little boy, trying to build himself up on the hype of his clan, and its so called 'great past deeds' when we all know there are no great past deeds for the clan to claim as their own. They've always been second stringers or they've tried to take credit for doing little to nothing when those of the Senju or Uzumaki Clan have done everything," stated Yugito with Sasuke scowling further.

"The Senju Clan and Uzumaki Clan are inferior compared to mine. They were weak and pathetic with their numbers dwindling down to handful while the Uchiha Clan grew in numbers," stated Sasuke with Yugito smirking at him.

"That's because other clans and Shinobi villages feared them for their power. Unlike the Uchiha Clan since your clan is filled with weaklings. Or rather it was a clan filled with weaklings before Uchiha Itachi killed almost all of them," replied Yugito in a sweet tone of voice that infuriated Sasuke to the point of him activating his Sharingan and was now planning to unleash violence upon her.

Or would have if not for Lee still having his hand on the Uchiha's wrist.

"Don't do anything foolish Sasuke. You don't have the backing of the Councils anymore to bail you out," warned Lee with Sasuke sneering at him.

"Like I need them. This village needs me. It needs my bloodline. It needs my clan. My value to Konoha outranks every single person in it!" stated Sasuke with Lee looking at him like he was insane.

"You couldn't be more further from the truth," commented Yugito while Sasuke spat in her direction.

"No one asked you Kumo bitch!" exclaimed Sasuke before killer intent filled the area and Senju Tsunade herself appeared in her usual attire along with Hokage robes.

"Enough! I won't tolerate this commotion anymore!" demanded Tsunade with Sasuke just glaring at her, but the woman ignored him, and focused on the couple.

"Let's go Rin. Its seems our date has come to an end," said Lee with a smile aimed at the girl, who smiled back, and nodded since it was best they left before things got further out of hand.

"Don't you turn your back on me!" exclaimed Sasuke, as he wasn't done yet, and wanted to put Lee in his place in front of Sesshomaru's surrogate daughter.

And began to quickly do hand signs for a Fire Jutsu.

Before being hit from behind by Yugito and knocking him out.

"Sorry you had to get involved in this Yugito-san," said Tsunade after summoning two of her ANBU to take the Uchiha away.

"There is no need to apologize for the Uchiha's actions Hokage-sama. I have dealt with the arrogant 'I'm holier then though' type before and the best way to take them down is to hit them hard," replied Yugito, as she saw the Uchiha get taken away, and then focused on the lovely couple.

"Thank you for stepping in when you did Yugito-san," said Rin politely before bowing her head, as she was raised by her surrogate Father, and Mothers to be respectful to those that helped when they didn't have to help.

Well...Shizune and Kurenai raised her that way. Anko was...well Anko

"Its no problem. The Uchiha was ruining your evening. I'm glad I was able to stop it from getting worse," replied Yugito while feeling a tiny bit envious of the couple.

"Enjoy the rest of your evening Yugito-san," said Lee before the couple walked off to try and recover the rest of their date from further disaster.

"Now if only I could find a man," mumbled Yugito, as she had walked off down a few blocks, and bumped into someone when she rounded a corner.

"Oops! Sorry. Wasn't watching where I was going," said the man, who Yugito bumped into, and was caught before she fell down.

"Its all right. My mind was preoccupied with something," replied Yugito while looking at the Leaf Shinobi of Chuunin rank if she saw the vest correctly and the horizontal scar on his face.

"Yeah I'm like that sometimes too. I'm Umino Iruka," said Iruka with Yugito smiling at him.

"Nii Yugito," replied Yugito while he saw him look at her headband for a moment to see what village she was affiliated with since he knew almost all the Shinobi in Konoha.

"I heard about you. You're here to support the information we have on the two Akatsuki members that were killed recently," replied Iruka with Yugito nodding.

"Yes. They attacked me in order to get to their intended target," stated Yugito while she kept the fact the Akatsuki were after her specifically out of the conversation.

"Yes. We've been hearing that they are after Jinchuriki for the Biju they hold," said Iruka with disgust in his voice over this.

"I see. And no one knows why they want the Biju?" asked Yugito with Iruka shaking his head no.

"Not really. Rumors mostly, but nothing solid on their intentions. I just hope they don't get one of my old students from the Academy. He's our current Jinchuriki and still not well liked despite everything that his actions have done to protect us from harm," replied Iruka with Yugito smiling slightly while giving the guy points for not talking about the blonde boy like he was a weapon.

"What do you think of Jinchuriki? Or the Biju in general?" asked Yugito curiously with Iruka raising an eyebrow.

"Me personally? first, I admit that I...disliked our Jinchuriki because of Kyuubi, and the loss of my parents when it attacked. But, when I saw the boy grow up hated, and abused by others without fighting back...I realized that he wasn't Kyuubi. If he was, the village would have been a crater by now, and my remains if any would have been part of it. So I changed. I saw my student, the boy for what he was, and that no one else would see when they looked at him," answered Iruka with Yugito smiling further.

"So you saw Naruto as Naruto and not as the demonic fox he held," stated Yugito with Iruka nodding.

"Yes I saw-wait! How did you know Naruto was Konoha's Jinchuriki?" asked a surprised Iruka with Yugito smirking.

"The two Akatsuki members and himself told just about everyone within hearing distance during the fighting. Don't worry, I don't hate Naruto, and I'm not going to secretly kidnap him to turn into a weapon for Kumo," assured Yugito with Iruka nodding.

"That's good. Naruto just recently found friends, family, and loved ones in Konoha just a few years ago. He deserves to be happy," said Iruka with Yugito nodding and her interest in him went up.

"What's this? It looks like kitten likes a certain Konoha Shinobi," remarked Nibi in a semi-teasing voice with Yugito trying to keep the blush down.

'I do not! Shut up!' thought Yugito angrily.

"You said the Akatsuki were fighting you to get to their target. Does that mean Kumo's Jinchuriki is here too?" inquired Iruka with Yugito stiffening a bit.

"Yes. She is here. Just for a short time before heading back to Kumo. Raikage-sama will need to know what she's learned from the battle regarding the Akatsuki to better prepare her for battle," answered Yugito while keeping the fact Kumo had another Jinchuriki by the name of Killer Bee behind its village walls.

"That makes sense. One of the rumors we learned about the Akatsuki is that they are paired in twos and they have the ability to neutralize a Biju's chakra when its drawn out during a battle," said Iruka and was now wondering why he was telling her all of this.

"Raikage-sama will appreciate this information. Thank you for your time Iruka-san," said Yugito before she bowed and began leaving.

"Wait! Um...before you leave for Kumo, is it possible that I could...could see you again?" asked Iruka nervously with Yugito blushing slightly with him doing the same.

'Holy crap! Is this Leaf Shinobi asking me out on a date?' thought Yugito with Nibi purring in delight.

"That he is and if I were you, I'd take this offer while you have the chance! For one, he has no ill will towards Jinchuriki. Two, he seems like a nice guy, and we both know they are a rarity to come by for us. Three, we both know that once we return to Kumo, the Raikage will keep you in the village for quite awhile until necessary, and at a short distance when on a mission," replied Nibi with Yugito nodding since that was true.

"Of course. I am going to be here in Konoha for a few more days at the very least. When do you wish to meet again?" replied Yugito while finding her face getting a bit flush and wondered if this was somehow turning into a date.

"Great! about uh...two days from now?" offered Iruka while hoping he wasn't being too forward and saw Yugito nodding quickly.

"Two days then. Uh...where should we meet?" questioned Yugito since she didn't know the area around her very well.

"Uh...there is a ramen stand not far from here. Its nice family owned place called Ramen Ichiraku. You can't miss it. In fact, Naruto likes eating there when he can, and will show you where it's located," offered Iruka with Yugito nodding since she did like ramen and if Naruto trusted the place to serve good food then it was good enough for her.

"Thank you. I'll see you in two days Iruka-san," replied Yugito before she turned around and quickly left Iruka to think about what just happened.

"I can't believe I just did that," stated Iruka to himself in disbelief before he heard an evil chuckle turned to laughter behind him and froze in horror since that laughter had been a bane to him during his Academy teaching days when Naruto pranked people.

Probably because it was Naruto's laugh that was only used when he had something on you would tease you unmercifully with.

"Way to go Iruka-sensei. You just nabbed yourself a girl from another village on a date. Nice!" stated Naruto with Iruka going beet red with embarrassment.

"Its not a date Naruto!" protested Iruka with Naruto grinning that ever prankster grin.

"Really? Then why is your face getting all red? You're not getting sick, are you Iruka-sensei?" questioned Naruto with Iruka sporting a tick mark and struggling to hold himself back.

" NOT getting sick Naruto," mumbled Iruka with Naruto still grinning.

"Then again, maybe you are getting sick Iruka-sensei. All the signs are on your face from the looks of it. A certain case of being hit by the love bug. Yep! That's it," stated Naruto in a way that sounded like he was talking to himself and it was Iruka even angrier.

"NA-RU-TO!" yelled Iruka angrily.

"And the last symptom has finally revealed itself. The look of sheer anger finally being expressed by the patient regarding the date with a woman that he will eventually settle down with and have many children that will bring him many gray hairs," remarked Naruto with Iruka looking like a bull seeing red with steam actually coming out of his ears.

"THAT'S IT!" yelled Iruka, as he charged towards Naruto, and the boy instantly dodged him before running off with the Chuunin chasing his target.

"Calm down Iruka-sensei. You'll need all your energy for the date and I'm sure Yugito-san won't like the fact you've spent it chasing me," taunted Naruto while running and Iruka trying to catch him.

"IT IS NOT A DATE!" yelled Iruka with many people in the village watching the two running around causing all sorts of chaos.

"Then why are you yelling me and your face going all red?" questioned Naruto again in a taunting and teasing manner.

All it did was make Iruka let out an angry cry of fury.

"COME BACK HERE NARUTO!" yelled Iruka with Naruto still laughing at his former Academy teacher trying and failing to catch him.

"Don't forget to have minty breath when on your date Iruka-sensei. Got to make a first good impression when the time comes to get that first kiss. I can see it now. Iruka and Yugito sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" exclaimed Naruto in a sing song like voice and it only increased the man's ire along with speed to capture the boy.

It also proved to Iruka that this was going to be a long two days of teasing Hell until the actual dat-uh meeting with Yugito.

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