Alright, for those of you who have been reading my other story, 'A Phoenix Among Hawks' This is the surprise I promised you all! I have a few more chapters of this one-shot ish story ready, and I have a little bit more to type yet. I'll update one chapter a night, and the chapters will be relatively short compared to some you've seen in my other fic.

Just a note, this story has absolutely NOTHING to do with my other fic, no Amp Stone, not nothing, nada, zilch (Sorry, just thought I'd throw that out there...).

Alright, so this story is almost like the sequel to absolute power, but of course I've thrown in a few twists here and there (What else did you expect?).

I do not own the Storm Hawks, including the episode, 'Absolute Power' and of course they are owned by Nerd Corps.

What's the WORST that can happen?

"Aerrow, no. We've been through this; he just can't handle it."

"Give Finn a little faith would you Piper? Everyone deserves a second chance, even Finn." I said to Piper who had the beginnings of a frown tugging at her usually smiling mouth.

"But don't you remember what happened last time?" Junko whimpered as his eyes darted from place to place.

"You guys just said he went power mad." I replied

"More like, pulling us into a vortex of slow painful doom that even I can't begin to think of." Stork said, with his eye twitching madly.

"Don't you think you're over reacting just a little?" I asked our green skinned carrier pilot.

"No." Stork replied with all seriousness.

"What about you Radarr?" I asked my furry blue co-pilot.

Radarr ran frantically about the room, thrashing his arms about, making weird exaggerated movements and noises, and then Radarr threw his arms up into the air in front of him, the squeaking he made sounded oddly familiar, almost like a 'BOOM!" sort of sound.

After Radarr's pantomimed an explosion, he fell onto the ground; his back hit the floor with a soft thud, his eyes closed, and his tongue was sticking out of his mouth at a funny angle.

I looked at my little friend, and then giving up on figuring out what his charade meant, I asked Stork, "Umm… Stork?" I saw Radarr open one of his eyes and stare at Stork.

Charades wasn't really one of my strong points. Stork was actually one of the only people in our squadron that was able to tell what all of Radarr's sporadic movements meant.

Sighing Stork began, "Long story short, what Radarr was trying to say is; We. Are. DOOMED!" I cringed as Stork's voice rose in volume. Continuing to rant Stork said, "A painstakingly slow doom at the hands of a power hungry Finn! I'll get mindworms, my rash will get worse, and I'll turn BLUE!"

"Alright, anyone else have any more objections?" I asked. My teammates stared at me blankly before all of their hands shot up into the air.

"Alright, alright, I get the point." I said with my arms out in front of me. "I know you guys aren't happy, but I still believe he deserves a second chance. Besides, I'll take full responsibility for anything he does."

Just receiving more blank stares as an answer, I sighed before yelling, "You can come in Finn!"

A smiling Finn walked into my room, the makeshift meeting place for the little 'discussion' I had just had with the rest of my team.

"Well?" Finn asked as he wiggled his eyebrows and a cocky smile appeared on his face.

"We've all decided," I began before Stork interrupted.

"More or less..." Stork said with his patented 'I'm so doomed' look on his face.

"We've all decided that we will give you one, one more chance to be acting team leader for the rest of the day."

Smiling Finn cried, "Thanks Dude!"

Finn dashed into the hall closing the door after him We could hear excited screaming on the other side of my now closed door saying things like, "Oh ya! I Rock! The Finnster is going to rule the Condor! I am King! I'm - " The yelling abruptly stopped as Finn walked back into my room and said, "I would appreciate it if you could all meet me on the bridge in an hour if you please," Finn quickly exited, and I could hear more screaming echo down the halls before my door shut.

Rubbing the back of my head I said, "See, nothing to worry about!" My friends just groaned as they all left. Piper didn't leave before pointedly letting me know I was making a huge mistake.

"Aerrow! You and I both know this isn't going to end up well, so just admit it!"

"Come on, it can't be that bad Piper. What's the worst that can happen?" I asked as I grinned at her.

Not returning my grin Piper said tersely, "It's Finn. Do the math."

With that remark, Piper walked out my door.

Junko was taking up the rear of the group, and as he left my room I could hear him say, "Does two come after five, cause' I lost count, and I forget! You know I can't ever get my math right!"

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