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It was getting darker but naruto could still see a bit of the sun hiding behind the darkened clouds. He winced as he tried to walk normally for the third time. It was hard to limp yourself home after a hard day at school and naruto was in no mood to deal with his adoptive father. After a while a few more people started staring at naruto as if he had a disease. They all had one thing on their mind, why was he limping? Most people would forget about it and just keep walking but some thought of it as a challenge.

"HAVEN'T YOU EVER SEEN A LIMPING KID BEFORE?" Naruto was angry for he has had enough of the stares and just wanted to go home already.

The people, terrified of naruto's outburst just walked away from him mumbling stuff like 'rude child'. Naruto continued to walk again. He couldn't take the pain anymore, he needed a chair and fast!

"Naruto uzumaki, do you realise what time it is?" Naruto sighed as he plopped his school bag onto the couch and began to walk up the stairs until he felt a hand grip him on the arm.

"Where have you been for the past thirty minutes?" Naruto wished he could say the things that had happened to him but for some reason he felt a big fear and felt that if he said something he was going to get beaten up.

"And why were you limping, did something happen?" Naruto stared a bit at the older man before answering.

"I took a short cut home but i fell and hurt my leg at the same time..." Naruto looked away as iruka let go of his arm.

" time walk with your friends, they look out for you" With that said his adoptive father turned and walked away to prepare supper.

'Sorry dad...not today...i can't possibly tell you the truth...' Naruto thought sadly as he limped up the stairs to his bedroom.

Naruto had been in his room the whole time iruka was in the kitchen. Iruka had grounded him for two days hoping it would teach naruto a lesson. Naruto found this a bit rough, here he was getting grounded for something he didn't even do! He threw a stuffed animal at the bedroom door and watched as it bounced across the room. He flopped onto his bed and closed his eyes, thinking about what might happen tomorrow. All he could think about was sasuke and how he had touched him in this area and on that area, thinking about the things sasuke did to him was beginning to turn him on and he had no idea why. Surely it was normal to be turned on by girls but with guys? Naruto shook his head to clear his thoughts and to rethink about what would happen tomorrow.

The door knocked and opened just after naruto opened his eyes. He saw iruka bringing him his favourite meal of all time. His mouth watered and he started drooling after he had the meal in his lap. His eyes scanned for any missing ingrediants to see if they were all there.

"Thanks and...could you make the groundation last only till tomorrow?"

"Hm...nope, sorry buddy, but maybe you can catch up on your homework tomorrow after school" Naruto sighed as he ate his meal slowly.

Naruto finished his meal and brought it to the kitchen downstairs and marched back up the stairs to his room and slammed the door. He tore his clothes off, took a shower, brushed his teeth and climbed into bed hoping his head would clear out all traces of sasuke.

In the morning naruto was not really in the mood to talk to any of his friends since he had the most strangest dream. He shivered as he remembered what the dream was about. He made his way into the school still limping from yesterdays work out. He got weird stares from everyone especially his friends.

"You don't look so good..." A boy with short, brown, spiky hair said as him and a couple of other boys came walking up in front of naruto.

"I'm not feeling too good either..." Naruto winced as a short pain shot up his spine.

"You sure you're alright naruto?"

"I'm fine, it should be gone in a few days"

"What on earth did you do though?" Another guy with short, brown hair asked.

"I...fell after i went through that alley..." Naruto answered sheepishly.

"You should have stuck with us then"

"But kiba, i would have been late going home then..."

"You're grounded anyway though" Kiba laughed.

"I'ts not try walking in an alley only to find out..." Naruto stopped himself from telling the truth.

"Find out what?"

"I think i got to go now, see you guys later!" As fast as he could limp, he used his speed abilities to get away from the bunch of interrogators.

He walked around the school a few times and was just about to walk past the office once again but stopped when he saw a boy with jet black hair, sitting across from the principal. The boy looked familiar and naruto grew mad as he read the Principal's lips. This was an outrage, he knew that boy and knew what he did to him in the alley and now they were letting him back at school after finding out he was not guilty for a shooting that happened a couple of blocks from here? Naruto could swear he saw a smirk hidden under that smile he had and knew what kind of dirty thoughts he was thinking.

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