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Chapter Three

Tess had the spoon full of Fruit Loops halfway up to her mouth when she looked up from her bowl only to find that her husband was once again staring at her. Sighing in frustration and finally having had enough Tess dropped her spoon full of fake fruity goodness back into the bowl,splashing milk onto the table.

"Damn it Kyle would you quit staring at me like that!"

From his seat at their kitchen table Kyle could only shake his head as if in a daze and continued to stare at his wife...or more actually at his wife's chest.

"I can't help it." Kyle spoke his voice full of child like wonder "I mean this is so cool. They're like...they're like...bigger!"

"They're bigger..." Tess narrowed her eyes in a hard glare "...because I'm two months pregnant with our first child! It's a normal biological function for a pregnant woman's breast to start getting bigger in her second month!"

"That is so cool." Kyle repeated his earlier words and than slid his chair closer to Tess without once taking his eyes of her chest "It's like...you got a boob job...without getting a boob job."

As he continued to move his chair closer Kyle's hand began to ease it's way toward Tess's breast,his index finger out in a poking fashion. Kyle looked back up at Tess,with a hopeful look spread all over his face.

"Can I touch' em?"

"NO you can't touch them!" Tess scooted her chair away from Kyle while slapping his poking hand away from her chest.

"Why not?"

"Because another factor of them getting bigger is the fact that they get sorer.Which means NO touching." explained Tess "And besides It was your poking that got me in this shape to begin with mister! So keep that finger...and any other poking appendages you might have away from me you hear?"

Watching as her husband nodded and slowly moved his finger away from her Tess sighed as she scooted her chair back to the table and started getting back to eating her breakfest.She had just got her spoon full of Fruit Loops into her mouth and began chewing when Kyle asked his next question.

"Are you horny?"



Tess did her best to cough up the few fruit loops she had started chocking on,before looking up at her husband.


"Well I heard once that when a woman gets pregnant she turns into a complete horn dog. Something to do with hormones running amok I think?" explained Kyle "So are you? Horny I mean."

"NO I am NOT horny!" yelled Tess "What I am is hungry! Which is why I'm trying to have my breakfast right now!"

"So what you're saying is that you're not having any over powering urges to throw me down on this table and jump my bones?" Kyle asked in disappointment.

"Only if you mean to break said bones." Tess glared over her cereal bowl.

"Hey there's no need too be going and getting mad now." Kyle protested while holding his hands up,palms out toward Tess,in an 'lets all just settle down fashion' "Arne't you the one that keeps saying that I need to learn how to communicate with you more?"

"I meant about your feelings! Not whether or not my breast are bigger or have I turned into a horn dog!"

Kyle was a little shocked by his wife's outburst due to his innocent questioning.And just like millions of married men before him Kyle was about to put his foot straight smack in his mouth and stick it deep.

"Gees somebody's moody and grouchy this morning. But I KNOW it can't be because of PMS."

Due to her raging hormones and her hybrid human/alien heritage Tess didn't know whether to stomp out of the room crying or get angry and kill her husband with her death ray eyes.So in the end she compromised.

She stomped angrily out of the room!

And as before just like a million married men before him Kyle was clueless as why his wife was upset and said the exact same thing all married men say when they don't know why their wife is mad at them.

"What?! What I'd say?! Come back here!"

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