Okay, the last thing I need to do is start another story. However, during the last BSG show, I got this wild idea for a slightly different 'first contact' crossover.


Dragonlots aka Dana Bell

Chapter 1

Lee was late. He could already see the disapproving expression on President Laura Roslin's face. Shrugging on his formal jacket he hoped he was presentable for the Quorum meeting. He shifted his briefcase as he rounded the corner and stopped.

Between him and his destination was a brown haired woman looking around cautiously. Lee stepped back so he wouldn't be seen. Evidently she decided she hadn't been noticed because she pushed back a screen and ducked behind it.

Worried she might be an unknown 'skin job', as they called the human like Cylons, he waited a few seconds before following her. If there was a plan that could endanger the president or the fleet, he owed it to everyone to find out and report it.

Slipping past he flimsy screen he was surprised to find the area behind it larger than he'd first supposed. Voices drifted toward him and he stealthily slipped along the narrow corridor, watching for any sign of guards or other surprises.

Finally he stopped just behind a large pylon and knelt down so he could watch and stay hidden at the same time. In the confined space before him three people stood studying a flickering holographic image. That surprised him considering he hadn't heard of the technology except as a theory. How could they possess it?

"Are you sure," the woman he'd observed earlier asked. She dressed like someone from the Agro ship.

"As sure as I can be," another woman answered.

The third figure spoke. "Then they're both wrong."

"Yes." The second woman stepped out of the shadows so he could see her better. She was actually kind of pretty with fair skin, red hair, and he wondered how come he'd never seen her because she wore an orange jumpsuit. Unless she'd joined the deck crew after he'd resigned as a warrior.

"The fleet's here." Red head pointed to an area. "The Demetrius here." Another area was indicated. A red dot appeared in the far lower corner. "Earth is here and Atlantis," a blue dot appeared. "There."

"We're closer to Atlantis," the man observed, shifting forward enough so Lee could finally see him. He was dark skinned and dressed as a day laborer.

"How are you tracing the Demetrius?" the brown haired woman wanted to know.

"Asgard tracker." Red head chuckled. "Managed to nip one off the Odyssey before we left."

"And you got it on the Demetrius?" The man gave a low whistle. "You're good."

"So both Thrace and Roslin are headed the wrong way." Brown hair made it more of a statement than a question.

"They are, yes." The holo image wavered and vanished, plunging the room into darkness.

Lee wondered how he was going to get out without being seen. Suddenly there was a light eerily glowing.

"What do we do now?" the man inquired although he didn't sound too concerned.

"Could Starbuck have found one of the orbiting Stargates?" Brown hair sounded a bit shaken.

"I doubt it," Red hair answered. "I saw her viper. It was brand new and didn't have a scratch on it. Besides, if she'd actually made it to Earth, the SGC would have tracked her and if the Odyssey had been in orbit, she would have been intercepted."

Brown hair moved closer to the other two. "Did you see the pictures?"

"I did." Red head tapped her fingers on something he couldn't see. "They didn't look anything like Earth."

"Then she didn't go there." The man seemed sure of that and that shook Lee. Had his father accidentally sent the warriors on that ship into a Cylon trap? "Cylon trick?"

"No idea," Red head responded.

Lee shifted to get more comfortable and knocked over a small object that clattered to the metal floor. The trio jumped and turned in his direction.

"Who's there?" Red head demanded.

Seeing no reason to hide any longer and deciding if they were Cylons, he wouldn't live very long anyway, he moved out to where they could see him. "Lee Adama."

Red head pursed her lips. "I'm guessing you've heard most of what we've said."

Uneasily he eyed the three and braced his body for a possible attack. "I have, yes."

"We're not Cylons," Red head told him as if she could read his mind.

"Who are you then?"

A look was passed between the women and the man.

Red head motioned him forward. "You won't believe us."

"Try me." He took a step and hoped it wasn't his last.

"Fine, I will." Red head pointed to herself. "I'm Jessica Collins." She indicated Brown Hair. "Dr. Kit Johnson. Mason Turk." The black man inclined his head slightly. "We're," she paused, "what remains of an SG team sent to study your people on New Caprica."

"Excuse me?" She might as well have been speaking another dialect. He didn't understand what she'd said.

Kit spoke up. "We lost most of our team during the evacuation."

"Wait a minute," his curiosity got the better of him. "You joined us at New Caprica?"

"There was a Stargate there," Mason said.

"A what?"

Jessica laughed suddenly. "I think we've confused Lee, so I'll make it simple, we're from Earth."


Lee walked into the Quorum meeting over an hour late. President Roslin sent him a quelling look. Or the closet she could come to it on her drawn face. He nodded in acknowledgement and didn't try to hide his surprise at his father's presence. Still, that might make things easier and save him the time and effort to set up a second meeting.

"You can't go in there!" one of the guards as the door yelled.

"It's okay, let her in," Lee called back.

"This is a closed meeting," Roslin informed him, even as Vice President Zarek leaned forward from his place beside her, his lean face reflecting his interest.

"Let her in," Lee repeated as he pretended to take papers out of his briefcase and laid them on the table before him.

Jessica confidently strolled in, her orange jumpsuit exchanged for a simple and business like purple dress. His father frowned and glanced at Lee.

"Good day," Jessica greeted.

"What is the meaning of this?" the president demanded.

Commander Adama started to say something but Lee cut him off. "Proceed, Miss Collins."

That earned him a startled look from his father. The rest of the Quorum uneasily settled into their chairs as if they sensed a power struggle they wanted no part of.

"My name is Jessica Collins."

Lee sneaked a peek at Roslin. Laura's face had turned a deep shade of red.

"And I'm from Earth."

"You're lying," the President shot back.

"I'd love to agree with you," Jessica diplomatically replied. "Because that would mean I'd be safely back in LA or my home town of Collinsport." Slowly she walked down the side away from Lee. "And I wouldn't have lost most of my SG team during the Cylon occupation on New Caprica."

"How do we know you're not a Cylon?" Adama levelly stated at Jessica.

She shrugged. "You don't but I know I'm not." Jessica crossed her arms. "Besides, I think my cousin, Senator Barnabas Collins, would be very surprised. He went to a lot of trouble to get me on that team." There was a twinkle in her brown eyes as if she knew a secret they didn't.

She went on, "SG10 found you on PX7D and reported back to General Landry. He told the IOA and they assembled a team of scientists, linguists, anthropologists, and a few other specialists to study your people." She smiled. "And by the way, both Roslin and Kara Thrace are headed in the wrong direction." Jessica pointed down and to the side. "Earth's that way."