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I woke up to my alarm clock blaring in my ear. I sighed, and sat up. I slammed my fist on it, possibly breaking it. I winced at the pain slightly, then checked the damage.

There was a two inch cut on my hand. It was curved, from the shape of my alarm clock, and looked like a vampire bite. I smiled, "Sweet."

I jumped out of bed, and almost immediately hit the floor. Will I ever learn?

I trip so much that my face and the floor have a steady relationship. They see each other at least ten times a day.

I sighed, got up, and started my morning routine. Pick outfit, take shower, get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair.

It was like this every morning.

It was time to go to Jason's for band practice.

When I got to Jason's, there was a Volvo in the driveway. I winced at the memories. He used to drive a Volvo.

I shook my head rid of the painful memories. Lots of people drive Volvo's. I assured myself.

I walked in, "Hey, Jase!" I called out in british accent. The band and I'd gone to live in London for two years. Jason's cousin, Brandon, lived in London, and he owned a club that he let us play in.

We call ourselves Paramore. I'm the lead singer.

We plan to get a record deal soon, Infact, we've already come up with a stage name for me.

Hayley Williams.

And we looked the part of a rock band. Them with there cool hair cuts that I'm not fashionable enough to be able to name. And me with my fire-like hair. My hair was orange, with yellow at the tips.

We had some pretty good songs, too. They were fun to write. And I love singing them. It's one of the few things that I love now.

I walked into the kitchen and froze in my spot.


I hadn't seen him since my Senior year at Forks High. I remembered that day like yesterday.


It was the last day of High-school, at least for the Seniors. Poor Juniors.

Today'd been a good day so far. I'd met a guy named Jason, who'd said that his friends and him need a lead singer that could also play a guitar. We were going to meet up later today so I could show him that I'm "band material".

I walked to my locker, put in the combination, opened it, and pulled out my backpack.

I shut the door and jumped. My boyfriend, Edward Cullen was standing there, looking yummy as usual. (insert LOL here)

He looked guilt-ridden, nervous, worried, and... depressed?

"What's wrong?" I whispered, staring deeply into his beautiful bright green eyes, searching for an answer.

All I knew was that it was going to be bad. Really bad.

Maybe he was cheating on me. That would explain the guilt... That can't be it. I thought. I love him, and he loves me... doesn't he?

"Bella, I need to talk to you about... us." He said, and pulled me to the bench.

"Edward?" I whispered, fear in my voice. He couldn't be... could he?

"Bella, I want to break up. I'm not feeling anything towards you anymore." He whispered, sounding guilt-ridden and ashamed.

Oh. That was understandable. I was too plain. "Oh. So you don't love me." I whispered softly, trying not to show my depression in my voice.

"No, Bella, I don't." He whispered, not looking me in the eye. I felt completely empty. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't speak. Everything hurt, and at the same time, I was numb.

He stood up when the bell rang, signaling the last day of school. "I'm so sorry, Bella. I never meant for it to end this way." Oh, so he'd planned it?

He bent down to kiss my pale cheek. I let him. "Goodbye, Isabella." He whispered, walking away.

I replied in a small broken voice, "Goodbye, Edward. I love you."

--End Flashback--

"Hey, Iz. This is Edward Cullen." His name sent a pang to my heart.

I sat there awkwardly, until Jason said, "Introduce yourself."

I sighed, then grinned. He hadn't said that I had to give him my true identity, "Hello, I'm Hayley Williams."

Jason scowled, "You do know that you have to use your real name, right?"

I scowled at him, then said to Edward, "Isabella Swan."

Edward's jaw dropped, and I wanted to run. Run as fast as I could towards the exit.

So I did.

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