She was getting addicted to this

Thanks memvermelha for the support, the prompts and the ideas.

Prompts: something yellow, a round bed and something made of silk

She was getting addicted to this. It was the third time in a role that they skipped lunch and went to her house for more entertaining activies. On a Thursday he arrived in the middle of the morning while they had a case to solve that got most of the medico-legal staff at the lab to work on it.

"So, any clues on the John Doe?" Booth said, approaching Brennan. She had her back to him and turned only in time to stop him from bumping against her. If she knew him better, she'd say it was exactly what he planned on doing.

At this point in their relationship, where everybody else was cheering with their popcorn bags in hand to see when they would finally admit that they were undeniably into each other, Brennan decided it would be better to keep it a secret. No one, except for Angela and her annoyingly prying self, were vaguely aware that they've been sleeping together for a month now. Brennan enjoyed the secrecy of it, of sneaking into their cars when no else was paying attention and riding back to her apartment to spend fifty minutes being thoroughly fucked by him on her bed. Or on her dinner table. Or the couch. Hell, once they were in such a hurry that they started undressing in the elevator and ended up doing it in the corridor.

And yet she couldn't help this burning feeling on her cheeks every time she saw him, half grinning in a mischievous way in her direction. She knew the moment she laid her eyes on him that he had the same thoughts she had on her mind: he wanted her as badly as she wanted him.

He laid a hand on the small of her back and it seemed to irradiate heat throughout her body, making her cheeks burn. Just one touch and she was nearly aching to have him inside her.

"We don't know it yet. Perhaps Cam would have the results for the DNA exam?"

"I can check it for you, dr Brennan," Zack said, more than eager to help her.

"No, that's okay. I need to hand in some other exams, I'll get them myself," Brennan said, turning fastly and leaving the lab, Booth following her without any further words.

"Agent Booth, I think you should take a look at this, it seems that the victim's phalanges..."

Booth stopped, giving Brennan a few steps' distance. He looked at the younger man, distressed.

"In a second, Zack, I need to go to the bathroom," he said, rushing off to find Brennan.

"But... the bathroom is the other way!"

"There is one this way that's cleaner!" he yelled, from the door.

Booth rushed out of the lab and stopped, catching no sight of Brennan. He turned on a darker corridor and walked slower, confused, not really aware of where he was. In fact, what he knew of the Jeffersonian was the lab. And Brennan's office. And maybe the storage room, once or twice.

"Bones? Bones, where are you?"

He felt a hand pulling him by his collar towards an open door. For a second he felt terribly scared to fall straight on the floor, but a wall was on his way.

When he finally could see where he was, Brennan closed the door and turned on a dim light. She had that know-it-all smile that amused and irritated him from time to time and, before he could mutter a word, she was against him, kissing him hungrily.

"Whoa, easy, Bones! What got into you?" he said, parting the kiss. Her hands were all over him, working faster than his brain could. The only thing he had enough time to process was the unzipping of his pants and her tugging it down.

"We don't have much time, let's do it fast," she whispered, huskily. Oh, how he loved when she was horny; he loved to see her out of her stoic personna, in this character he enjoyed so much: the risk-taker, the carefree Brennan he knew from the field and had fallen in love with.

"Where are we, anyway?"

"It's a storage room. There are some storage items for the next exhibition."

Brennan pushed him so he fell onto a bed. To his utter surprise, it was a round bed covered in zebra patterns. She climbed onto the bed with him, straddling his hips and leaning down to kiss him once again, this time slower but not less passionate. His hands started roaming over her body, grabbing her thighs and ass and sliding up to knead at the curve of her breasts, touching her, thumbs arousing her nipples until they were hard nubs. She moaned against his mouth.

"I want you inside me, Booth, now."

Booth chuckled lightly. It was interesting how commanding she was in bed with him, how impatient and imaginative she was. He wondered of many different places he'd like to have sex with Brennan, but never in his life he thought she'd want to do it in a storage room.

In one fast move, he pushed her so she was underneath him, gasping for air as he continued to kiss her, unzipping her pants with one hand. She wriggled them out so now her pants laid in a pool on the floor, soon followed by her blouse.

"Yellow, uh?" he whispered, amused, when he saw her underwear. "I wondered the moment I saw you what color it would be today."

"Got tired of the plain black," she said.

Booth leaned against her, pulling out her underwear fastly and pulling a nipple in his mouth. He took his time to touch her, lavishing her breasts before moving to the valley in between, kissing his way up to her neck.

"Booth," she whispered breathlessly, wrapping her legs around him and turning, so that now she was atop him, so fast she moved he nearly bumped his head against the most horrible totem he had ever seen in his life.

"Whoa! What the hell is that?!"

"For the exhibition," she said, busy with the task of removing his jacket and shirt, unbuttoning it carelessly and throwing them aside, on the bed.

"That thing will give me nightmares!"

"Let me do something about that, then."

Brennan gathered his silk tie and carefully wrapped it around his head, covering his eyes. That, together with the sensation of her nails scraping from his chest to his stomach made him grow impossibly harder. Then she took off his underwear, exposing him to the cool air of the room.

He couldn't see what she was doing and the sudden touch of her hands on his penis made him catch his breath and let it out very slowly. Soon her mouth was on him as well, making him impossibly harder, as she licked him slowly, sucking at his tip.

"Bones... yeah, that's so good... yeah..." he hissed, arching his hips against her.

Then she let go of him and started leaving a wet path of kisses up his abdomen, until she teased from his nipples to his neck. Booth could feel her hot breath against his face and her wetness against is thigh, as she straddled him again and his hands found the flatness of her belly, sliding down to touch her between her legs. He seemed to already know the curves of her body by heart, as he found the spot just above her clitoris that made her mewl, wetness flooding from her. Booth loved the sounds of their lovemaking, the sounds of her when she was aroused and uncaring about the world around them.

Her hand held his, pushing it farther so his fingers were inside her and she rocked soflty against him, panting loudly.

"You're so wet, baby, so hot..." he whispered. Brennan pushed his hand away and started sliding down his penis, as he pushed soflty into her. Booth removed the tie from his eyes so he could watch her; it was what he loved the most about all this, watching her, eyes closed and an expression of pure bliss when he slid into her tight walls, making her let out a shuddered breath. She was beautiful, flushed and sweaty, no matter how cold it could be, she'd always be damp with sweat at this very moment and, although he loved when her stare fixed on his, she seemed to always be lost within herself for a brief second before joining him again.

"Booth?" she said, rocking against him.

"Yeah?" he replied, too lost in his awe for her.

"You're so beautiful..."

It was her turn to whisper and lean against him, capturing his lips in a hungry kiss, riding him harder and faster. He felt the pressuring in his balls tightening and her whimpering against his mouth was getting high-pitched every time he knew his penis brushed against a more sensitive spot and she quivered, the orgasm hitting in a crescendo, making her straighten up and moan louder, gripping at his shoulders. Yeah, he was mistaken, this was what he liked the most, the sight of her coming because of him, her walls gripping him from inside as if an earthquake was happening. He pushed her against the bed, thrusting harder into her and let go soon after, closing his eyes and holding onto her.

And he always felt dizzy and unaware of his surroundings for a short while. Although it wasn't much, he didn't know how long he was atop her, breathing hard into her scent and the familiar arousal of them mixed in the air. He smiled to himself.

"Did you just say I'm beautiful?"

"Well, you're very well-structured."

"You said I'm beautiful. Aw, Bones, that's so cute of you!"

"I didn't mean it to be cute, I meant it was a compliment; you're very beautiful when you're about to orgasm."

He looked at her with a pleased smile, looking proud, and pulled her for another kiss.

"Stop it or we'll never get out of here," he said.

"Actually, I should've left ten minutes ago. Zack is waiting for the lab results."

Brennan kissed him one last time and pushed him so she could stand up, starting hurriedly to get dressed. He did the same, but much slower.

"Whose bed was it anyway?"

"It's better that you don't know, trust me," Brennan said, as she brushed her hair with her hands and unwrinkled her blouse. All of a sudden she seemed the stoic Dr Brennan again, composed and focused. He smiled at her, as she, usually, seemed unaware of the change. Booth couldn't get enough off her and now his mind drifted to the evening, where they would be together again.


"Nothing. I just can't wait for tonight."

She smiled sweetly at him and opened the door, holding it open for him.

"Just don't forget to bring that silk tie, will you?"