bTitle/b Escapades (8/10)

"Hey, Bones!" he called her from the front door, entering her apartment "I'm coming in, I hope that's ok."

"Sure, I'll be right there with you, in a minute!" she replied from her bedroom.

Booth took in a shuddered breath, part of him expecting her to have forgotten about the dare. He gingerly sat on the sofa, trying to calm himself. It's just Bones, she wouldn't do something to hurt him, would she? Not intentionally, at least. As much as he loved her to the bone (no pun intended), he coudn't help but feel that cold sensation in the back of his stomach.

And then she entered the living room, wearing a short plaid skirt and a white blouse, feet clad in red high-heeled shoes and the faintest hint of make-up on her face, even though her lips seemed to glow, bright red on her face. He knew just by looking at her that she was aroused and that she had a plan in mind.

"Hey, you're early," she said, sitting next to him and leaning over to plant a soft kiss on his lips, moving her hand to tenderly caress his cheek. She pulled back to look at him more carefully "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Kinda. I don't know, Bones, I'm a bit uncomfortable with this whole thing."

"Aw, Booth. I promised I wouldn't hurt you, don't worry."

"I know, it's just... I don't know."

She sat more comfortably on the sofa, legs pressing harder against his.

"Do you remember how unsure I was about us being in a relationship? You pushed me and made me think and consider the idea and that ended up being the best thing I could've ever done," she said, smiling sweetly at him.

He smiled back at her.

"What exactly do you mean, Temperance Brennan?"

"I mean that you should try to trust me as much as you want me to trust you. It's not always easy for me to trust someone blindly but I do that for you out of love."

It amazed him how much she had changed lately. Changed for him and because of him, into a more trusting and open person. He felt his face change into a huge grin and soon he felt goofy and stupidly in love with her once again.

"Ok. You have a point there," he replied in a low and husky voice, nearly blushing from her words.

"Don't I always?" she snorted, smugly.

He laughed, looking down at her. He had noticed her outfit, but not until that moment he noticed how sexy she was dressed for him.

"And why are you wearing that skirt and shoes?"

"To seduce you."

"To seduce me?"

"Yeah. I wanted to provide you some visual stimulation and be sexy for you."

Booth laughed, pulling her into his arms.

"Bones, you could wear a rag and you'd still look incredibly sexy to me."

He pulled her face close to his and kissed her, opening his lips to allow his tongue to find hers and they met in an eager kiss. Soon he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her to him and enjoying the feeling of her fingers playing in his hair.

Pressing her body even closer to his, Booth sighed against her mouth when he felt her hand sneaking up his chest, caressing him through the fabric of his shirt, teasing his nipples and the muscles of his chest, kneading at his flesh. He groaned against her lips, parting the kiss to suck her lower lip into his mouth, staring down at her. She was looking at him, eyes blazing with lust, firing back at him.

In one fast move, she pushed him so he was sitting back against the sofa and she straddled his thighs, hovering above him. She looked gorgeous, her hair falling around her face like a beautiful curtain and a faint shade of red tinging her cheeks; Brennan moaned lightly as she lowered her hips to his, grinding their hips together.

"You're so beautiful, baby... so beautiful..." he whispered adoringly.

As she supported her weight on him, her hands moved to his face, holding his cheek and tracing his features with the tip of her fingers.

"You trust me, don't you, Booth? I don't want you to do anything you're not comfortable with. You don't have to abide to my wishes if you're not okay with them."

"I trust you," he said, in a strained voice, watching her lower her head closer to his and her lips planting soft kisses on him; she kissed his lips, his cheeks, his eyelids, when those fluttered closed, the tip of his nose and finally she moved to his ear.

"Thanks for that. I love you, Booth, so much..." she whispered into his ear, so low one could barely miss that.

He ran his hands down the length of her back, stopping at the flare of her hips and squeezing her through the skirt, kneading her flesh and feeling something harder under the fabric. He slid his hand under her skirt, groping at her bare skin to find her not wearing underwear but, instead, a harness made of leather; it was a set of straps that covered part of her crotch, like bikini panties in the front, and clasped under her buttocks, where they meet her thighs, leaving her ass and pussy completely bare.

Booth groaned when he touched her bare skin, sliding slowly his fingers between her ass cheeks and to her opening. Brennan hissed, curving her body upwards, to him.

"What is that you're wearing?"

"A leather harness."

He traced his fingers over the leather straps, curiously, moving to the front strap and sliding his finger inside the hem of it, tracing it lightly. Brennan shivered on his lap, grabbing at his shirt.

"That feels so good..." she said in a sultry voice.


His fingers moved again, outside the leather harness, caressing their way under until he found her folds, finding her wet there.

"You're so wet already, Bones."


"Does this whole costume you're wearing... does it turn you on?" he asked, watching her face getting flushed, spreading through her chest and arms.

"Yes, you have no idea..."

He traced his fingers lightly over her, teasingly, feeling her wetness increasing and her hips buckling against his hand. Brennan leaned against him, supporting her arms on his shoulders, their faces close and lips inches from each other. She kept her eyes open, staring at him while he touched her, slowly, teasingly, sure of what he was doing; even though he knew quite well by now all that aroused her, he still managed to find something new, a different touch or something he had never done before to surprise her. And he enjoyed watching her expression change slowly, from the self-assured minx to the woman who was nearly over the edge of orgasming.

While he touched her, Brennan's hands started running up and down his chest, running her fingernails to scratch him through the fabric and it was his turn to hiss and throw his head back against the couch. She watched his adam's apple bobbing briefly as he swallowed and planted an open-mouthed kiss over it, evolving soon into open-mouthed kisses and sucking on his neck, to which he responded with a moan.

He just loved the feel of her lips on his skin, the wet velvet-like texture of her tongue as she slid it down his neck, to suck at the spot where it met with his shoulder. Booth groaned loudly when, at the moment she came against his fingers, Brennan let out a whimper, holding on tighter to him, her thighs pressing against him in exquisite friction. He just loved the sounds of her while she let herself loose and simply surrended to her sensations.

With a seductive look in her eyes, she held the hand that was touching her and brought it to her mouth, sliding her tongue down his index finger slowly and then sucking both index and medium finger into her mouth, licking them clean. He watched her through heavy eyelids, taking the opportunity to touch the insides of her mouth with the tip of his fingers. Brennan let the fingers out and started to slowly run the tip of her tongue over the pads, seductively, as if she was circling the tip of his cock. Booth moaned, buckling his hips against hers, so she could feel his erection.

Brennan stood up in one fast move.

"Let's go to the bedroom, come on," she said in a low voice, almost a whisper, and he followed her obediently.

Once in the bedroom, Booth sat on the bed, watching her again, as she stopped a couple feet's distance from the bed, staring at him with a sly smile.

"What are you up to, Bones?"

"Would you like me to undress for you? Or would you prefer if I kept this outfit on?"

Booth felt his cock twitch painfully at her words, his pants now uncomfortably tight for his growing erection.

"Undress, please."

Brennan nodded and unbuttoned her dress shirt, slowly, button by button until he could see her red bra, the same color as the harness she was wearing.

"What should go first?" she asked.

"Unzip the skirt."

She did as told, pushing down the zipper and letting the skirt fall with a sway of her hips, pooling by her feet. She stepped out of it and stood still, looking at him, with her open shirt and harness, which wouldn't allow him much to see from where he was.

"Turn around and take off your bra. Then you turn back and come here."

She did as told, gracing him with a nice view of her bare ass, while she turned her head to try to look at him; she shook her shoulder and made her shirt slide down her arms, pooling at her feet; her hands moved around her back to unclasp the bra earnestly. He watched as she threw it aside carelessly, turning to face him.

"Come here now," he said, reaching out his hand to touch her, pulling her against him. His mouth and hands moved straight to her breasts, cupping them while he pulled one of her nipples into his mouth, hungrily sucking at her, moving backwards slowly so both were in the center of her bed; Booth felt a rush of excitment as they fell backwards and her weight pressed against him, making her laugh, delighted. Brennan straddled his thighs, brushing her core against the front seam of his pants, causing him to hiss at the contact.

"You're so hard already," she whispered, leaning down to kiss him on the lips once again, moving down to bite his chin.

"You..." he started, as her fast hands moved up to his chest, kneading him and began pulling at his shirt to remove it, throwing it aside in one fast move "you make me so hard, Bones... you're so hot..."

"Hmmmm," she hummed, while kissing his chest, tasting him as if she was licking a lolipop; soon he was writhing under her, as she licked her way down his body until she reached his belly button. She stared at him, a wicked smile on her lips, while she teased the soft hair just below his navel, with the tip of her fingers, making him buckle against her.

"Aren't we anxious?"

"Bones..." he whispered, closing his eyes for a moment and letting his arms fall heavily by his side, letting her tease him as she pleased.

"Your face looks so beautiful when you're aroused. I don't know if you're aware of the flush that spread on your cheeks or on the urgent tone you use when you try to restraint yourself."

He opened her eyes to look at her questioningly.


She placed a soft kiss right under his navel, grinning, and unbuckled his belt, quickly removing his pants. Soon he was naked and hard under her, panting and impatient.

Brennan let her hands roam near his cock for a second before actually touching it, making him arch up against her, hissing. He might've said her name, but it got lost in his throat along with a whisper he intended on saying; she held the base of his cock, fisting him slowly, achingly slowly, as her other hand moved to touch his balls, prickling it with the tip of her fingers.

"Blow me, baby, please..."

"Be patient, Booth. All within its time..." she said as she blatantly ignored his plea and continued fisting him, occasionaly rubbing the palm of her hand againt his swollen head, already wet with pre-cum. His painfully hard, throbbing cock desperately seeking for its release in her mouth, but he also knew she wouldn't let him come just now; even though some part of him was dreading her next move, he knew she was storing something exhilarating for him.

He let out a too loud groan when she finally, finally sucked the tip of his cock with her lips, with the same enthusiasm she had sucked his fingers a while back. Brennan then ran her tongue down and up his length, grazing her teeth ever so lightly on his more than sensitive skin, making his legs quake incontrolably. She repeated the movement a few more times until she was pleased and moved down to his balls, licking their length and sucking each one delicately into her mouth. Her movements were slow and tender, both he and she knew that if she sucked him any harder he might come at this point. She finished with another taste at the tip of his cock, licking off the moisture there.

"Hmmm. You taste so good," she said, sitting up and licking her lips.

Booth narrowed his eyes, looking at her between harsh pants. He watched as she got from the nightstand a bottle of lube and opened it, concentrated, spreading a generous amount on her fingers.

He shuddered inside; he didn't know if it was fear or anticipation and, honestly, at this point he couldn't care less.

"Just relax, ok?" she said, planting a soft kiss on the inside of his thigh; he was expecting it to be cold and wet, but instead he felt her soft and warm finger touching him lightly under his balls and moving to his opening; before he could expect it, she touched it with the tip of her finger, making him arch up and off the bed, groaning loudly. If he had his eyes opened, he could've even seen the small smile on her lips.

"Shit, that feels good..." he managed to say, as she pushed her lube-coated fingers easily and slowly inside him, rubbing him tenderly from inside; Brennan crooked her fingers, massing him.

"Tell me how it feels, Booth," she asked, in an incredibly soft voice.

"It's... oh, it's so good, Bones... yes..."

She pushed her fingers harder in and out of him, thrusting a bit more forceful than before, making him let out a shuddered breath, grabbing handfuls of sheets in his hands. He relaxed against her and her fingers could slide in and out more easily now and he buckled up, so close to coming.

Brennan pulled her fingers out of him.

She stood up, moving back to the nightstand and took a dildo, the same blue one he had seen before, and placed it in the harness, under his curious stare. Watching his gaze, she applied a generous amount of lube to the tip and length of the dildo, looking as concentrated as she did when she had a set of bones to examine.

Booth held his breath. She looked absolutely gorgeous and he couldn't get his mind off the fact that she looked absurdly sexy, completely naked, with the strap-on; he watched her face, cheeks tinged with pink flush and her hair falling around her face like a curtain, the curve of her breasts and her nipples hard and ready to be sucked into his lips; the soft curve of her waist and her long legs bent under her. She was pure bliss to watch.

"On your stomach, darling. I need you to lie on your stomach now," she said, patting his thigh.

He moved quickly, and soon he was in a semi-lying position, with his face down on the bed, his head down and his butt up in the air to give her better access to him. The anticipation made him shiver and he closed his eyes, waiting for the dildo to touch him at any moment now; instead, he felt her soft fingers again, touching at his opening and sliding in much easier now, both of them were inside him easily and without effort.

Booth gasped as she pulled the fingers nearly out and added a third one, pushing them into him slowly, until they were fully in. His gasps turned into a loud moan of pleasure when he felt her touching his prostate, massaging him from inside.

"Oh, fuck!" he groaned.

She pulled her fingers nearly out again and soon he felt the cold head of the thicker dildo, replacing her fingers and pressing its way inside him, stretching. She pushed slowly and he felt his cock twist painfully, so hard he thought he'd come at any minute now.

"Oh, fuck, Bones!"

She stopped when she was fully in, giving him a minute to adjust. His heavy pants and groans were making her painfully aroused. Brennan held his hips with both hands, kneading at his skin and trying to keep him still.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

"Yes. Fuck me, Bones, please..." he said, his voice a restrained moan.

Building a crescendo rhythm, she pushed in and out of him, pumping the dildo, as his encouraging groans asked her to; she pushed into him with short, rapid movements, as he buckled back against her, silently asking for her to speed up the pace.

Brennan reached around to touch his balls, feeling them tight and hard, as he restrained himself so he wouldn't come; his cock was so hard and she slid her hand down to touch his moist tip.

She bent fowards, never stopping her movements, to whisper to his ear.

"Come for me, baby. Let it go," she said, while she started fisting him, in pace with her thrusting.

He came with a cry, his whole body trembling under her, and his arms gave in him, making him slump on the bed, exhausted.

He felt her pulling out of him and suddenly he was weirdly empty, drained, a slightly throbbing and dull ache on his ass. The next thing he realized was that Brennan was lying by his side, free of the harness and the dildo now, and completely bare, inches away from him. He opened his sleepy eyes to stare at her.

"That was... Bones, that was fantastic," he managed to say against the matress.

"Good. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

She was smiling back at him, her head resting on a pillow and he noticed the beads of sweat on her forehead, aching to lick it; sadly he felt so drained he couldn't even move his eyelids to keep his eyes from shutting.

The next thing he noticed was her lips on his shoulder and her hands on his arm, raising it; soon she managed to push him slightly on his side and curled up against him, his arm heavily resting on her waist. She wouldn't complain, she loved the feeling of his hot skin against her, the weight of his body pressing her, pining her to the bed.

"Hmmm," he hummed against her, searching for her lips; he could find them even with his eyes closed and, while pulling her against him and wrapping his arms around her body; he met her lips in a hungry kiss, nearly devouring her mouth as their tongues dueled fiercely.

Booth turned and pushed her so she was lying on her back, his weight crushing her, making her moan into his mouth. He then parted the kiss to suck at a wet spot on her neck, licking off her sweat and moving slightly so his thigh was pressing between her legs, making her grind against him, hot and slick with arousal.

"Oh, Bones, did fucking me with a strap-on make you so horny?"

"Yes," she said matter-of-factly, grinding harder, silently begging him to touch her.

He rose, hovering above her while he planted soft kisses as he fastly moved his way down her body until he was between her thighs; she opened them further, to give him better access and let out a loud whimper in anticipation. Booth smiled, caressing down her smooth legs until he touched lightly her inner thighs and saw her arousal dripping off her.

"Wow. That really turned you on, Bones."

She nodded her head in agreement, eyes closed, biting her lips. He touched her clit lightly, with the tip of his finger and she let out a high-pitched cry, arching up against him. Booth felt his mouth watering with expectation.

In one fast move, he was between her legs, tracing her wet folds with his tongue and making her quiver against him; he had to hold her hips to keep her in place, as he hungrily sucked her clit into his mouth, pushing two fingers into her already tightening opening.

"Booth!" she cried out, shaking against him, as her orgasm hit her furiously; he didn't stop licking and sucking at her and soon she was coming again, buckling against him.

He slowed his pace, parting from her for a few seconds, wating for Brennan to recover; she was breathing hard, gasping and shuddered when he gave her one final stroke of his tongue licking off her taste.

"Oh, god... that was so..." she said, as he laid by her side, grinning like a proud idiot; Brennan caressed his cheek and he turned slightly to plant a kiss on her palm "Thank you," she whispered.

Booth laughed out loud.

"I guess it's only fair. You touched me in ways I couldn't ever believe would be pleasurable. Oh, my god, Bones, you're so amazing!"

She smiled, looking bashful.

"It was so fucking amazing that I feel like I could make you come with my mouth forever, in gratitude."

"Oh, please, do it!" she laughed.

They curled against each other, laughing and satiated; the scent of sex clung heavily in the room, on their skin and on the sheets. Maybe tomorrow it would bother her again, but right now she just felt pleased and exhausted.

"Bones?" he called her, when she expected him to be sound asleep.


"Could you wear the butterfly for me later?"

She laughed, the sound of it vibrated against him in a exhilarating way. Without answering him, she pulled him for a kiss and snuggled closer.

"Let's see."

"What about we decide it in a karate match? You and me, wrestling and flushed..."

She looked at him in mocked disbelief and he just winked at her.