Chapter 1: The First Meeting

Author: I wrote this snippit some time ago but never went any further. However, I never could get it out of my head or files so here it is. The premise is: a hidden magical world has refugees that seek the world outside the magical one. Some hide because they are tired of their world's rules and others hide because of troubles that chase them out. She was one of the hiders, a past that could bring death if she is found. If this story shows some interest with readers, I'll go further with it.

She sighed as she stared out at the city sprawled below her window. She'd lived here for twenty years. It felt good. No one had found her and she'd made a life for herself and baring a few headaches it was a good life and exciting. If there was any kind of down side it was not being able to settle down with a mate. She didn't dare. To be found out was death or worse. No, she had to be satisfied with the occasional one night stand. Even a boyfriend would be too costly.

Pushing that bit of unhappiness from her mind, she turned back to her desk and the pile of reports waiting her attention. Tired, she finally finished the last report and tossed it into her out basket. Yawning, she locked her desk, grabbed her coat, and escaped for the day.

The evening air was cold and damp as she climbed into her vehicle and made for home. Her apartment was modest and comfortable. After taking a shower and putting on a bathrobe, she made her way to her kitchen and rummaged around for a light meal.

When she sought her bed some hours later, she found she was far too restless. When this happened, she would normally give up and seek a nights sexual pleasure. Tonight looked to be one of those type of nights. Sighing, she made her way to her closet and redressed in something that was guaranteed to catch some tom's eye. Thus attired she caught a taxi.

When seeking a nights sexual pleasure, she went to out of the way bars and secluded hideaways where other outcasts met. Sometimes she got lucky, sometimes not.

Tonight, she decided to go to her favorite haunt. She had the taxi drop her off near a hotel at the beginning of the airport circle. This area was filled with restaurants, bars, dance halls, casinos, and other entertainments for travelers passing through the huge city. She bypassed the more popular spots heading for something more secluded.

Her steps finally took her to a dive at the far end of the circle. The crowd was a little rowdy. A combination of cargo pilots, airport ground workers and other flotsam that hung around the big airport.

She entered the dimly lit interior and garnered may a look as she made for the bar and ordered a bourbon on the rocks. She sat at the bar watching the crowd through the full length mirror that graced the back of the bar. Not too long after she'd entered, the door swung open and she watched a familiar face enter.

Sucking in her breath in shock, she watched him circulate then go to the end of the bar and order a drink. Her heart quickened. She'd always been attracted to him but of course he'd never suspected she was there since her disguise was impenetrable to Katkind. She could freely look at him at any time but never give away her desire. She cursed the necessity of letting him go and thought she'd extinguished any further desire for him. Her mistake! She hungered for him every time she saw him, even in his own disguise.

A wicked thought came to her as she observed him talking to people he knew. 'Well why not! It isn't as if he'd ever guess who she was. Why shouldn't she enjoy what she'd been drooling after so long. And after all she was here for a nights roll in the hay!' She convinced herself. Having made her decision, she picked up her drink and slowly wandered his way.

It took him a few minutes, but he finally noticed the dark beauty. He usually preferred blonds but there was something bewitching about this tall, well-built female. She was no delicate flower. Her body showed attention to physical exercise with her strong shoulders, trim waist, and slim, well muscled legs and she was tall. She exuded a sultry aura that made all the males in the room eye her with lust. Her brilliant golden eyes and fall of ebony hair were striking.

He felt heat wash through him as her eyes studied him with interest. He hadn't been looking for female company tonight just some companionship and a drink. Her eyes promised something better. He moved with her back to the bar and they made small talk neither giving very much information on the other. They came to a mutual agreement and walked out of the bar into the foggy night.