So, another new story, that's what your thinking isn't it? I mean I just posted one on just this week and we get another one, what about your two other ones, when are you going to update those? That's what you guys are thinking it, isn't it? Sorry, I've wanted to post this one for awhile but now I finally decided to take the plunge and do it!!

So I'll give you a quick idea of it, I got inspired by reading Bitter Virgin the manga, which is great a total good read, so anyways we have or main cast in their senior year of high school, Sasuke the once golden boy on campus is now the angry-loner and Hinata the school girl has left that behind and has embraced her slutty self, both have had a weird relationship if you can even call it that but now Sasuke finds himself with her every minute during school he walks her to class and it's all because of one day that he got to know her better. What is it about all the "gossip" that surrounds our infamous school slut, is there any truth to her sleeping around with the whole male population in school? Or were they all lies fabricated by some guy? And what about Sasuke why did he leave his popularity behind to be some loner? What do they hide, what kind of wounds do they both have that need healing and only between the two misfits in school can they heal themselves, what is it that made them who they are today?

Chapter 1: He notice's her

Common knowledge tells us that gossip most of the time is fake…but then again common knowledge doesn't apply to High School…

I sit on the lawn in the front of the school, I watch the cars pass by, I can still hear the cars even with my headphones on and my music blaring, I look down at my iPod and skip this song.

All these cars pass by the drivers looking ahead, and the glimpse I get of the people in their cars look stressed. I lean back stretching my legs forward.

Today is the perfect day, I uncap my soda to take a drink out of it, it's hot out but there's a slight cold breeze. I look up at the branches, this is boring. Whoever said high school is the greatest four years of your life was full of bullshit.

High school sucks.

Sure some of my classes are alright, I mean I could sit through Mr. Kakashi's class and not sleep, Ms. Yuuhi's science lap isn't so bad, and Mr. Sarutobi's government class is okay.

But lunch is my favorite time during school because I don't have to deal with anyone, I get to be alone for an hour and that's the best part. I wasn't allowed outside of the school but Principal Sarutobi said that it was fine because the secretaries and office aides can keep an eye on me since the windows are face the outside towards the street and the front lawn of the school.

I look down at my iPod and check the time to notice that in two minutes the bell is going to ring, I gather my trash in a paper bag and fold the top down, I carry it in my hand with my right hand I grab the strap of my backpack and put a shoulder strap on it then make my way to the middle entrance of the school and take the stairs two at a time, I open the doors and walk in just as the bell rings. I go over to the trash bin and throw away the bag.

I have five minutes to get to my fifth period class. I don't look at anyone as I go up the stairs to my class, that's located inside the main building.

I go up two flights of stairs going down the hall and open the doors at the end of the hall to walk into another one, I walk slower knowing that Mr. Sarutobi isn't there yet, and he's probably in the teachers' lounge talking it up with Ms. Yuuhi.

I'm not into gossip but it's obvious to me so I'm sure everyone else knows.

My classroom is the last one in the end of the hall; I stand against the wall in the corner and cross one foot over the other. I have no other choice but to watch everyone gather outside our classroom door.

It's my senior year this year; school started about a month ago and it's been a whole two years now that I haven't talked to my once best friend, Naruto Uzumaki, now he's the school's most popular guy. If I still hung out with them I'd be number one but I gave it up and I think it's the greatest thing I did in all my seventeen years of life.

He still hates me, he hasn't once looked me in the eye since, and I don't care.

I watch as he walks with the schools most popular girl, Sakura Haruno and her best friend Ino both girls look at me with longing, I look away disgusted, they still have a crush on me. Even after putting them down so many times, they truly are wretched.

I look up and notice every girl looking at me, well all except one; Hinata Hyuga.

I discretely watch her talk in her cell phone, I look around and see all the guys checking her out, Hinata is the school slut.

She is one of the few people I can actually talk to but we don't talk that often, since school started we haven't spoken a word.

Her back leans against the wall, as she holds the phone with her right hand at her ear, I look down her body starting at her head, that long dark blue hair is curled today, her sunglasses hold up her hair away from her forehead, she takes them off and puts the plastic straps of the glasses that hold them over her ears in her mouth, she lets out a sultry deep laugh, that glossy red mouth biting down on the glasses plastic straps she doesn't notice all the male population ogling her, I go down to her long neck then down to her spaghetti strapped bright pink top, she has no sweater or anything on. I look at her short black shorts, her long tanned-toned legs looking nice, then some sliver wedges on her feet making her taller then she is.

She's actually a bit toned down compared to what she usually wears. She sighs looking up all the guys look in one well two directions, I see drool come out of a few of their mouths.

I look over at Naruto and notice him, he's not looking at all at Hinata I look back to her and notice the hold on her purse loosens and it falls on her toes. She looks down at it, then bends down to get it all the guys lean forward to look down her shirt.

She goes back up and finally notices all the guys watching her, she then looks over at me and observes me watching her, her mouth slowly forms that killer smile that makes any teenage boy's pulse race, I clear my throat loudly, she laughs at me and looks down at her red toenails.

I hear her voice since all the other teachers have let their students in; we are the only class left, so the hall is quiet except for everyone murmuring between one another, I lower the volume to listen in on Hinata's conversation.

"Yes, TenTen I'm still here," she wiggles her toes as she keeps her gaze down on them. "No, he isn't here yet, he's probably flirting with her," she listens to her friend. "I know right! They've been playing that game since I started high school, they should totally just get married," she lowers her voice hoping no one could hear her. "I know I got so drunk at the party last night that I think I made out with her," she whispers, I find myself smirking at the ceiling, who would've thought she swung that way, but then again it's not that far off, I even heard that she got with the whole varsity football team in one weekend. "Now she's going to be texting and calling me non-stop. No, I'm still hung over," she says she even parties on a Monday, wow, real classy. "I'm kind of afraid that it's going to be on the net. That jerk said I have a real talent to be a porn star, what an asshole, right? I mean I didn't know he was filming me and I'm underage so it's illegal isn't it?" she asks her friend, she nods listening to what her friend is saying on the other end. I look at the guys and see them all looking excited at the prospect of seeing the girl every guy has slept with and they themselves wish to sleep with her in action. They want to see what all the fuss is about.

I close my eyes and put the volume of my iPod, I lean my head against the wall listening to the music.

What she just said disappointed me, it's not like I care about her or anything, it's just that…I can't even describe it and chose not to think about it too much because I just might discover something that I don't want to.

I feel someone poke me in the arm, I direct my angry gaze at the person who is bugging me only to come face to face with Mr. Sarutobi who is standing in front of me.

I lower the volume and remove my headphones.

"How can the top senior in this year's class listen to that kind of music?" he asks me, I shrug my shoulders. "Uchiha get inside," he orders me, I go he walks behind me, I hear him sighing.

I walk in and notice that everyone is in their seat but two are empty, I walk past the first empty desk then three occupied ones to sit in my desk.

I unzip my backpack and put my headphones and iPod in it, I look over at the empty desk, where did she go?

But I shrug off my worry and face forward to listen to the lecture that Mr. Sarutobi is starting, my eyes unwillingly look over to Hinata's empty seat.

"Sasuke," I hear our AP History teacher call out to me, I look at him then feel everyone's gaze on me, I ignore them. "Do you find something interesting in Hinata's desk?" he asks me, I look over at Naruto and find him looking at me accusingly, what the hell?

"Hey, Mr. Sarutobi," I hear Hinata's voice, I look over at her as does everyone else, she has a lollipop in her mouth and a stuffed monkey in her arm. I look at it and notice that it's dressed as a ninja; she herself looks down at it and walks over to Mr. Sarutobi with a smile on her lips. "I ran into Ms. Yuuhi and she asked me to give you this, and here's the note," she says handing him a pink envelope with hearts hand-drawn on it. "It came with a lollipop but I kept it, think of it as my fee," she says turning around and going back to her seat.

He just stands there blushing, then the whole class starts hooting and yelling at him making him turn even redder.

I look over at Hinata and find her watching me, she winks at me and takes out her lollipop then sticking it in her mouth again moving the stick around with her fingers and taking it out once more, then opening her mouth in an "o" and slowly sticking the lollipop in her mouth using her tongue to lick it slowly, I hear a low moan come out from deep in her throat.

I find myself oddly turned on by this, she laughs and turns her whole body forward, I look down at her legs to watch her cross them, then uncross them, that killer smile is on her face as she watches Mr. Sarutobi but I know that, that smile is for me.

I look over at Naruto and know that he watched everything and looks pissed.

I look forward at the board, why is he watching us anyways?

What does he have to do with Hinata?

I lean to the side and open my backpack to take out my folder and pen getting ready to take notes.

My eyes once again search for Hinata to find her arm on her desk, her left palm open and holding up her head, she too has her folder open and a pen in her left hand, she leans her body forward; it's angled a bit so I could see the top part of her body.

Her eyes find mine, that smiling face looking happy, I lean backwards, I give her my back with my palm open and my head falling down to rest in it, I look out the window to watch the outside world continue to live their lives.

The classroom quiets down and stops their heckling of Mr. Sarutobi.

"Hinata where do you think you're going?" I hear Mr. Sarutobi ask her, I look over my shoulder to see her bag in hand and stand's up out of her desk.

"I'm going to go help out Ms. Yuuhi with a project she has," her excuse is so lame that I know he was about to tell her just that, but she raises her index finger to her semi-opened glossed mouth and she whispers, "Shhh…" she winks at him. "I would just go along with it my little fiery lion," she giggles as she notices his reaction, "do you want me to go on Asuma?" she asks sounding like a little girl, "I could tell everyone about the wonderful time we had last night, if you want me to?" she says as she starts to walk out then turns to look at me. "Bye, bye my little stalker," she says to me over her shoulder, I feel my face turn red she giggles at my reaction, I glare at her.

She walks out the door, Mr. Sarutobi looking shocked.

Did they really spend the night together?

The whole class stays quiet as they watch our history teacher wondering the same thing. He clears his throat and gives us his back and going to the board finally starting class.

He tries to get the lesson going without addressing what Hinata said.

I look out the window and notice her going down that front stairs.

Damn, she's got balls to be ditching, especially since Principal Sarutobi's office face's the outside, and she looks up at our classroom window almost as if knowing I'd be looking out towards the street.

She waves like crazy jumping up and down, I feel my mouth form a smile. I watch as her hands cup around her mouth, she yells out.

"I'll see you later stalker!" I become pissed, she turns around and walks away, her head turns to look at me, a wicked smile on her glossy red lips.

She pushes her sunglasses down and they cover her eyes as she walks to the black Bentley waiting in front of the school. A guy I've seen before opens the passenger door and gets out.

That guy is her cousin that graduated three years ago, it's Neji Hyuga.

She hugs him, holding on to his neck, her feet going up she bends her knees and lets her cousin hug her around her waist a silly smile on Neji's face as he pats her on the back.

She straightens her feet and they touch the ground again, her arms let go of his neck and he guides her to the open door. She looks back at me, her huge sunglasses covering her eyes but that beautiful smile speaks for itself.

I give the window my back and look at the board and listen to Mr. Sarutobi, I take a few notes and turn my head to look out the window and notice the car is gone.

Why is she acting like this?

I mean we talked a few times but that's all, I never flirted with her and she flirted with me a bit but not to this extent, so why now?

Man, that girl is real confusing.

I look out the tinted window of the car, I take off my black sunglasses and put them in my purse, I lean back on the car seat.

"Who were you waving at and calling your stalker?" my cousin Neji is asking me I put my elbow on the armrest of the door a smile slowly making its appearance on my mouth, my index finger taps the corner of my mouth.

"A new pet," I tell my cousin, he lets out a low laugh.

"I feel sorry for him, did you just start playing with his mind?" my smile becomes wider and I nod, "Poor kid," he says sounding a bit sad. "Your games are cruel," he says to me, I fold my hands across my chest; I let out a huff of air.

"They are not!" I defend myself.

"They are," he says his tone finishing any further argument but I continue.

"It's because you are a guy so you don't understand," I tell him sitting back; I put my finger to my mouth and lightly trace the outside of my lips. "My games sure are fun," I whisper thinking back to Sasuke's red embarrassed face, that was classic!!

I laugh to myself.

"How did your teacher let you out?" he asks me.

"I read a private letter from his girlfriend, my science teacher, and he didn't say anything so I just left," I tell him the truth which was a bad idea.

"Couldn't you have just told him you had a pass?" he says sighing and rubbing his forehead real hard. "Did you make it seem as if it was from you, that you spent the night with him?" he asks me, I nod.

"It's no fun if I say it was from his girlfriend," I tell Neji, he doesn't care he gets angry anyways.

"You and your fun!" he shouts at me, I don't react and just look out the window knowing he wants to lecture me and as if on cue he starts. "Do you know how damaging your words can be to the teacher, shit! Hinata think about your actions, think about the consequences!" I keep my angry gaze out the window, my smile is gone.

"He didn't think about that when he started spreading all those rumors," I tell him my voice soft with an edge to it.

"Hinata…I'm sorry I didn't," I raise my hand to stop him.

"I don't care anymore," I tell him honestly. "I just don't give a shit anymore let them all think what they want," I tell him, feeling a bit uneasy because I know it to be a lie and I hate lies.

Lies and gossip made my life the way it is now.

I try to think of it as the past but I can't because the gossip keeps growing.

"But if you didn't say all those things to make them all believe that you sleep around and everything like that…" but I look at him, my face a mask.

"If I ever ask for your advice then give it but if I didn't so keep your mouth shut, got it?" I ask him, he glares then looks forward out the front window of the car.

I sigh rubbing my temples.

"What does he want with me today?" I ask my irritated cousin.

"He wants to talk to you, he wouldn't give me specifics…" he lets his words trail on, I sigh feeling a headache coming on.

"I have to work at five be sure to tell him so he won't drag on with his useless lectures," I say as I rest my head back.

"I'll be sure to tell your dad," Neji says emphasizing on the dad part.

"No…that manipulative bastard is no dad of mine," my voice is low but I let the anger come out.

"Are you ever going to forgive him?" Neji asks me as he reaches for my shoulder to comfort me but before he could touch it I move my shoulder away.

"No," I start looking out the window blinking my tears away, "he took my son away…I'll never forgive him because of that," my voice breaks down as the tears fall rapidly.

Just thinking about my child…makes me sad and depressed, I've needed him in my life, I've need him so much that it hurts to know that he's with another family and they are raising him like their own son.

"Let it out now," Neji's cold voice tells me, "because you are going to see the father of your child today," he warns me.

I gasp not believing his words, I look over at him and notice his stiff back and his arms crossed over his chest, I know that look in his eyes he's not going to go on any further, it doesn't matter how I much I plead with him he won't tell me anything.

I feel my pulse quicken, I close my eyes and look up at the ceiling of the car.

I thought this day couldn't get any shitter but I was wrong…oh, so fucken wrong.