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Chapter 19: My Fantasy Land

I don't understand her need to live with me. I don't turn to look at her as I prepare myself mentally wondering if I can stand her living with me…people usually see the worst in others when they live together. I don't want to see the worst in Hinata. I don't…I slowly turn around as she lets go of me and what I see…I wasn't prepared.

She looks so vulnerable that it's breaking me. There are unshed tears shining in her big eyes, she bites down on her trembling lower lip. She looks like it's taking everything in her to be standing up like this. I don't understand this Hinata. I don't know her or how to deal with her. I've never seen this side of her…she was like this before but this is somehow different than the last time.

It feels like her being might crumble if I deny her request. Like this…her wanting to live with me is the thing that she needs in order to live. I can't…

I'm taking too long to respond to her and I watch as she shakes a bit in either fear or because she's cold.

"Yeah, I want you to," before I finish what I was saying she jumps at me and hugs me tightly. I breathe an uneasy sigh. I don't know what I just promised but for some reason it feels final…like the last event we'll live through together as a couple. Deep down I know that something…that after this everything is going to change. But I want to live in my fantasy world with her…only her.

"I'm going to go pack my bag! Wait for me inside!" she orders me with a wide smile on her lips. I watch her amazed that she can change emotionally so easily. Something is seriously wrong. I can tell it in my bones. I walk into her apartment and sit on her sofa. This is the home she built when she was alone. This is her world. I sit trying to go over the possible scenarios concerning Hinata. What could make it the end between us? Why do I even doubt her? She walks into her living room with one suitcase rolling behind her. She looks around her apartment. She doesn't speak as she just takes everything in.

"You believe in me right?" I question her unsure why I'm bringing this up. She stops looking around and watches me. "You believe that I will get our son back? That I can do that for us?" my heart races in anticipation of her answer. She walks to me and drops her suitcase onto the table and sits on top of me. I look into her eyes.

"If I asked you for the moon you would get it for me. So yes, I truly believe in you and what you promised. If anyone can make it happen it's you," she confesses whole-heartedly, if she believes me than nothing else matters. She leans down and kisses me with an open mouth and I tease her just how she likes it.

I moan into his mouth. As I slowly move my lips and tongue. I grab his hand and put it on my breast. His hand stays still as he waits for me to do something in order to show him that I want him to touch me. I look at him as I take off my sweatshirt and my shirt soon follows. I unhook my bra and let my breasts bounce out of their confinement. I feel a bit self-conscience and I cup them.

"I don't like being without a bra," I admit to him. I want our first time to be in my home, in the place where I feel the most secure. Sasuke looks into my eyes as he questions me.

"Are you sure?" he asks his voice shakes a little. I grin at him as I reach down between us and hold onto something hard. There are no more words spoken. He lets me take control of everything after we both explore one another eagerly and patiently I top him he hands me a condom. I rip it apart and happily slide it down on him.

I'm not really sure why I have this sudden urge to do this. I stare at Sasuke as he watches me. He makes sure that I'm not in too much pain. He leans forward and kisses my forehead then my eyelids. We have both felt this urge to do this but neither one of us wanted to act on it.

I was too scared because of what happened with Naruto. And he was too frightened to do anything because he didn't want to hurt me more than Naruto already did. So we had a nonverbal agreement where I would set the pace of everything. If we got too hot during our make-out sessions he would pull back and watch me. When I looked away he would give me one last kiss on my forehead then head to the kitchen.

Sasuke has respected me in many ways but his patience with me is what made my love for him grow. Its little things like this that have made me realize just how important he is to me. I blink back my tears as I keep my gaze with his eyes. He looks concerned but I smile at him and shake my head. I look away from him and continue my movement. I like the feel of him inside of me. I like how he thinks about me before himself. I like that he holds my hands so that we can be connected that way, it's a simple gesture but it re-assures me. I like that he can look into my eyes and he knows when I've had enough and when I can handle more.

He understands me in a different kind of level that frightens me because what we have is something deeper than a high school crush. He holds onto my hands tighter and leans forward to kiss me as I feel myself begin to climax. I kiss him back and squeeze his fingers. This is something I've never felt. This feeling makes it seem as if I'm on fire, it creates a pleasant feeling all over and my stomach has a funny sensation in it. I get closer trying to make that feeling continue. My breath quickens as I finally fall on top of a still excited Sasuke. He lets me rest a bit as he messages my back and his fingers explore my body further. He somehow maneuvers himself on top of me and I can't believe he can still want to continue again. I groan but he touches and teases me in all the right places and we make love again. He doesn't say anything as he kisses me and I touch him all over. I hear him moan and shake. I continue to touch him and right when I'm about to climax again so does he. This time it's his time to fall on top of me. He rests his head between my breasts and I look down at him to find a wide smile on his swollen lips.

I touch his hair and brush my fingers in his soft hair. I like this feeling, the both of us naked and lying together. I like the intimacy of it. I still feel like I'm climaxing but it's just the emotion I get when I'm close to Sasuke.

"Was I too forceful?" I hear Sasuke ask me in an urgent and frightened whisper.

"No, it was perfect you dork," I admit as he begins to get off of me. He watches me as he kneels between my open legs. I feel myself turn red and cover myself down there and cover my breasts.

"You're not lying to me?" he questions me as he keeps his gaze on my eyes. I pull my legs towards me so that I can close them. I kneel in front of him and look into his onyx gaze.

"Why would I lie?" I reply it hits me again this feeling of pain because I'm lying to him. "It was wonderful, we made love Sasuke. It's something I've wanted to experience with you and I got to. You let me decide when and how. You let me take the lead and you didn't just think about yourself but about me. It was amazing and what we had and what we will continue to have will always be inside my heart and soul." I admit to him. I want him to understand just how important this is to me. Just how much he means to me but without having to say the "L" word. Without it invading me more.

He smiles at me.

"I thought I was the corny one," he whispers as he leans his forehead on mine. I grin at him.

"You've been rubbing off on me," I admit as I get up. "I'm going to take a quick shower then we can leave," I say as I leave not feeling self-conscious or shy of my body. I feel his eyes never leave me until I turn the corner into the short hall.

I get out of the shower quickly and go to my room with my towel wrapped around me. I look around my room, the one I decorated how I wanted. This is my junk…it was my junk. This was my sanctuary, the place where I wasn't judged. Where I wasn't called a slut or a whore. Where I dreamed of my son. Where I never even imagined of falling in love with a wonderful guy. This was my room that helped me grow into the woman I' am.

I'm going to miss everything. This is good-bye. This is my ending. In two weeks I'll be the woman my father groomed me to be, everything I'm doing is for my son. The one I'll be holding in my arms. The one that was taken from me and raised by another family. My son…

"Are you ready?" Sasuke asks me as he walks into my room. I keep my back to him. I must keep these feelings hidden from him. I must.

I'm going to lose his love but I'll be gaining my son. I'm gaining the son that gave me the will to live. Even if Sasuke is my strength, my son is my will.

God, why do I have to choose? Why must I choose one over the other? Don't you think I've suffered enough? Don't you think I've been through hell? Why can't I be happy with my son and Sasuke beside me? Why can't I have them both?

"Yeah," I reply taking a deep breath. I'm ready. I'm ready to live these last two weeks with Sasuke. We are going to do everything I ever wanted. We are going to talk, cook together, watch TV together, make love a few times a day together, go out together, we will do everything together. I'm going to force him to do everything I want. I want to have every single memory with me for the rest of my life that will be without him. I'm going to make lasting memories that I will store in my heart and soul. No one will be able to take them away, not Naruto, not my father and not Itachi. I'm going to love Sasuke but without having to say the words. Because if I say them it'll make it even more difficult to leave him. Because if I tell Sasuke that I love him then there will be unspoken promises that I can't keep. I walk to him knowing that we will part. Knowing Sasuke he will hate me and never want speak to me. I reach out for his hand, this is my destiny. My future, he holds my hand and I lead him out of my room. I'm ready to love Sasuke silently but passionately.

I wake up and automatically reach out to touch Hinata. Only…I open my eyes and look on the left side of the bed to find it empty. I stay still closing my eyes again. I groan as I force them open and get up off the bed. I scratch my head and yawn. I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face. Once I'm fully awake I go to the kitchen and smell the coffee brewing. I then find Hinata in the kitchen in her pj's grilling some fish. She looks back at me and smiles. I watch her a bit thinking for a minute that she's just a dream of mine.

"Set the table," she orders me. I don't argue with her but before I do what I'm told I go to her and kiss her mouth. She glares at me but I notice the light blush. "Good morning," she says as I pull away from her.

"Good morning," I reply with a smile. I walk around her and go to the cabinet where I hold some dishes. "How did you sleep?" I ask her as I carry two sets of everything.

"Perfect," she murmurs as she focuses on the fish. "I decided on a traditional Japanese breakfast because we have a lot to do," she tells me. "I've made a list of things I want to do these two weeks."

"And I have no say or input in this?" I already know her answer but I really do like bossy Hinata. I set the table then sit down to read the list.

"Nope, now come and grab some stuff so that we can eat. I can't carry everything," she says as she sits down carrying only the coffee pot. I don't complain instead I'm grateful that she would wake up early to cook for us.

"I didn't have fish or any of this in the fridge," I say as I look at the dishes she cooked.

"I know I had to go to the market today in the morning and I went to a seafood market that is actually quite close. It's fun shopping for food," she tells me as she grabs my rice bowl and serves me a large helping of steamed rice. And reaches for the miso soup and pours it in my soup bowl. She also grabs two pieces of fish and puts them on my plate. She then serves herself. "Oh, can you bring me the sugar and cream please?" she asks me and I get up to go get them. I come back with them in hand and she pours herself some fresh coffee and signals for me to give her my mug. I do and she pours me coffee.

She grabs the spoon of the sugar container and drops six sugar filled spoons into her coffee. She looks at me, "Do you want some sugar?" she asks I shake my head. I hand her the cream but she shakes her head. I pour some in my cup.

"So, today we are going to the zoo then afterward we are going to the aquarium?" I ask looking down at her list. "Then we are going to eat at a sushi restaurant and finish the night at an ice cream parlor?"

"Yup!" she happily says as she takes a sip of her miso soup and eats a spoonful of rice. "Told you full day!"

"What about school or work?" I question her as I watch her reach out for some vegetables that she grilled.

"We aren't going to either," she announces to me. "These two weeks you are mine and mine alone. There is no arguing on the matter Uchiha. I already talked to our respective bosses and they allowed this. They say that we never miss work so we had some accumulated vacation days," she easily replies as she reaches for some pickled okra.

"Tomorrow we are going to a local farm, explore the forest, swim in the river and eat at a traditional Japanese restaurant? The next day we are taking a train to go visit nearby shrines, eat at a Japanese sweet shop and visit the local shops? The day after that we are going to a hot springs and we are going to spend the night there? Then we are going to the amusement park and spend the whole day there?" there are many more activities left but I turn my eyes to watch her. She chews on her fish before she answers me.

"There is one day blank and I leave it to you to fill up," she says with a grin. "Just don't write staying in bed naked and making love all day."

"Something has been bothering me," I finally admit. "Why did you want to move in with me and why are we doing all of this for two weeks?"

She sips on her soup as she silently contemplates my question.

"We've been through so much," she begins "Naruto interfering, Hanabi conniving things, Itachi finding out about us and my father being an idiot. We don't know each other enough to actually say the 'L' word. We hardly know anything about one another. Like what is your morning ritual like? What shows do you like to watch? What books do you read? What size are your shoes? What do you dream about? What do you feel for your family? What do you see yourself doing in ten years? What do you do to unwind? I just want to get to know you better," Hinata tells me as she watches me. "Is that weird?"

For some reason I can't tell if she's telling me the whole truth. Maybe I don't want to see something. I don't want to actually open my eyes to what she's hiding.

"It's not weird," is my only reply. I want to spend all the time with her also. I don't want anyone to interfere or bother us. I just want to be with her. "I'll think what I want to do on the one day you gave me. When is it?" I ask her as I look at her schedule.

"The day after the hot springs," she replies without looking up. That nagging feeling won't leave me but it doesn't matter. I just want to be happy with her. I just want to see her when I wake up and when I go to sleep I want her to sleep in my arms. I want to do everything with her.

"I'll make our lunch so you shower first after you finish eating," I tell her.

"You know I always wanted to try doing it in the tub at least once. Maybe even in the hot springs…are you up for it Uchiha?" she asks me with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"What if we get caught at the hot springs?" I inquire her.

"If it's a guy he'll most certainly want to watch if a lady catches us maybe she'll want to join us?" she questions. "Or we can choose a faraway part of the hot spring and do it there with other people in there with us. Imagine how hot that would be," she murmurs to me a husky voice. I watch as she bites her lower lip as she pushes her chair back. "I'll leave you to think it over. I made sure to chose a place with mixed baths~" she informs me as she walks away. "I'll only be slutty with you," Hinata confesses as she stands with her back to me. "I'm going to shower."

I think about her proposition and I must admit that it's really turning me on. But I shake my head and get my brain out of the gutter. It would be so wrong…I really hate Hinata for telling me that. Now, I can't think of anything else. I don't fail to notice how she left before washing the dishes. Again I'll let it pass since I should pull my own weight around here.

We walk around the zoo with baseball caps on our heads. We look at the map of the different animal 'sanctuaries', I have a small backpack on my back while Sasuke holds our lunches in his larger one. I wear black high-waist sailor shorts with a three-quarters long sleeve lace blouse that's white and is loose at the bottom and some lace-up boots that are brown. I put on sunscreen before we left. I look over at Sasuke to look at him and he decided to wear jeans and a plain black t-shirt that has normal sleeves and some black converse. If he didn't have his baseball cap every lady here would be checking him out.

"Let's go look at the lions," I say as I grab his wrist and guide him towards that direction. He drags his feet though.

"I don't want to go back and forth the whole time so let's decide to go in a circle in the zoo let's start from the right side of the zoo and work our way to the left," he says sound so rational. I glare at him as he grins down at me. "Knowing you, we'll go one place then go to another that's on the other side only to return to another side and we'll get tired."

"We're young you dork so we can handle all that walking," I reply trying to pull him along with me.

"Says the girl who can't run the mile," he mutters.

"I walk it because it's my choice! Why would I want to run to have my boobs bounce around and all the boys ogle me? No thank you!" I tell him.

"I thought you were just lazy," he admits. I glance back at him.

"You know nothing of me Uchiha," I reply.

"I'm starting to understand you though," he says with a small smile. I nod. "Let's start with the birds," he tells me as he holds my hand and leads me. "I never went to the zoo when I was kid, how about you?" he asks me as we make our way to the first of many bird cages, which are much taller than us.

"Nope, we really had a shitty childhood didn't we? It's why I'm doing all this. I want us to experience things like this. Simple things that we missed out on during our childhood," I'm turning into the type of person I hate most of all. I'm turning into a liar. I just can't stop thinking about when I leave him. I can't…

Why didn't I meet him earlier? Why didn't we talk again when I was a freshmen? We could've had a chance back then. Sasuke whirls me into his arms. I look up and he looks down.

"You aren't focusing on me," he says as he leans down to kiss me. "Look at me only Hinata," he murmurs as his kiss deepens. I push him away growing self-conscious at his public displays of attention.

"I thought you said that you wouldn't kiss me in public?" I question him as I put some distance between us. "Or that you wouldn't hold my hand in public because that isn't you?" he's making me more nervous. He's making me regret spending these two weeks with him. I just want to be happy with him. I just want to forget about all responsibilities. I want to focus on him. But I can't. The guilt I feel is eating at me. I'm letting it take over and it isn't good for my heart or mind.

"I changed my mind, I'm inclined to do that on occasion," he confesses to me as he holds out his hand and I stare at it. I reach for it but he pulls it away from me. "You took too long." He's teasing me! What a jerk! I feel my face turn bright red with embarrassment.

He walks in front of me and I trail behind him. I look at the birds and their vibrant colors just stuck in their metal cages. I suddenly have the urge to free all the birds. To let them fly freely into the vast blue sky. That's going to be me.

I stop suddenly and stare up at the sky. I have to quit being a downer. I need to focus on being happy. I need to stop feeling guilty. This choice I made is the right one. I know it. I know in my heart that it's right and that I should stop killing myself over my choice. I want this. I want to be with my son. After all I don't know just how long it would take Sasuke to retrieve my son for me. But he's there at my house waiting for me. Okita is waiting for my arrival. Once I'm chained up I won't be able to go out like this. I won't be able to even look at Sasuke. I won't want to. So I have to stop putting myself down.

I'm going to be happy. I'm not going to have a care in the world. The outside world can wait. In my magical land only Sasuke and I exist. It's only allowed to exist because of the two of us. No one else is allowed to step into my world.

I stare at his back as he leaves me behind. He senses me watching him because he stops and looks back over his shoulder. I hold out my hand to him waiting to see if he'll take it. He hesitates at first but reluctantly walks back for me. He stretches out his hand and I grab it and pull him closer to me.

"I like that you aren't shy anymore," I freely admit to him. I hug his right arm and walk alongside him as we slowly make our way out of the bird's habitat. That's it. I left all my guilt behind. In this magical land there is no guilt to be felt.

"Can I ask you a really stupid question?" he ponders out loud.

"Yeah," I reply. He doesn't look down at him instead he keeps his gaze forward.

"Why did you finally decide to make love to me?" I wasn't expecting that.

I want to say that it was a reward for him because I'm leaving him. After all he's been with me for a few months and if I just left without making love it would feel like he didn't gain anything. I just did it so that he won't hate me too much. But I can't say any of that. I can't possibly tell him the truth. So instead because I'm in my magical land I'll lie. It's permitted.

"I finally felt I was ready. And I was pretty turned on by you that day, well more so than usual," I say letting the lies out.

"That's all?" he questions me and he finally looks down at me. I keep his gaze.

"I wanted to feel something Sasuke. I wanted to join you in something so raw that we would see another side of one another. I wanted to feel you, to touch you without fear of you stopping it. Because Sasuke you were just as scared to make the first move as me. If we didn't do it then we may never have done it in the first place. It wasn't to scratch that itch as you so put it not long ago. I just wanted to connect with you," I admit to him. This is something of the truth. I wanted to touch him and not fear it. I wanted him to touch me in ways Naruto failed to do. He took pleasure in pleasuring me. He wanted to touch me everywhere. Sasuke wasn't embarrassed to look into my eyes as we connected in the most primal way. He kissed me to ease me into everything. He was just there for me.

"We've both been emotionally detached and last night connected us to one another," Sasuke tells me with a peck on the cheek. "We should really look at the animals instead," he says as he takes his eyes off of me to look at the zebras.

"I wish I could see some dinosaurs and dragons," I murmur as I watch the zebra eat.

"Sadly those things don't exist in this world," he says as he has his fill of zebra and continues forward toward the elephants.

"They do in my magical land," I whisper as I look up at the sky to watch a baby dragon fly by. Yeah, my land is perfect…

We look up at the fishes that swim above us. Yeah, the aquarium is better than the zoo. We walk in brightly lit hallways while everything around us is see-through and we can see the marine life freely swim in this huge but closed off environment. Hinata stands with her face to the glass watching the sea turtles swim. She's just like a little kid amazed by the turtles.

"I'm really excited to see the penguins!" she admits to me with a wide smile. I pat her head.

"I didn't fail to notice that all of these activities you want us to do together involve animals," I whisper into her ear from behind.

"Animals are the best and we should watch them to further love them," she says into the glass but I heard her. I watch her as her eyes grow huge as she stares at all the sea animals. "Do you think there are starfishes and seahorses in here?"

"Most likely," I answer her. "How are we paying for all these activities you have planned?"

"I'm paying. Neji gave me tons of money the last few months and I have some left over after I paid all my living expenses so I decided to splurge and take you out on a few dates," she says as she stays glued in this spot. A little girl stands next to her and she has the same type of expression as Hinata. That giddy and silly smile on their mouths, they 'ohh' and 'ahh' as some brightly colored fishes swim in front of them.

"I'm pretty sure there are more fishes and stuff over here," I say. Then I look up and watch as a shark swims above us. Hinata gasps as she watches it pass in front of her. She grabs me and pulls down on my shirt she points at the shark unable to form coherent words. She turns her surprised look down at the little girl and they both shout.

"Cool!" they become excited and I wonder if Hinata remembers that she's a high school student. She finally removes herself from the glass and walks with me her hand in mine. It's really weird how I hate when other couples display their affection but when I do it with Hinata it's okay. I glance at our joined hands and become happy for some reason. I'm allowed to hold her hand. I'm allowed to hold her. Who knew that a simple display could bring me such happiness? Seriously everything with Hinata comes easily and happily. I've never felt this complete in my life. That speaks volumes of what Hinata is to me. What she means to me.

"Do you think the bathrooms are see-through? Do you think the fishes will watch me go pee?" and then she says stuff like this and I can't help but laugh at her. "Let me go investigate," she says as she leaves my side to use the bathroom. I don't watch as she leaves me instead I focus on watching the fishes. I stare at the manta rays as they swim past me. I also watch a blowfish float away. I feel as she returns before I actually see her. She stands next to me and watches the fishes.

"It's pretty magical isn't it?" she asks me.

"Yeah," I reply easily. Her hand searches for mine and I hold it. "I wonder how it would look at night."

"Maybe the same…or more eerie looking?" she ponders out loud.

"We should come again at night," I say to her. She squeezes my hand as she keeps her blank gaze on the water ahead of us. She doesn't respond to me and that should've been my first hint of something coming…