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The sky was as black as a courgette; it was so intricately defined- adorned with sparkling stars. I would often lie in bed and remain in awe of it, in the heart of the night; I remember vividly the first few nights at 's house. I would have the most horribly familiar nightmares and would usually wet the bed to my shear dismay. At this time I was convinced that soon the sharp flaps would fall on me like a ton of bricks; I would sit curled up on the floor and stare out of the window into the tranquil nights sky and for a few moments I would be lost in its magnificence; all my problems seemed to fade as I stared…. It seemed so beautiful and almost tangible as you realise that there are so many things that could be happening in the world right now so many mysteries and discoveries waiting to be unravelled.

However, now it seemed charged with life and hopeless. The moon left a ray of eerie light making everyone's faces appear serious, solemn and ghostly. I was having a nightmare and did not want to unsettle or Rebecca, for this reason I decided to go for a walk. I was amazed at how many people were around at this time.

I sat down gingerly on the curb on the street and reminisced about the early part of my life, physically my body was healing and my scars and bruises were fading but sometimes I found it extremely difficult to concentrate on the present. I was scared that if I hugged Rebecca too much or showed too much affection soon it would run out (my love for her). This thought followed me around relentlessly and it truly asundered me, I could not bare the thought of hurting such a benign cute baby. Would I become like my horrible hag of a moth…? (I cannot bring myself to call her a mother).

It was incredible to think how much my life had improved since got involved. I no longer find myself longing for food at all hours, and I can walk around with out limping or staggering due to my injuries. I felt as though I was in dept somehow- like there was some way that I needed to thank . I yearned to give him a surprise, I loved the way his eyes would crinkle up and shine when he was delighted, I loved the strong feel of his large hands as they scooped me up to give me one of his hugs. I suddenly found myself getting up, I had no idea where I was going I just kept walking- unsure of where my feet would lead me, I inhaled a lungful of fresh night air and took in the busting people rushing home from work, the sound of cars heaving out carbon monoxide as though they were breathing and the tired expressions of many pedestrians. I found myself walking into a graveyard; fear clenched at my stomach by some unknown force drove me forward, compelling me to open the rusty green gates that groaned as if in warning. My hands trembled as they gripped the cold metal for support. My heart was beating alarmingly fast and I thought it would explode; yet I was almost too scared to take a breath in case this would tell a silent ambusher my exact location. I tiptoed over to one particular grave stone that caught my eye, it was an angel with a pious expression, its delicate eye lids were like shells and were closed and its hands were together in a motion of prayer its head was also bent. Curiosity got the better of me and I crept over, I cautiously slid my hand along the smooth marble angel. I knelt down to read the writing inscribed on a concrete slab it said:

RIP Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas and Owen Wilson, a beautiful wife and son, may you rest in peace in the hands of God. You will always be remembered.

This was 's wife and son's grave! I was filled with sorrow and my eyes brimmed with tears. I knew now what I had to do. I dug out some paper from my pocket and fumbled around for a pen.

I sat pensively for a while before beginning a poem on behalf of :

I love you with all my heart,

Nothing can tear memories apart

Your grin, your smell.

The bacon rolls you made me & your laugh, which ignited awe in each of my cells.

Every moment we shared will never be forgotten and the sound of your voice, your laughter

Will ring in our ears forever.

You bring peace and harmony

To where it counts most

You are the sun and the moon

But I don't mean to boast.

But its all true

Everything I say,

loves you very much,

Right to this very day.

My paper was blotchy with tears upon completion of this poem. I lay my poem down amongst the brightly coloured flowers and began to walk away. I realised that wherever life with would take me, I now felt like I had given something back to him, and this feeling pleased me to no end!

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