Fifth King, Lost Queen

By Pinion King

Disclaimer: The words of Harry Potter and Narnia do not belong to me and I am only using them for your entertainment.

Chapter 1

Harry Potter stood in the ruins of what was once the Great Hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Dark Lord Voldemort lay smoking at his feet, his wand smoking, the sword of Gryffindor in the other. Putting his wand back in its hoister, and sword back in the sheath on his hip he turned and walked up to the head table and sat in the seat that all the great headmasters and headmistresses' had once sat in. He could hear the calls of what was left of the light outside the hall, banging and casting spells on the doors trying to get him out. Harry knew it wouldn't happen; there was no way in or out of the hall.

He wasn't upset, he had done what the world wanted of him and he couldn't wait to be with his parents, Sirius, the friends he lost and his love, after all death was just the next great adventure. There was a loud crash as a bit more of the ceiling that once showed an image of the outside sky came crashing down revealing the true sky. That was the queue for the rest of the roof to begin to fall. Harry sat still in the chair waiting for what would come. A piece of roof fell above him and just as it was about to hit him there was a flash of purple light and the chunk of the roof landed on the empty golden chair.

In another world, in the middle of a forest, and next to a lamp post purple light flashed, and when it was gone, in it's place was a beaten up twenty three year old wizard. Harry groaned and rolled over. He was lying on what felt like soft grass, and he was now looking up at an old lamp post. He sat up and began to survey the soundings. What was a lamp post doing then the middle of a forest?

"Well this is something new." He commented as he got to his feet. "Why do things always happen to me?"

"Because it is who you are Son of Merlin." A soft voice growled from behind him.

Harry spun flicking his wand into his hand, pulling he sword out with the other and faced the new coming prepared for battle. What he saw nearly made him drop his weapons in shock. A Lion, a big golden Lion, A boy about his age, another boy who looked about four years younger then the first, and a young girl who looked about seventeen. All of the three were dressed in fine robes and all were wearing crowns.

"Ok then, a talking Lion, and people wearing crowns." Harry groaned "Always me, why can't I just have a normal life?"

The four in front of him chuckled, in the girls case giggled.

"My name is Aslan"

"Ok, a Lion who talks laughs and has a name, I must be dreaming. My name is"

"Harry Potter, formulary of Surrey and Hogwarts." Aslan said

Harry stared at the Lion, before dropping to the ground and putting his head in his hands.

"I give up, talking Lions, laughing Lions, Lions with names, and Lions that know my name, where I live and where I went to school. Are you trying to send me insane before you eat me? Because you are doing a good job at it."

"I like him." They elder boy said tilting his head curiously "And Susan will to." he finished with a sad smile.

"Susan? Let me guess some other talking animal?"

The older boy smiled, "No my sister."

Harry looked towards the girl.

"No not that one, my other sister."

"Do you have a name?"

"Oh yes how rude of me. I am King Peter Pevensie High King of Narnia, this here is King Edmund Pevensie, and this is Queen Lucy Pevensie."

"Well I'm Harry Potter, but the Lion, Aslan sorry, already said that. Now you said you are King of Narnia, what is that? I have never heard of it before."

"You are in Narnia" Lucy said smiling.

Harry just shook his head, before groaning, as a shot of pain came from the motion.

"Let me help you with that." Lucy said with a smile stepping forward. She unclipped a bottle of something from the belt on her hip. "Stick your tongue out."

Harry looked at her judging her before following her orders. Lucy pulled the top off the bottle and tipped a drop of the liquid onto his tongue. Harry pulled his tongue back in and swallowed. He felt nothing for a few seconds before all his cuts began to heal and the pain disappear.

"Well that is more effective and tastier then anything Madam Pomfrey ever used." Harry looked up "So why am I here and not dead?"

"You are here Son of Merlin because one chapter of your life has come to an end and it is time for the next chapter to start. Come."

Harry shrugged there was no where else to go. After walking for ten minutes they exited the forest and came upon a magnificent sight to Harry's eyes. The sun was setting over crystal blue waters, a magnificent castle sat upon a hilltop.

"That is Cair Paravel, the castle of the four thrones, our home." Edmund said seeing the look on Harry's face.

After another 5 minute was they entered a great hall which left the Hogwarts hall for dead, at the head of the hall there were five thrones, not four like Edmund had said.

"Um, I thought you said there were four thrones?"

Edmund stopped and looked up. Peter and Lucy had also stopped and were looking up in shock.

"Well there were 4 there this morning. Aslan?" Peter turned to the great Lion.

"The fifth king had arrived."

"Wait what?"

"You Son of Merlin are the fifth King, the King of Sorcery. Long has Narnia been without such a king."

This was all too much for Harry. The adrenalin of his battle with Voldemort ran out and the overload of information he was receiving his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he dropped to the ground in a dead faint.

"Peter, Peter, he's waking up." Harry heard the faint voice of Lucy as he slowly regained consciousness.

"Welcome back Son of Merlin."

"Why do you keep calling me Son of Merlin?"

"Because that is who you are?"

"You saying I am related to Merlin?"

"Indeed you are Son of Merlin."

"I need a drink none of you happen to have any Firewiskey do you?" Harry asked looking towards the three royals. He received blank looks back. "I will take that as a no."

Harry looked around and noticed he was in a huge four poster bed and what looked like some very Royal chambers.

"So what exactly am I here for? Please don't let it be because of some prophecy."

Aslan chuckled "You are here to take up the seat as the King of Sorcery, but first the Lost Queen must return."

"Lost Queen? Who is the Lost Queen?"

"Our sister Susan, she lost her belief in Narnia and consequently cannot return. We all miss her and I feel there is some evil approaching on the horizon and she must take her place as Susan the Gentle, Queen of Narnia." Edmund said softly.

"So I have to bring her back here? That doesn't sound too hard; she just has to believe again. Right?"

"Yes, but she is stubborn, and only sees the ways of teenage girls. She has lost her imagination." Lucy answered.

"May I ask how you came to be here?"

"It's a long story." Peter said

"Well we have time and any information could be useful."

Four hours later the Pevensies had filled Harry in with all the adventures they had had, including how they first arrived and how that had reached the point they were at now. Aslan who had left the room during the story returned.

"It is time Son of Merlin"

Without having a chance to respond Aslan breathed on him and Harry was gone in a flash of purple.

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