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(A/N: before I start any farther, it will not be a Beastboy/Raven sex type of fic despite the title and the rating. This is because there is some slight nudity in this fic. Any one younger then 15 please press back)

When Beastboy comes back to the tower one night, he finds a soaking wet Raven. How can he help her get better?

Beastboy walked into the living room of the Titans Tower. He had been watching the latest horror movie – Batman vs. The Bogyman – Robin was going to go see it as well until he found out who was playing the lead role for the good side. So he had gone to the shopping mall with Starfire.

He reached out and flicked on a light. It provided enough light to move around in but he scanned the room for any dangers. Starfire had been cooking that afternoon, and Robin had had to ask Cyborg to shoot the mess with his Sonic Cannon just to break it loose.

He scanned the room again whilst reaching out to turn the light off. "No nothing there…. wait a minute, "my gods it's Raven" he thought to himself but speaking the last word out loud.

At the sound of her name, she turned to look at him. She was soaking wet from the rain. She was lying on the couch from one end to the other, looking a very sorry state indeed.

He crossed over to her and sat next to her.

"Raven... what's wrong? What's happened to you?" he asked in a concerned voice.

"I was walking in the park when it started to rain. Before I could teleport back here, I was soaked through. So I had to run back. I just need to go to my room and have some rest." She replied. But before she could say anything, she sneezed.

"Raven you have a cold. Stay here and I'll get a thermometer to check your temperature."

"No Beastboy, I just need to go to my room."

"Rae" he said knowing that it would get her attention, "just stay here. I'll go and get you a cup of tea." Beastboy said with a kind tone of voice.

Realising that it would be better to let him do as he wanted, Raven let him go. He crossed to the kitchen where some first aid supplies where kept and got the thermometer out and made Raven a cup of her special tea. After he was done, he went back to a still sick looking Raven.

He popped the end of the thermometer in Ravens mouth and was startled to see it went off the scale. "Raven, you really are sick. Lie down and I'll get some blankets for you."

"Fine, go and get some then. Oh… thanks for the tea."

"Your welcome Raven, but just stay there." He walked off leaving Raven to think about why Beastboy was being so nice to her. Certainly she was not kind to him even though he tried to make her laugh, but then again, she was not nasty to him either. This combined with the headache from being sick made her head spin.

She heard a noise which meant the green changeling had returned. She heard him slightly running back to her. This made her grin at the corner of her mouth making a vase smash. Beastboy jumped.

"I am sorry Beastboy, I was feeling bad for being ill and it made my powers slip for a moment."

"That's alright Raven, I understand. It's not your fault, now get more comfy on there and let me cover you in these" he said showing her some blankets.

She let him wrap her in them. Her stomach rumbled betraying the fact that she was hungry.

"Beastboy, can you make me something to eat?"

"You sure? The last time I did that, you told me to never do it again unless it was to kill … him or … him" he said referring to Trigon.

"Yes, I'm sure. I don't know why, but I think I can trust you" she said, her voice uncertain.

"Right then. I'll see what I can cook for you."

"Anything will do, just no Tofu please" for this she managed a weak smile with she would have sworn made Beastboy grow an inch.

"Sure thing Raven. How is your tea? Did I do it right?" he asked a bit nervous.

"Yes its fine, thank you. How did you know to make it exactly how I like it?"

"Oh that…. I erm… saw you once while you made it. I'll just go and get you some food. Try and stay warm"

With that, he went back into the kitchen and went directly to the cupboards. He went over in his mind thinking of what to give a person to eat who has a cold. Settling on soup, he searched for a tin. But it was just his luck that the only tin they had was a tin of Chicken Soup. He pressed down a shudder that he always got when dealing with meat products. But Raven needs this, she's sick a small voice in his head stated.

Beastboy quickly decided that he had to cook the soup. After all, when he joined the Teen Titans, he understood that he would have to do things that he would find distasteful but which were for the greater good. This, he decided would fall into that category.

He opened the tin and put the contents into a pan and started to stir with a spoon.

After waiting the seven minutes the tin told him to wait for, he poured the stuff into a bowl and getting raven a spoon, and some bread and putting it all on a tray, he crossed over back to the telepath.

Raven heard Beastboy return and sat up and saw him coming back with a tray of soup and bread for her. Judging by the smell of the liquid in the cup, he had also made a fresh cup of tea for her. Thanking him for it all, she picked up the spoon and took a spoonful of soup and ate it. Right always she detected it was Chicken Soup which was her favourite its tasty meat parts sliding dow… meat parts? she thought.

"Beastboy? Is this Chicken? I thought you was against meat products?"

"I am. But this was the only tin of soup we had in the cupboards and I kinda figured that it was an emergency, so I decided to put aside my feelings on the subject and just get on with it" he said reaching behind his head and scratching his neck in the manor he did whenever he got nervous.

"Beastboy I'm speechless. That is the kindest thing that anyone has ever done for me. Thank you so much" Tears ran down her face as she cried letting her powers slip for the second time that night. The difference was that this time nothing broke. Beastboy noted this but said nothing.

Raven finished her soup and tea thanking Beastboy again. She could not have imagined a situation where Beastboy would have willingly handled meat or meat based products. She thought it as likely as Starfire finally not asking her or the others for help on something she did not understand.

Raven's eyes drooped down but quickly opened again. She was tired and though she was warm she was still in her wet clothes. She got up in order to make her way to her room. But she collapsed falling forwards. Beastboy quickly transformed into a bear and grabbed her firmly but gently. He took her in his arms and carried her to her room. He bent down slightly in order to allow Raven to key the lock open.

The door opened, and he carried her in and placed her standing on her floor. Transforming into his normal self he went into her bathroom and got her some towels. He passed them to her and she dried herself as best as she could.

There was however a snag in getting ready for bed.

"Beastboy, can you do me a big favour? I know it's embarrassing to ask but I need some help" she was practically begging him.

"Sure raven. What is it? he asked.

"Can you help me get undressed?" turning as red as Robin's suit.

"I'm sorry. Did you ask me to help you get undressed?" he asked. Clearly he had heard wrongly.

"I'm sorry to ask you Beastboy, but I'm weak even after your acts of kindness to me. I can put my nightgown on myself, but my clothes are heavy with the rain. Please help me" she asked starting get tears in her eyes again.

"Well alright Raven, you know I'll do anything to help you" he replied turning red.

"I'm sorry for asking, Garfield. But I don't want to wake up Starfire to help me."

The use of his real first name made him pause for a few moments. Then he got over the shock and started to take off Raven's jacket, T-Shirt and Jeans.

"Beastboy, please…"

"Hey Rae, I said I would help you and I will."

He reached over her shoulders and slipped of her Bra. He placed it along with her other clothes in what he correctly guessed was her wash-basket. This left her in just her little black panties with blue lace on the top edges. He could not help it. he giggled.

"Garfield, what is funny? That you get to see me almost naked? Are you making fun of me?" she asked with an edge of hurt in her voice.

"Oh no! I am so sorry Raven" he said with alarm. "I just wondered what the others would think if they saw us in here, and particularly with you like you are"

"OH! Yes I could see the funny side of it. But we would have to bury you afterwards"


"Because Robin would kill you. Assuming of course that Cyborg did not kill you first"

"Well don't tell them"

"I will not"

She stopped talking and bent down putting her hands on the top of her panties. Beastboy suddenly found out that there was a small crack in Raven's ceiling. And that it looked as if there where stars either painted or projected on to her ceiling.

The rustling of cloth had stopped and he looked down again to see Raven standing naked in front of him. It took all his effort to keep his face looking at her face and not elsewhere.

"Garfield, I know what I said but could you do it for me?"

"Gulp erm… sure Raven"

He picked up the nightgown from the bed, and put it over her head and let her tug it down, lest he touch something he should not touch and get smoked by a ball of black energy.

She climbed into bed and after making sure that she was tucked in safe and sound, he went towards the door and turned the light off. Raven's voice stopped him.

"Beastboy, would you mind if you stayed the night?"

"Raven, I might have to go back to my room to get my PJ's. Then I will be straight back again ok?"

"No need" and with that a ball of black energy appeared in front of him"

"Thanks Rae, would you mind looking the other way?"

"Why? You saw me naked. It is only fair that I see you naked"

With that, he transformed in a way that left his clothes in a tidy bundle on the floor near the wash basket. Then crawled as a flea into his PJ's and transformed back to normal.

"That was cheating" Raven said with a hint of humour in her normally toneless voice.

"Anyway, about where you will sleep. As I feel that I can trust you, you can sleep in my bed"

"Thanks Raven"

He climbed quickly into the bed. While he lay down, he wondered if Raven had ever gotten sick on Azarath anyway.

"Raven, if you don't mind me asking, did you ever get ill on Azarath?"

"Oh yes many times. But the monks just gave me the medicine but gave me nothing else like love or tender care. It simply was not their way"

With that she turned and went to sleep followed by a happy Beastboy. He had found something more about Raven and now knew that she trusted him completely.