The Judgement/Ending

Cyborg lifted him up and raced down the corridors towards the medical bay. Raven followed after first checking on the children. Hermione was playing with a colouring book, while the Cassandra was asleep. Apollo however was alive and kicking. After teleporting the children to their rooms along with Bumblebee who offered to watch them, she teleported herself to the sickbay. Garfield lay on a bed hooked up to more wires then Raven had ever seen in a medical facility before.

"Any good news?" asked Raven to Cyborg who was consulting various monitors.

"Well, the best news is that he is still alive, the bad news is that machines are doing the most work. Saying that, his heart and brain still work on their own" Cyborg shook his head sadly.

"What?" Raven persisted.

"He's bleeding inside and I just can't stop it with out doing surgery" Cyborg said his real eye filling with tears which fell down his face.

"Well do something then!" Raven cried losing her control slightly and making a light to burst into showers of glass.

Cyborg took Raven hands in his own.

"Raven, we can't take him to a hospital because his blood type is so unique they just don't stock it. And there's also the fact that his whole body chemistry is so different to ours, that its doubtful he would survive surgery. I'm so very very sorry" Cyborg said hugging Raven tightly so that he could feel her sobs.

"Somebody had better tell Robin and Starfire" Raven said eventually.

"I'll do it. B can look after the kids, you stay here" the half metal man left her alone.

Three days later Raven was sitting in the sickbay as she had done every day and night when alarms sounded. Something was heading from space at a very high speed. Raven hit a com panel in the wall to get some news.

"Anybody, what's that flying in?" she asked not taking her eyes off Garfield's still figure.

"It's Starfire's ship. She must have broke the laws of physics to get here"

"Bring their ship in on auto-pilot. I'll teleport them directly here" and with that Raven did just that.

"Friend Raven, are you ok?" Starfire enquired.

"I guess so. It's Garfield I'm worried about" Raven said hugging Starfire fiercely.

"What exactly is wrong?" asked Robin.

"He's got bleeding inside and some of his organs are being bypassed by machines. The worst thing is that we can't operate on him due to his unique blood type. That and the fact his whole body chemistry is so mixed up, it's impossible to operate"

"Shit" Robin swore.

"Raven, do you not want to be with your children? We will stand a watch over Garfield" Starfire said floating next to the bed.

"Thanks Star" and with one last look at Garfield lying with the tubes and wires in him, she left.

Raven spent almost three hours with Hermione playing dolls with her and watching the latest cartoon. The girl seemed to know something was wrong, but Raven explained that Garfield was playing a game with his friends. Raven had got up to make a cup of green tea, when every alarm in the tower went off and above it she could just hear Robin calling her to the sickbay. She forgot that she could teleport and Raven ran through the halls and corridors to the sickbay. On her way through the doorway, she hit the door but didn't register the impact to her shoulder. The sight before her was sickening. Robin held an arm round Starfire while they watched Cyborg using paddles on Garfield. All the monitors where giving their solemn dull tone which indicated that his heart had stopped.

Eventually, Cyborg stopped and put the paddles down.

"I'm sorry" he said simply and switched off the alarms and dull tones.

Raven could not believe it. Garfield was dead and deep inside she felt the same way. Inside her mind, the emotions were having a fierce battle to try and subdue Rage who had broken free. Cyborg and Robin both stared at the lifeless body of their green friend.

"The mind is the last thing to die" Cyborg said "So if you want to say goodbye, then you have better do it now".

", Raven" Starfire said.

"What did you say?" Raven asked slowly.

"I said what a bad thing it is that friend Garfield can not heal himself using his mind like you do, Raven" Starfire repeated.

Raven smacked herself on the head.

"How could I have been so stupid?" she asked nobody in particular. She assumed her old meditating pose and shut her eyes. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath Metrion Zinthos…." Her voice trailed off as she entered Garfield's mind.

She had only sensed his feelings before and she was nearly overwhelmed by the different personalities of the many animals he turned into. She finally found the one spark of life that was Garfield Logan and dived towards it.

"Raven what are you doing here? Garfield asked his voice echoing in his mind.

"Doing the same for you as what you did for me" Raven said her voice doing the same.

"How am I doing?" he asked.

"Not good. In fact you are dead" Raven said sadly.

"Then how are you….?" began Garfield.

"The mind is that last thing to die in most circumstances" Raven said clearly. "I'm going to use my powers to heal you. It will be the same as I normally do, except that this is more powerful" she said and outlined the plan.

"But you said that it is not your place to interfere with death" Garfield said remembering what she had told him when they first saw Hermione at the hospital.

"It just became my place" Raven said defiantly. "I need you to release all control of your mind to me, it will allow me to heal you".

"Ok Raven." and he did so.

It had only been thirty seconds before one monitor began to beep slowly at first, then more steady. One by one they all began to work again as Raven did her healing.

"I don't know what Raven is doing exactly and I'll never ask, but whatever she is doing seems to be working" Cyborg said high fiving Starfire and Robin.

A soft moan from Raven and she fell backwards onto the cushioned bed. Another moan from Garfield and the green changeling open his eyes. He stared across the room at Raven who looked at him right back.

"I guess this makes us even?" he said.

"Damn right. Don't smile though. I now know your most intimate dreams and fantasies" Raven said and the smile fell quickly from Garfield's face. "Sadly, they are all about Tofu" she finished sparing Garfield from the jokes if the others knew the real dreams and fantasies he had.

Garfield was taken to their room by Raven and told to rest. Raven seemed to be full of energy though and she spent the rest of the day with the children. Hermione went to bed early claiming she was tired. Cassandra and Apollo soon followed after a change and a feed. Raven went into the kitchen and made herself some tea and Garfield a Tofu sandwich. The Titans East had left for Steel City, but would return for the trail while Robin and Starfire would return to Tamaran the next afternoon. She returned to their room and gave Garfield the sandwich. He was propped up in bed watching TV. After coming back from the dead, he seemed to be making a complete come back to full health.

"Gar? You know we have to judge Aqualad tomorrow, don't you?" Raven said with a neutral sounding voice.

"I know Raven. I don't know what we are going to do though, Terra paid with her life. But what Aqualad did was unforgivable and far more then what she ever did" He said. The changeling's eyes misted over as he remembered the moment he decided to take the shot for Raven. It seemed that time had slowed down as he saw the bolt of energy move across the room. He had moved to put himself in front of it allowing Raven to live.

"Perhaps we'll think of something in the morning" Raven said finishing her tea. She put the cup down and at that moment the alarm went off. Garfield jumped out of bed and started towards the door to the living room.

"Garfield, where are you going? You've only just recovered, you shouldn't go" she said concern evident in her voice. To her surprise, he stopped and turned back towards her.

"I'm a Titan" he said "It's my duty" and with that he walked towards the living room and the garage. Raven rolled her eyes and followed him. It turned out to be a false alarm caused by a malfunctioning computer at the police headquarters. Robin and Starfire had met them in the living room out of force of habit. As they were awake anyway and having not disturbed Hermione or the twins (Raven having disabled the alarm in each of their rooms) they decided to deal with Aqualad now rather then sooner. After a quick teleport, Titans East arrived and Cyborg, Robin and Bumblebee went off to fetch Aqualad from the cells. Garfield noted that Cyborg had his Sonic Cannon already armed and ready. Raven used her powers to clear away the tables and chairs that normally sat in the room and rearranged some of it so that two tables lay edge to edge next to a wall. There was a small table behind them where Raven and Garfield sat. They waited in silence until Aqualad was brought in.

It wasn't very long. He came in slowly by flanked by a mixture of currant and retired titans. Aqualad was now wearing a simple orange jumpsuit and a set of handcuffs designed to stop him using his powers, Cyborg had brought with him for this purpose having worked on it the whole night. They brought him to a halt in front of Garfield and Raven. The rest of the titans covered the exits with the exception of Starfire who played the role of babysitter and was looking after the children.

"Aqualad, you stand accused of committing murder on eighteen counts, causing severe injuries to seven hundred others and causing millions of dollars worth of damage. You also stand accused of attempted murder. How do you plead?" Garfield said his voice solemn.

"Not Guilty" sneered Aqualad his eyes staring at them all.

"So entered" Raven said. She looked at Aqualad for second or two before launching into the specifics of what he had done, and of how he had done them. At every charge, Raven paused and gave Aqualad the chance to defend himself, but he simply shouted obscenities to all present in the room.

"If you do not remain silent during the readings, you are sentenced right now" Garfield said.

"I don't care" Aqualad said instantly, "I want this over and done with" he added.

"Very well" Garfield said, and he looked at Raven who nodded back at him. They discussed in length for some time until they reached an agreement. "Aqualad, for the crimes you have committed, you are sentenced to life imprisonment for the next 70 years, and you may not apply for parole until at least 50 years of your sentence has been carried out" and Aqualad paled at the length of the sentence given to him by Garfield.

"Take him away" Raven ordered, and Aqualad was taken away by Cyborg, Starfire and Robin. Once he was out of the room, and being led to the cells to await transport to the prison facility, Garfield dropped his head onto the desk top and groaned.

"I'm glad that's over with" he muttered.

"Are you alright?" Raven asked with concern.

"I have a head ache the size of the Horse Head Nebula" Garfield replied.

"Oh" his wife replied, "I don't think we carry a strong enough painkiller in the medicine cabinet" she added.

"Rae!" Garfield protested.

"Sorry" Raven apologised, and floated him off the seat and placed him on the sofa to rest. She knew how much this was draining him, and she had been topping off his energy levels every few minutes. Once everything was put back into its rightful place, Raven teleported Garfield back to their room so that he could get some decent sleep. She checked on the kids and made lunch for them before making herself tea.

"Are you alright?" asked a voice. Raven turned to see Cyborg looking at her.

"Of course I am" Raven replied, "I just worry about Gar" she told him, and the half metal man nodded.

"How is he doing?" he asked, "And I mean by looking into his mind" he added.

"That trial, brief as it was, took a lot out of him" Raven said, pouring hot water into her cup. "I had to keep topping him up with energy from myself" and Raven paused. "I though he might order something rather rash for Aqualad, but in the end he didn't. I think he felt rather useless, to be honest" and Cyborg considered this for a moment.

"Let him rest for a moment, and he will be as right as rain" he promised.

"I hope he does get better" Raven said, "He was looking forward to that trip after all" and Cyborg looked at her with an odd expression.

"What trip?" he demanded.

"We planned to go to the UK and see a special air show. But Gar has us all booked on a special railtour going just under 1000 miles!" and Cyborg chuckled.

"He always did have a thing for Deltics, didn't he?" and Raven nodded and smiled.

"The only thing is that he gets me to teleport him over to England so it saves money" and Cyborg burst into laughter at Raven's statement. When he stopped, he looked at his built in watch and smiled sadly at his friend.

"I better start heading back to Titans East"

"Have a good trip" Raven said, and Cyborg left her before he left the tower – zooming out the garage minutes later. Raven sighed as she drank her tea, and looked around the tower. Even though she knew the Titans here had split up, it still made her a little sad that she wouldn't see her friends every day – though Cyborg was only a few hours away. He was several seconds away if he was teleported by Raven of course. The computer, which kept an eye out on the most important things in the city, was showing that early estimates showed it would take at least a year to get everything back to how it was before Aqualad had used the explosives to cause death and destruction. After finishing her drink, Raven put the cup to one side and went to the bedroom to see how her husband was doing.


"I can't believe that it is another year" said the woman sadly.

"It is, Aunt Starfire" said the young man. He bent down and placed the flowers under the two stone tablets imprinted in the ground. All the family had arrived, plus Robin, Cyborg and Starfire. Several of the Royal Family guards from Tameran had requested to attend and Starfire had permitted it. The cold air breezed around them, and Robin leant forward and brushed the snow off.

"That's better" he said. "That's is much much better now" he said.

"I still can't believe they've gone at all" said Cyborg in reply. All present looked at the inscription on the large marble slab imprinted in the cold earth.


One of the greatest couples that ever lived

May they find peace and happiness in the next life like they did in this one


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