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Chapter 1: Moon Rings


She screamed into the gag as the healers tried to calm her. Her red hair was brought out of her face in a messy bun while the healers poured energy and pain potions down her throat. Her emerald eyes screamed and glared daggers towards the main healer, but she was ignored while her achy body was tended to, urging her to keep pushing. Suddenly, a sharp cry sounded through the room and Lily sank back against the pillows, breathing ragged.

"It's a little girl, Ms. Evans. Oh her eyes are so deep and beautiful." The light-skinned healer whispered, placing the small infant in her mother's arms.

Black onyx eyes stared up into Emerald with a tired look, curling into the larger and warmer body. Lily smiled, kissed her head of deep red hair and whispered

"Why hello, my little Relenya."

"She embraced, with a smile,
as she opened the door.
A cold wind blows,
it puts a chill into her heart."

A presence captured and drew her attention to the doorway to find a clearly irritated Albus Dumbledore. The aging headmaster walked in, closing and warding the door behind him. Blue eyes studied and judged the woman who was very wary of the man.

"Lily, why didn't you tell me?"

"You have taken away the trust,
you're the ghost haunting through her heart.
Past and present are one in her head,
you're the ghost haunting through her heart."

She didn't answer, only drew her small daughter closer to her chest. Her eyes sparkled in anger, as if daring the man to try anything.

"Lily, you mustn't let your Elvin blood control your anger. Now please, I mean you and you infant no harm."

She let her anger fall slightly, but the Elvin blood screamed at her that it was a mistake and that Relenya would be harmed if the old man was given any chance.

"Take my hand as I wander through,
all of my life I gave to you.
Take my hand as I wander through,
all of my love I gave to you."

As if willing to act and comply with the elf's words, Albus quickly had Relenya in his hands, ignoring her sobs while Lily was forced to watch under a binding curse. The old man placed the tip of his wand of the infant's hand and muttered a charm that knocked her unconscious. Lily screamed in her head, praying that the bond had formed quickly enough and was relieved to see Relenya's tiny fingers react and reach for her mother.

"You have taken away the trust,
you're the ghost haunting through her heart.
Past and present are one in her head,
you're the ghost haunting through her heart."

Albus ignored this and cast a powerful memory charm on the bound Elf. But before the spell could fully work, the Elvin blood blocked and prevented the charm, but it put the woman into a deep sleep, so she didn't see Albus disappear with a silently sobbing Relenya is his arm.

"Take my hand as I wander through,
All of my life I gave to you.
Take my hand as I wander through,
All of my love I gave to you."

Six Years Later

A loud smack sent a small girl crashing to the floor, tears flowing over the streams of blood from the cuts that littered her face, but, she refused to let the man hear her scream. But when he grabbed her and began to walk up the stairs, she panicked and began to struggle, kicking and biting him until he dropped her. Taking her opportunity, she ran out of the house, glad for once for her extremely thin body, for it allowed her to move with great speed.

She stumbled along the concrete walk and fell near a park, skinning her knees until she could see bits of white through crimson on one knee. She hissed in pain and tried to wipe the blood away, but a loud growling drew her gaze upwards to find five huge dogs in front of her, hungry and rabid. She slowly brought herself up, ignoring the shooting pain and began to back up until her back was against the inside edge of the forest that surrounded the town.

The largest dog moved forward, forcing Relenya to back even further into the dark depths. Suddenly, the beasts lunged forward and she ran. She tried to ignore the pain that was shooting through her legs, but her six-year-old body couldn't take it and she collapsed, falling harshly against a large oak tree.


A regal looking woman gazed down softly at her son, who was ready to leave.

" Bring the child here. No harm is to come to her, understand?" She ordered.

" Yes mother."

With a flash of light, the man with short, dark brown hair and blue eyes disappeared.


Relenya was scared for her life and for very good reason. The five hungry and rabid dogs were moving closer to her ragged and weary form, ready to kill/

" N-n-nice d-d-dogs." She stuttered, tears pouring down her face like a faucet.

There was movement above her and a large mass dropped suddenly in front of her and she was able to make out the form of a large black wolf. The creature's silver eyes gave a protective glance at her before moving it towards the dogs, hunches raised. A threatening growl had the dogs backing up and retreating, leaving the young girl with the black wolf.

Said wolf turned to back towards her and sat, watching her shacking form. The tears had stopped and Relenya was trying to slow her breathing. The wolf gave a soft whine and began to gently lick her face, cleaning her pink cheeks of the semi-dried blood & tears until her face was clean and dry. She was gazing warily at the creature, but brought a shaky hand up the wolf put its head underneath it.

" Thank you, wolfie." Relenya whispered, falling back against the tree. " Please don't leave me." She added in barely a whisper, dropping into sleep.

The wolf's silver eyes studied the child before licking her ankle and gently nipping it, sending a series of silver and orange paw prints to wrap around her leg. A soft glow surrounded the creature until a woman's form appeared with waist length, jet black hair and moon silver eyes. She pulled the small child into her lap and stroked her hair, smiling softly as the girl curled in closer to her.

" Don't you worry, my sweet Relenya. I'll protect you, always." She whispered, the little girl's head.

Sometime later, a figure appeared next to them, causing the woman to pull the child closer and snarl at the figure.

" Easy Kielye. It's Ryan, so please calm down." Ryan said, kneeling down next to Kielye and Relenya.

" My Mother has ordered that I bring the child to her." He added softly.

Kielye was silent before she stood, carefully cradling Relenya to her chest and began walking, Ryan next to her.

" But, why are you going in your human form? It's not like I can't carry the child."

The wolf stopped and faced the elf, placing a free hand on his temple, passing all the memories that she had gained from her sleeping cub. Ryan quickly paled and nearly threw up.

" She's only six! How can anyone do that her, let alone a child?"

Kielye was silent before she started walking again, but this time, Relenya's leg caught the elf's attention; but he chose to stay silent, desperately trying not to throw up as the, memories paraded around his head.

They finally arrived at the village and Kielye instantly went to the healers, but was extremely cautious before letting any of them touch her cub.

" Kiel, I need to see the extent of her injuries. I won't take her out of your arms, I promise." Mary wished, pushing her dirty blonde hair out of her face, her dark brown eyes pleading with the wolf.

Moon silver eyes relented and she loosened her grip on Relenya, allowing Mary to slowly turn the slightly bleeding child and begin working on healing the shacking cub.

Two hours later found Kielye sitting on the bed's edge, her cub next her, tight against her leg. Her hand was clutching her robe in a loose hold while Kielye's hand was constantly stroking her hair, lulling her into sleep.

A full moon was shining in through the window, illuminating Relenya's small figure further. Her mid-back length black hair shimmered, casting an eerie glow over her already pale form.

A small smile on her lips, Kielye leaned over and kissed her forehead, whispering

" What does your mind ponder, my cub?"

Relenya sleepily opened her onyx eyes and smiled. But she didn't answer, only whispered back.

" Wolfie."

" How do you know this?"

" Eyes…such pretty eyes."

She drifted back to sleep, her small body basically on Kielye's lap. The older wolf was planning revenge for her cub, the memories replaying in her head. For the complete trust that Relenya placed in Kielye's hands allowed her to see all the way back to when Albus took the infant from Lily, even is Relenya was far too young the event or her birth mother.

" I will make you pay, Albus. I swear it, I will make her the most powerful witch you will ever regret screwing with." She hissed.

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