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Summary:Inuyasha/Bleach Crossover. Byakuya is injured during the final battle to defend Karakura town and finds himself somehow thrust into the 'real' world as opposed to the spirit one. Kagome happens across him in his tattered state. Rating Teen for blood.

Rebirth - A Tale of Two Souls

Prelude to Conclusion

I asked myself "Was I content?"

With the world that I once cherished.

Did it bring me to this darkened place?

To contemplate my perfect future.

I will not stand nor utter words against

this tide of hate

Losing sight of what and who I was again.

-VNV Nation "Epicentre"

Will it only be a matter of time before it would all catch up to me? …the ages of battle and the destruction of a countless number of hollow armies at my hands. How much blood stains must stain them now? How many decades have my crimson fingers gone unseen (or unconcerned with?) by my junior or senior death gods? I am the perfect bringer of demise so perhaps my occupation with the 13 squads is as justified as my family demanded it.

There isn't any other logical way to consider it; everything I've ever cared about and reached for has ceased to be. My parents, my wife…what or who else will be lost to me next? Will duty save me on that fateful day when I am finished? Will all of my studious work stand the tests of time?

Then, it was beginning to get difficult for the injured Kuchiki Byakuya; captain of the sixth squad of the death gods, to tell if today was the fateful day in question. The stormy sky was still raining down on him, his clothes being cleaned of the blood caked over his motionless body.

The battle for Karakura town against Aizen and his Arrancar remained at an unknown victory for the captain, his wounds deep enough that he wasn't certain if he would survive until the sunrise. If the fake version of Karakura town was even capable of forming a sunrise he would have to do what he could to wait until he received aid of some kind.

It was humiliating to him that he'd been dropped into such a poor state but his personal battle against the former third division Captain Ichimaru Gin had at least dropped the almost demon like soul reaper from the field. The imp's zanpakuto had definitely listened to the betrayer's command and if Byakuya wasn't such a master of flash step it would have hit his heart as opposed to piercing the side of his lung.

Such grand wounds weren't uncommon for the battle-hardened members of the thirteen squads but dozens of other lesser battles had worn him down considerably long before his final participation in the war. He considered the cherry petal like pieces of his own blade around him, the fact that they hadn't reverted to their blade form was at least somewhat of a positive sign and created a deceptively peaceful ambiance as his thoughts broke off and his mind welcomed the tumble into the black oblivion of unconsciousness.


The rain seemed to pound harder in response to her emotions, the young girl running as fast as she could as she moved away from her new school. Another argument with the young man attempting to become her boyfriend and the subsequent name-calling that came from the school students had made her run off in desperation to be away from the cruel group for a while. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she continued down another of many unfamiliar streets and allies.

It had only been four months sense the world had changed for her. The well had been closed, she closed it by her own desire and didn't wish to look back. Yet, it was impossible to put such a fresh wound as losing her first love out of her mind. He'd finally chosen her over Kikiyo but her duty was to her family and home…when she returned the magic that had connected her world to Inuyasha's had closed indefinitely.

It was a month later, after many weeks of depressed waiting at the edge of the decrepit old well, that her mother announced they were moving away. They had come into enough money with their mothers raise that they could hire someone to help grandfather with the shrine and she wanted to go somewhere with a better school system.

Or at least that was the excuse, Kagome knew that it had been because of her inability to let go of her half-demon companion. She had nearly failed the school year when they had been finishing off Naraku in that final battle and it was still beyond her what strings her mother had pulled to let this school allow her to repeat the last half of the year.

Most of the students had been nice to her but the upperclassmen apparently had the habit of bothering new students and within her first week (as long as school had been in session during the winter semester thus far) one of them had taken a liking to her.

She hadn't really made any friends yet, she'd never had a lot of close friends at her old school and all of the ones she did she'd had for ages, so far it seemed everyone had their clicks and were indifferent to the new girl coming in half way through the school year.

The thick rain, unfamiliar territory, and the slick street combined with her frenzied sprinting eventually ended up with her turning a corner and slamming face first into an unexpected wall. Bouncing painfully backward and landing squarely on her rump with a splash from the puddle her behind had found on it's sudden impact with the wet ground.

She immediately felt even worse given her already pitiful situation and she pushed herself to her feet tugging a little at her skirt so she could try to get some of the water out. She blinked in surprise when she brought her hands back around, her eyebrows raising when she recognized a telltale red color being washed off by the rain.

Looking back and down she noted the horrifically injured Soul Reaper whose blood now stained her new skirt, at first she backed up, thinking he was dead until he shuddered as he took a breath.

"He's alive?" the shocked comment was aloud, not that anyone could hear her…this seemed like an area that didn't get a lot of traffic. She had a half dry thought that her life was always being controlled by things outside her grasp as she bent down to look at him more closely.

His kensiakan had managed to survive the battle in one piece and his expensive scarf was equally untouched and perhaps more surprisingly unstained by the blood otherwise still heavy in the rest of his captain's uniform.

Kagome reached forward and brushed his black hair from his face with a frown, she hadn't even considered using her priestess powers sense she'd left the feudal era but she doubted she could get an ambulance here in time or even find her way to a phone to try.

She closed her eyes and did her best to concentrate. Though she hadn't been attempting to use her powers at all she had taken up the art of meditation at her mother's suggestion. It had helped her have times to relax during the past few months and now might help her channel her still un-mastered powers better. The rain helped her get as calm a mindset as easily managed with a cut up nearly dead body below her and concentrated on the handsome man below her. Picturing him without the wounds blemishing his otherwise striking body.

She was in that strange position for what felt like hours before she finally managed to tap the holy energy that resided within her, channeling it down into the injured stranger below her for a short time before sitting back on the wet floor from a sudden wave of exhaustion.

She tried to muster a reassuring smile as he started to wake again, glad she was able to help.

-To be continued…

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