Alright so hey guys. I know I haven't updated for a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY long time. School started and you know the rest. I kinda forgot about this story and yeah. I did a bad thing. I know. . Hahaha. Anyway, I've read it again and my reactions are as of follows:

"…. Wth?"

"… What is Neil supposed to be?!?"

"WHAT?!?! "



So yeah. I am rewriting this. Since I've only retrieved few of the supposed chapters of this story (and it's hard trying to remember it too), I need your help guys. I'm thinking about keeping it the same but getting Yoru out. But then I remembered Yoru has an important part to play. So now I'm thinking, what if I remove yoru, BUT, replace him with someone else? I mean I'm crossing this story with Shugo Chara! And La Corda? So meh.

It's still gonna be the same yet, a bit diff too. I'mma add things from the old chapters, rewrite and remove the goddamn sectional things. I mean, should I? I've read your reviews too and you liked how it's been going so far so I'm asking you now first. Should I do what I planned like removing and etc, (As said above) or should I keep it the same way it is now?

What I plan is this:

- Replace Yoru with a wolf spirit that can transform into human every full moon.

- Remove the sectionals and the effing seiyo academy thing and change it to something else.

- I'm keeping Neil of course. And I'm changing Itsuki's name. And maybe his master's name too.

So far that's what I've come up with. C'mon guys, tell me what you think. I made a promise to my friend that I'm gonna finish this story before June. And that's only a few weeks away so I want to start as soon as possible, so your thoughts are REALLLLY important. Please review about what you think I should do. .

Thanks a lot! Hope the next time I open my gmail, I'm gonna see comments from you. . If you have questions regarding what I plan to do, pls. keep em simple and not too many. . Thanks again!

Hope to work with you guys soon! (again)