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To Catch A Falling Star-Chapter One: An All-Girl Team?

Meet Sayaka.


"You want me to coach the girl's team?" Ryuzaki Sumire repeated in disbelief.

"Yes. That's what I just said." The head of the school administration sat at his desk, hands folded.

"Sir," she tried to say respectfully. "I have my hands full with the boys' team. I don't have time to coach another team."

"Make the time."

Respect went out the window. "If you can make a thirty-hour day, then I could make the time."

"Ryuzaki-sensei. This is not a request." He leaned back. "If you can lead the girl's team to the Kanto regionals, Seishun Gakuen could draw in more donor support. That means more funding for everyone."

'Right, and how many school clubs did you have to cut to make this team happen?' The Seigaku sports budget was strained as it is. "This is quite a gamble, sir."

"Sometimes gambling pays off."

Keyword: Sometimes. Sumire sighed, and quickly tried to run through the female tennis club members in her mind. Half of them were a bunch of simpering, giggling idiots, and Sumire Ryuzaki was not naive enough to think her granddaughter Sakuno was completely exempt from this category. "They can't win as they are now. We'll have to call for new tryouts."

"That's fine by me. You do whatever it takes."


"What the hell!"

Momoshiro's racket clattered onto the court. But his wouldn't have been only one if the others hadn't been holding theirs so tightly.

He was unaware that he'd dropped the racket. The shock was too much.

Of course, the others had their own ways of showing their surprise. Inui pushed his glasses up his nose. The Golden Pair were chatting to each other, but their voices suddenly faded as they looked around in confusion. Kawamura mouthed his questions; no sound came from his lips. Even Fuji opened his eyes.

"What…what is going on?" Kaidoh said.

Ryoma twisted his cap around his head. "The way I see it, our team is getting cut."

"Eh?" Kikumaru cried, clinging on Ryoma in panic. "They can't do that!"

"Ite…" Ryoma muttered. "Kikumaru-senpai, you're choking me."

"What are we going to do?" he cried, ignoring Ryoma.

"Don't panic…" Oishi attempted to reassure them, though he himself looked worried. "I'm sure there's a logical reason…"

Their coach walked towards them, smiling at their confusion. "It's a sight, isn't it?" she said heartily. "The school wants me to coach an all-girl team."


Well, that explained all the girls running around on their tennis courts. "But, Ryuzaki-sensei!" Oishi said. "Don't the girls have their own tennis club, with their own courts? Couldn't they—"

Tezuka's deep voice resonated from behind them. "They have no experience in competing in tournaments." They turned to see their captain join them, his arms crossed in their usual fashion. He didn't seem the least bit surprised. Of course, their captain hardly was the one to show emotion. "That's why they need to have supervision."

"They've been doing pretty well so far!" Momoshiro argued. "Why, suddenly—"

"There's going to be an all-girl tennis tournament, just like ours." Coach Ryuzaki explained. "Two doubles, three singles, and here's the clincher. Two mixed doubles."

"Mixed?" Oishi echoed. "As in…"

She nodded. "Yep. As in boy-girl, boy-girl. So I'm combining the teams, and Tezuka will be captain of both. I've already talked it over with him."

"But, the space!" Momoshiro cried. "We can't possibly share…"

"Only the girl regulars will be allowed on our courts." Tezuka said. Before any of them could say anything else, he told them to go with the usual training in that commanding tone that forbade any argument. Momoshiro only sighed and mumbled his objections to himself and he walked away.

"Inui." he suddenly said as they were departing. The captain tossed a black sports bag towards him. The team trainer unzipped it to find a Seigaku team jersey inside. "But, this is—" he started.

"You're no longer our team trainer," Tezuka said. "Welcome back."

Coach Ryuzaki smiled at the baffled Inui. 'For someone who calculates everything… he didn't realize that there were two openings for regulars? Baka…' "The rest of you, don't just stand there! For starters, you can run 20 laps!"

"Wait a minute," Momoshiro peered out at the girls. "Is that Sayaka? Sayaka, is that you?"

One of the girls lifted her head from where she was performing a split on the ground. "Hello, Take-nii-san."

Everyone gaped, but their surprise couldn't hold a candle to the astonished expression on Momoshiro's face. If he had picked up his racket, he would've dropped it again.

"What the hell!" he said again. "You're on the gymnastics team!"

She got up from her position and shook out her short, black hair. "It got cut." she said simply.

"You don't play tennis!"

"That's where you're wrong. I started three years ago."

"Holy…" Momoshiro reeled.

"If you must know, I've been stealing your rackets since I was eight. But you should have known I've been playing, or you haven't even the time to keep in touch with your twin?"

Gasps were heard from all around the court.

"Did you know Momo had a sister?" Kawamura said.

Fuji shook his head. "No, I had no idea."

"Heh, she's kinda cute." Kikumaru whispered to Ryoma. "Kawaii."

Momoshiro ignored them. "I've been busy!" he said defensively.

She rolled her eyes. "Right. I'm your twin. We go to the same school. We live in the same house. Is it that hard to acknowledge my existence?"

He snapped. "Hey, it's not like I'm expected to ask every detail of your life!"

"Yeah, well you should at least care!" she exploded.

"Why, you…"

The regulars watched as the two siblings argued. "I can't believe they're siblings and not something like sworn enemies..." Oishi commented.

Fuji smiled. "Heh… It's nice to be able to argue with a sibling, though."

"Eh? Does Fuji argue with Yuuta-kun then?" Kawamura asked.

"No, but I like watching him and my sister argue…"

"I should have known." he muttered.

"Oishi!" Kikumaru cried. "Shouldn't we stop them?" He gestured frantically to the siblings.

Oishi turned and nearly had a heart attack. Momoshiro was now holding his sister by the scruff of her shirt, and she was threatening to bite his hand clean off. "Hey, hey!" he said, running forward to pull them apart. "Violence isn't the answer here!" With Eiji's help, he managed to place a few meters between the pair.

"Calm down, both of you!" Eiji was crying as he restrained Momoshiro (with great difficulty).

"Fsssh… pitiful." Kaidoh slung his racket over his shoulder and began walking away.

"What did you say!" Momo switched targets. "Want to say that to my face, Mamushi?"

"Shut up! Are you trying to pick a fight?"

"Bring it on, Viper!"

"Don't ignore me, idiot brother!"


Their captain had spoken. Suddenly, the court was quiet. Tezuka turned to the cluster of regulars. "Everyone, 20 laps!"

"Does he mean me?" Sayaka asked, pointing to herself.

"Momoshiro Sayaka!" His deep voice practically made the courts vibrate.


"Since you are not officially part of the tennis club yet, I will excuse your behavior for today." His eyeglasses flashed. The rest of the regulars scurried off before he could start on them.

"I apologize!" she said with a bow. 'I can see why nii-san and the others respect him so much. He feels more than just a year older…'

A girl with hot pink hair smiled at her. "I think the captain just hinted that you'll make the team..." She turned to the girl beside her. "Chiharu-senpai, aren't you jealous?"

Ryuzaki smiled as she watched the scene before her eyes. "Tezuka will be a fine captain for both the teams." she murmured aloud. "Maybe our girl team will be able to take a couple of trophies this year too..."

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