Chapter 1- Intro

Chapter 1- Intro

Ten minutes to Fremont, Nebraska.

Sam and Dean Winchester had been driving all morning to be sure that they would make it on time, and were now only minutes away. For the middle of October it was still surprisingly warm outside and the sky could not have been clearer. It had not rained for days for nearly a state over and so driving was at its best. Today would be the perfect day for the grand re-opening.

"Dean, you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm great Sammy."

Despite the beautiful weather, Dean could not help but feel anxious. Although he was happy to be see Ellen and Bobby again, he was nervous about meeting Jo again. The last time he had seen her was the day that he and Sam had brought her to the bus stop; the day he had been trying to get out of his head ever since. The moment had come and gone so suddenly that it almost had not happened at all.

But it had, and it had been almost five months ago. They had not spoken since. Dean had possibly picked up his phone to call her a dozen times, but never managed to follow through.

His mind was racing as he turned the corner onto a dirt road and their destination slowly came into view. A building became detectible a moment later and Dean, in spite of his unease, could not help but smile. Sam had never seen what had happened to the old bar, but for the past week since Ellen's phone call Dean had been seeing the ashes and ruin that had been all that was left.

He parked the car in the gravel lot and got out to admire the structure in front of him. It really was a sight for sore eyes. He had never thought that he'd see the Roadhouse standing again.