Title: Wilson Takes a Break

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Sadly neither House or Wilson belong to me.

Summary: House suggests that Wilson should take a vacation. HouseWilson.

A/N: Set in/spoiler for season four. Any comments or reviews will be gratefully received. Thanks!

House paused before he opened his office door to the balcony. He could see Wilson standing there, just staring out into the distance. It was clear to House that Wilson had lost another patient. Wilson's hands rubbed over his hair before coming to a rest on the balcony wall infront of him. House continued to watch as Wilson's head bowed and shoulders slumped.

House debated for a moment whether to leave Wilson alone. He quickly made the decision to open the door; making sure he tapped his cane loudly against the ground as he approached. Wilson looked across at House, but didn't say anything to him. House could see he was tired, more than tired if he was unwilling to make a preemptive remark to warn House off.

"You ok?" House eventually asked. He didn't know what else to say. They had had the same discussion countless times over the years about how Wilson should be more emotionally distant when it came to dealing with his patients. It seemed futile to re-hash it once again.

"I've had enough of telling patients that they are going to die soon. And I've had enough of stupid committee meetings and pointless paperwork. Apart from that I'm fine." Wilson replied, chuckling mirthlessly.

"So, take a break." House suggested. "Or change specialties." He continued, quickly warming to the idea. "There's a saying you know; 'a change is as good as a rest'. Why don't you just work in the ER for a few weeks? I have no idea why, but Cameron seems to like it."

"I'm sure Cuddy will agree to that!" Wilson retorted. He knew there was no way that Cuddy would let one of her department heads leave their jobs so easily even if it was only on a temporary basis.

"Even better!" House announced, jabbing Wilson's shoulder with the handle of his cane. Wilson looked across at House with wary suspicion. Whatever House was about to say wasn't going to be better at all.

"You could always work with me. I could do with an Oncologist on my team. You can say 'it's not cancer' and the rest of the time we can watch Judge Judy. The others will do all the actual work." House added, "And the best thing of all, I could make you do my clinic hours for me. Fantastic!" House grinned as Wilson first shook his head vehemently and then began to laugh.

"Thanks, House." Wilson replied as his laughter gradually lessened.

"For what?" House was pleased to see that Wilson looked more relaxed, with a smile still on his face.

"For reminding me that I could have a really bad job. I could be working for you!" Wilson shook his head again and sighed deeply. "A vacation would be nice though. I've been meaning to see Mom and Dad for a while. You could go too...if you want." Wilson suggested, blurting it out without thinking. He looked up to see House wearing a matching expression of surprise.

"I have no idea why, but Mom seems to like you." Wilson quickly covered. House considered the idea for a moment before he nodded his head in silent acceptance of the invitation. House wondered how, even when Wilson was having a really bad day, instead of wallowing in self-pity, he thought of others; he thought of him. House suddenly felt an almost overwhelming urge to return the sign of affection. So impulsively he leaned towards Wilson, cupping the back of Wilson's neck with his free hand.

House pressed his lips against Wilson's mouth and kissed him tenderly. Wilson took a step towards him, unconsciously resting his hands on House's upper arms to prevent himself from knocking House off balance. House felt Wilson kiss him back, but it didn't seem strange or shocking. It was only when he realised that Wilson's hands had travelled up from his arms and were now cupping his face, his fingers gently caressing his skin did House break away from the kiss. House then moved his hand from Wilson's neck to awkwardly pat him on his bicep. He quickly turned and walked back towards his office. He looked over his shoulder to see Wilson looking dazed.

"So I'll talk to Cuddy to get us the time off." House stated, not giving Wilson a chance to change his mind and take back the invitation. "Next week okay?" He asked.

Wilson nodded as his reverie was broken by House's question. "Yeah. See if you can get two weeks." Wilson replied, a small smile forming across his face.

"Okay." House returned the smile and walked into his office. Wilson returned to his original position of staring at the view in front of him. A cool breeze picked up around him, but he didn't feel cold. It was as if he could still feel House's warm hand on his neck and soft lips against his. He had lost himself so easily in the kiss. The thought of not kissing House back hadn't even entered his mind.

It suddenly occurred to Wilson that maybe House had kissed him to serve as a distraction. If that was true, Wilson thought, then it had really worked! He was now incapable of thinking about anything else. He wanted more than anything at that moment to follow House and confront him, to ask him why he had done it and what the meaning behind it was.

However one of the qualities Wilson possessed that House didn't, was patience. He decided it would be much better to wait until his bags were packed and they were actually on the road, driving to visit his parents. House would be unable to escape and so would have to give him an answer. Wilson would continue to pester him until he got House to tell him the truth.

Wilson continued to smile to himself as he headed back to his office so that he could clear his work schedule for the next two weeks.

The end