A/N: I was really tempted to write a deleted scene/alternative ending type chapter with Wilson telling his parents about him and House, but I decided it wouldn't be realistic if it only took one conversation for his parents to accept and approve of them being together.

Anyway, this is the final chapter. Thanks for all the lovely feedback!

House waited inside the car while Wilson said his farewells to Hannah and Andrew. House was sitting in the driver's seat with the keys already in the ignition. He knew that Wilson would question why House had volunteered to drive, especially as he had said on numerous occasions that he didn't want people to think that he owned such a boring and uncool car. In his mind, a voice that sounded just like Wilson provided the retort that he obviously didn't mind being driven around in his boring and uncool car.

House had a good reason why he wanted to drive. He was relieved that the issue of whether Wilson would tell his parents about their relationship had been sorted out with relative ease. It wasn't as fun being a spectator of one of Wilson's epic freak outs when he was part of the cause anymore. But there was something else he needed to ask Wilson. He really didn't want to as one awkward, difficult conversation per day was his usual limit. However just as Wilson, the evil genius had brilliantly illustrated two weeks earlier; being trapped in a car with no choice, but to answer the question did get the desired result.

House looked in the direction of the porch to see Wilson with his parents. Ordinarily he would've found the sight of petite Hannah on tip-toes, trying to reach up to hug her six-foot tall son amusing, but it was making him feel more impatient and nervous. He just wanted Wilson to hurry up so that they could start their journey. After what seemed like an eternity, Wilson finally ventured down the path towards his car. House heard Hannah call out for Wilson to promise to call her once he arrived home safe and sound. Wilson only nodded his head, vaguely waving at his parents without turning around. He then walked around the back of the car, putting his bag in the trunk before sitting in the passenger seat.

"Seriously, how long does it take to say goodbye to two people?!" House complained. Wilson decided to ignore the comment and concentrated on the fact that House was sitting in the driver's seat.

"Wow." Wilson simply said, unable to hide his smile. He crossed his arms, eagerly awaiting House's explanation.

"Save it. I've already had the conversation in my head. Boring and uncool. Yadda, yadda, yadda." House replied, hoping to distract Wilson. He rolled his eyes as Wilson's smile grew wider.

"Fantastic! Can you play out my side of the conversation more often? It would save me so much time and effort."

"Nah, I wouldn't want to deprive you of your chance to annoy me." It was so easy to fall into their back and forth routine that for a moment House was lulled into a false sense of security. He returned the smile and Wilson immediately grabbed his chance.

"So…any reason why you want to drive?" Wilson asked, his eyebrows raised in curiosity.

"It's my good deed for the year." House evaded as he started the engine. "You can choose the station, but no news or talk radio or you'll have to make your own way back." He warned as he moved away.

- - - - -

House waited for as long as he could, but the situation was really testing his patience. He had no idea how Wilson had coped during the drive up to his parents' home. He finally decided that they were close enough to their destination. Testing the water wasn't really his style; direct and straight to the point would be best way to go.

"Do you want to move in with me?" House suddenly asked. He kept his eyes fixed on the road ahead as he spoke.

"What did you just say?!" Wilson exclaimed in disbelief as he turned to look at House.

"Move your stuff into my apartment. Live together." House clarified. Wilson felt as if time had slowed down as the words were gradually processed in his mind. He automatically reached over to switch the radio off. He wished that House could pull over to the side of the road and stop the car. His mind then went blank, unable to find the words to form a suitable response. House waited for a few excruciating seconds before he had to put an end to his misery. "Wilson, say something."

"Give me a minute to think." Wilson answered as he was jolted out of his stunned state.

"You don't need a minute to think." House snapped back. He had called Wilson an idiot many times before, but he had never once thought that Wilson was slow on the uptake. "You can say whatever you want." House tried his best to keep the disappointment out of his voice. He began to think that Wilson just wanted to let him down gently.

"No I can't." Wilson retorted. "Whatever I say will be the wrong thing." He then rubbed his hands over face.

"I know what you're thinking. Either you move in with me and we'll mess everything up in record time. Or if you say no, I'll assume that you've had second thoughts about us." House had known Wilson for long enough to know how his mind worked.

House had told Wilson two weeks earlier that he needed time to get used to the change between them. Wilson began to wonder if that was true for him too. He had thought he had adapted well, but being on vacation together for a couple of weeks and the day to day reality of living together were not the same thing at all. However the alternative was to hide and censor his feelings; too scared of putting any pressure on their relationship. Wilson knew he had only two options, play it safe or risk it all.

"House, what do you want?" Wilson quietly asked after a long period of silence. He had noticed how carefully House had worded his question. How he had done his best to give none of his own feelings away. Wilson needed to know that House felt as he did.

"I want you to say yes." House wasn't exactly the most idealistic person in the world, but the past two weeks had given House a glimpse of a possible future where he could be with Wilson all the time. The only thing he wanted at that moment was to be able to wake up with Wilson every morning.

"Yes." Wilson said. A smile slowly crept over House's face. He had gotten the desired result. He glanced across at Wilson to see that he had a matching grin on his face.

- - -

As soon as House had parked his car in front of his apartment, Wilson held out his hand for the car keys.

"I can pack up some of my things now. Just a few clothes…" Wilson glanced down at his watch as he calculated how much time it would take to pack some of his clothes for work and his books. He knew filling the apartment with the rest of his 'sentimental junk' as House would put it, wouldn't be appreciated anyway. It would have to be done gradually, secretly so that House wouldn't notice straightaway.

"It can wait." House interrupted, refusing to hand over the keys.

"It won't take long." Wilson replied. "I think an hour maybe, two at the very most."

"It can wait." House repeated, this time his voice was quieter, but full of intent. As far as House was concerned, they were not expected back at work until the following morning, so he was determined not to waste another minute or even a second. House didn't wait to see the look of comprehension on Wilson's face. He simply handed Wilson's keys back to him before opening the door and climbing out of his seat.

"Oh!" Wilson exclaimed as he gazed at the empty seat next to him. Wilson decided that their bags could stay in the trunk and quickly locked the car. Wilson jogged the short distance to catch up with House who had already gone inside his apartment building.

It seemed that neither of them could wait to get inside the apartment. House tried in vain to unlock the door to his apartment and twist the handle while Wilson kissed him passionately. Wilson didn't do anything to help House with his continued fumbled attempts, preferring to keep his body pressed against House's instead.

"Can't open the door if you're in the way." House said as he eventually gave up, a breathless chuckle leaving his lips. Wilson simply took a step to the side so that he could reach the handle while House turned the key in the lock.

Finally the door opened with House leading the way inside, pausing only to let Wilson kick the apartment door shut. House abandoned his cane in favour of holding onto Wilson as they hurriedly made their way to the bedroom. They were both glad that their vacation wasn't ending just yet. Real life and all it's problems could wait for a few more hours.

the end