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Chapter 1

And So The World Begins Again

"I feel sick…" The words left Asuka's lips quietly, painfully. Her neck felt like it had been crushed, and she could still feel the iron tight grip of the Third's hands, despite the fact that he was no longer choking her. She could feel the sand between the fingers of her free hand. Sand? She twisted her pained body to take in her surroundings. What had happened to this place? The ocean ran red, the sands were white, the sky black and dotted with stars, and…Asuka nearly screamed, the sound coming out as a bizarre, rough noise as her eye went wide with fear as it fell upon the head of Rei-Lilith. She painfully scurried away from Shinji, staring at him, her undamaged eye examining his frame for answers.

"What is all this?" She mustered the words from the depths of her throat, still sore, and motioned with her hand around them.

"What the hell did you do, Dummkopf?" Shinji remained where he was, silent. He wanted to avoid her rant. He wanted to avoid the inevitable explanation that would follow. He was dreading how he would tell her, but as he raised his eyes to explain, she scoffed and turned her head away.

"Fine…don't tell me. I'll figure out how you managed to screw things up this badly on my own." Shinji blinked a few tears away, for a moment, staring at Asuka. She eased off on pressuring him, but why? Asuka was never one to simply give up something she wanted without a fight. So why now? Was she just angry at him? Or maybe she truly wanted to do things on her own and not have to deal with him. He brought his hands up, rubbing his eyes for a moment, listening as Asuka started to speak again.

"I don't think you know anything about what's going on here, anyway. If I don't know, how could you possibly know?" Again, Asuka gave Shinji an answer to his unvoiced question. He watched her for several moments, pondering what it was this meant. He stood up from his knees and started towards her.

"Soryu-san…this place…it's what I've made of the world." Shinji muttered, not knowing where the resolve to speak came from. Asuka turned and faced him, alarm playing fully across her face.

"You did this!? Dummkopf! Arschloch!" Asuka stepped towards him and began to strike out at him. Shinji lifted his arms to shield his face, taking most of the blows with ease as Asuka was not in peak physical condition. He wanted her to stop, to let him be. To forgive him doing all of this…and deep down inside, he felt bitter and angry. He all but erased all of mankind except for the two of them, and she was striking him? How dare she! This inner Shinji cried. All at once, Asuka stopped striking him. The fist that was being brought down upon him opened into a hand, and was placed on top of his head, sliding down to his cheek and over his neck, stepping forward and draping her arms over his shoulders and pulling him into a hug.

"Shinji-sama…" She began. Shinji stood in awe at the level of formality she was using with him. This was not the same Asuka that was just striking him.

"Gomen nasai…I don't have any right to blame you…you brought me back…even though I was cruel to you all the time." Shinji stood rigid, unable to comprehend what was happening, until her words fully processed in his mind. She was apologizing…for exactly the reasons he had wanted her to. First, avoiding explanation, then she gave her reasons for dropping the argument, a rare feat for Asuka. Something in Shinji's mind clicked together, but he was unsure if he was correct. Could he just be dreaming? He had to be sure…he had to conduct one final test. He would have to do something that he would never do…and think of something Asuka would never agree with. He looked up and stared Asuka straight into her eye, unnerving the currently apologetic girl.

"Asuka…" No formalities. This raised the girl's ire slightly, but in the mood she was in, she wasn't ready to voice her anger yet.

"I want you…" Shock, at first, which quickly turned into anger was clearly represented across the girls face. Shinji knew at once he had been wrong.

"Arschloch! Pervert! How dare you!?" She exclaimed, fuming, looking ready to strike the third. Shinji cringed and prepared for the blow, and opened his mouth ready to apologize when he was chastised by the fiery-haired girls lips crashed against his own in a steamy kiss. Her hands rose to the sides of his face as she leaned her whole body into his, causing both to tumble over with Asuka straddling Shinji, her body still pressed tightly to his, lips never breaking contact until Shinji forced her to break the kiss. He was wrong…wasn't he?

"Asuka! What are you doing?" She ran a hand through his hair and the other slid over his groin and gripped the growing bulge she found there, somewhat roughly. Shinji was only able to stave off the young girl's wandering hands briefly as she, swept up in passion, spoke only in her native language.

"Stoppen Sie zu sprechen und ficken. (Stop talking and fuck.)" She leaned towards him again and sought his lips, but his squirming led her to his neck, which she seemed to deem good enough. Shinji let out a light cry at Asuka's overwhelming attentions as she ran a tongue up his neck to his ear. He wasn't wrong. He was right…he has total control over this world and everyone in it. Rei-Lilith must have handed the fate of the world to Shinji in the most literal of senses. As…wrong as it felt, Shinji loved her attentions as she clawed his shirt away, and was trying to work his pants off. He wanted her, but not like this. "S-stop, Asuka…" He barely stammered out, watching as she continued to work at his pants, then suddenly stopped, looking up to him.

"Dummkopf…" she panted, her body still on a near orgasmic high of sexual energy. Why did she have to go and stop like that? Just when she was enjoying herself. Shinji pushed her away from him, so she sat down in front of him as he stood, looking around. He knew what he wanted. This world was perfect for him, but it wasn't perfect for Asuka and himself. All of the others were gone as well…they deserved better than being pawns of NERV, but they didn't deserve to disappear from existence, he decided. Closing his eyes, he remained silent, Asuka simply watching him. The sloshing of the waves on the shore slowly died away, as did the sounds of his breathing, and Asuka's panting. Everything seemed to fade away from Shinji. Suddenly he felt the cool wind on his face, a wonderful comparison to the now hot sun shining down on him. Suddenly, however, he felt tired…he was exhausted, like he had just spent an entire day…well, living. Doing trivial things. His thoughts were interrupted as he heard Asuka calling his name, and her elbow prodding him in the ribs. He opened his eyes quickly, and found himself standing outside of the school, other children passing Asuka and him by. Asuka had firm hold of his arm and was dragging him along.

"Shinji!" She shouted, as informal as ever as she gave his arm a sharp jerk.

"Come on, we're going to miss the bus. Baka!" Shinji just stared at her. No longer in her plug suit, she wore her usual school uniform. Both blue eyes danced in the sunlight, and her left arm was no longer covered in bandages. Shinji smiled at her insult, instead of cringing at harsh German tones, he was glad he made the change in her speech. No more German. Plenty of Japanese for him to actually understand. At Asuka's third or fourth growling of his name, Shinji nodded, sheepishly, hurrying along to follow her to avoid physical confrontation. Everyone else could live again…humanity was separated. He was happy for that. He decided, now that the Angels were gone, he could try to live a normal life. But control over every little thing in life wasn't normal…so as his last all-powerful act, he stripped himself of that power. He felt that the world he made now, was comfortable enough for him to accept as it was.


End of Chapter 1

And So The World Begins Again

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