He shook his head as he watched yet another male police officer offer her a flower and ask her to go on a date with him. A smirk crossed his lips as he remembered the only time that she had accepted flowers. They had been tulips, her favourite, and from her father. He watched her refuse the flower and turn the man down. Then he turned away, before she could look at him and catch him watching her.

She was very much a 'southern belle' but he saw the more modern twist. Flowers were not the way to this lady's heart. Thinking about it, he realised that must have been why John Hagen, and Jake Berkeley had held some appeal to her, even if each had been a short lived appeal. It might not have been with old fashioned ways that you won her attention, but that was how you kept it. It was how you treated her that helped you keep that appeal once you have won it.

He knew what he would soon do, but he was nervous about it. Fate seems to want to see him alone for life. Every woman that he had gotten seriously involved with, (with they exception of Julia) ended up dead. He had always been careful with getting involved romantically but when his love interests started getting killed, he became even more closely guarded with his heart. But somehow, he found, that she was already deeply imbedded there.

He had loved Marisol deeply, and still grieved over the short time that they had together. But she had been there for him through it all. She had helped him through the pain, his figurative shoulder to cry on, ever the friend. Eric had helped him dole out the revenge, but once that was over with, had been even more broken down, helping their parents to grieve as well.

When he realised how he felt for her, she had started seeing Jake, the bad-boy type that he thought that she had grown tired of after Hagen had shot himself in her lab. That thought upset him; he hated to think about how it that incident had turned her away from her beloved guns and where she had put so much effort into her speciality as a criminalist.

He had been amused to learn that she had kicked the tech, that he would admit, wasn't doing the job even a quarter as well as she had been. He had his Bullet Girl back and was happy that she was on her way to healing and resuming the normalcy that was her life, not that the life of a CSI could ever be called normal.

He looked back over to her and saw the surprise in her eyes when she saw him. He ducked his head for a moment and when he looked back up to her, he had a shy smile on his face. He watched her make her way across MDPDs parking lot. They had both been there with suspects for separate cases. He missed working on cases with her, but when she was one of his more senior criminalists, he couldn't rightly justify working with her, without making it seem like her didn't trust her to do her job, which he did, even more-so than some others that he have worked with.

As she moved closer to him, he touched the left side of his jacket and felt the paper that was in there and realising that is was Friday and that they both had the coming weekend off (he might have had something to do with that), decided to do what he had planned on doing a couple of days before but didn't get the chance because the criminal low lives decided to make their presence known in Miami once again. He felt nervousness overwhelm him, but he had managed to fight it down just as she stopped beside him.

"Hello there, Handsome!" she said to him and gave him the radiant smile that was purely hers.

"Hello there, yourself!" he returned, giving her a shy grin, and removed his sunglasses to see her better.

He could feel her studying his face and knew that she would know something was up with him. He was proven right when she asked, "Something wrong?"

"No…nothing is…wrong. I was just….just wondering…..if you had plans for the weekend?"

"Nothing solid, I had thought about going to that gun show that is downtown, but I couldn't get tickets, it seems that there is a convention here to coincide with it and they sold out shortly after it was announced. So it looks like I'm going to have to sit this one out. And they were supposed to be showing some of the newest weapons avaible to the public, it would have given us a BIG heads-up about what there could be coming into the hands of the everyday criminal" He could hear the disappoint in her voice over not being able to go to the expo.

"How about….how about you and I….spend sometime together? We….haven't had much time to chat, and…catch up with each other, for a while." He looked at the ground for a second then back into her eyes. "Maybe even go out and grab a bite to eat?"

He could have sworn that he saw her eyes light up at his suggestion. "Sure!" she said flashing him a blinding smile.

"Okay…..I have to go inside and….finish…with this suspect and this case. I'll come by your place at about nine tomorrow morning, and we can decide then what to do?"

"Sounds good to me," she said.

"Tomorrow, then," he said, then he moved past her and put his shades back on his face, and made his way to the building.

The next morning found him standing outside her door at a couple minutes to nine, and more nervous than he could ever remember being when it came to spending time with her. He stood on her doorstep in blue jeans and a white button up shirt, his ever present shades in one hand, and knocked on her door.

When she opened the door moments later, she was wearing blue jeans and a black form fitting tank top that had a low enough scoop in the front to show him just a hint of her cleavage from where he stood about a foot away from her. He knew that if he were to stand closer to her that he would be able to see more, given their height difference.

"Good morning, Ma'am."

"Good morning Handsome," she said and then stepped aside in invitation to him to enter her home while she finished getting ready. "So, what are the plans for today?" she asked.

"I had thought….that maybe….you would like to join me in using these, today," he replied as he held up two passes to the gun expo that she had wanted to attend.

She looked at what he was holding in his hand and was stunned. "How did you get those? That had been sold out for months!"

"I have…I have my ways," he said, looking at the ground and smirked. He was glad for his numerous contacts in the city. He had called in a few minor favours to be able to get these passes for them, but he was glad to see that he had been able to surprise her with them.

Then she got a better look at what they really were. They weren't merely tickets to the expo, but they were passes that would grant them access to the booths that would allow them to actually handle the weapons, even if they could not fire them there.

She suddenly jumped at him and wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug. That had surprised him for a few moments. He didn't move at first and just he was about to put his arms around her to return the embrace, she had pulled away and was turned away from him. She hadn't turned away from him so fast though that he had missed the blush that had crossed her face.

He looked at her for a moment then, he said, "Um…why?…wh…" He was trying to ask her what was wrong, with out actually using those words, they'd sound too obtuse, and that wasn't him.

"I'm sorry, Horatio. I know I shouldn't have done that."

"What?" he wasn't too sure exactly what she was referring to, hoping that she didn't mean about agreeing to spend the day with him.

"I shouldn't have hugged you. It's not proper, you are my boss."

"I am also your friend." Though I'd love to be more than that for you, he thought to himself. "And last time I looked, friends hugged each other in greeting and when happy."

She looked at him again and smiled brightly again. "You're right, Handsome."

"Shall we be off then?" he asked her.

"Yup, I just need to grab some shoes, and my handbag," she said as she went into her hallway closet for her sneakers. After slipping them on her feet, she grabbed her purse. "Okay, ready!"

They left her home and she locked her door then turned to follow him to his off duty vehicle and he opened the passenger door for her. She blushed a bit, and gave him a warm grin, "Thank you Handsome."

"You are welcome, Beautiful," he said as he shut the door and then moved around to the driver's side and entered the vehicle and then drove them to the gun show.

After they arrived at the gun show, Horatio, said a quick, "hand on," then moved around to her side and opened her door for her and offered her his hand to help her out of the car.

Blushing a little again, she took his offered hand and allowed him to help her out. "Why thank you good Sir."

Instead of releasing her hand, he placed it in the crook of his elbow after shutting the car door. Using the remote, he locked the doors, and set the alarm. He walked with her on his arm across the parking lot to the convention center that was holding the gun show.

Inside they visited all the booths and display. They got to see all of the guns that were there. They even got to visit the mini gun range that had been set up, and fire off a few of the guns that they had there. Their passes and the fact that they were cops allowed that, not that just anybody could get into that range, or even into the expo.

He had never thought of a rifle as sexy, but watching her handle one, he realized just how sexy one could be.