This story was made for Colone. Sorry if I mispelt your name.

Idea: What if Harkat, after being interrogated at the Vampire Mountain, saw Kurda and remembered something? Really random one shot.

Pacing back and forth, Darren sneered. He was tired of waiting and exhausted from the anxiety that thumped so loud in his heart. His head was pounding with nervousness, his breathing coming in short gasps. What was taking so long?!

Harkat had saved his life from that insane bear…Darren felt obligated to be in that room with him! In that room, the talking Little Person was straining with every word, repeating himself over a hundred times and then more. He was probably exhausted from taking off his mask all the time to talk. Or did he just keep it off? After all, he could survive twelve hours without it.

"Darren?" Mr. Crepsley's voice echoed from the doorway. "You need to stop worrying. He will be alright and will come out soon."

The young half vampire sneered slightly, tired from pacing so much. "You don't know that! You used to be a General; can't you pop in there and see if he's okay?"

Instead of scolding the boy, remembering Seba's words of being patient, he chuckled. "I wish I could, Darren. Why are you so anxious? Do you think they are torturing him in there?"

"It wouldn't surprise me if they were!" Darren shouted suddenly, wincing at how his voice echoed so loudly. Having a room in a mountain wasn't all that great. "With the way you go on and on about 'the vampire's way of life' I wouldn't be shocked if they tied him up and were hurting him."

Finally he sat down and gave a great sigh. "…I should be in there with him, helping him. He saved me, Mr. Crepsley, he saved my life!"

"And…what, pray tell, do you think you could do if you were with him?" He walked over and sat next to him, ignoring the fact that his clothes were getting dirty.

Darren opened his mouth, ready to cause hell…and stopped. What would he do if he were stuck with Harkat? He couldn't really speak up for him since he wasn't supposed to know the message. He knew nothing of what Mr. Tiny had said so he couldn't answer any more questions. And he shouldn't, couldn't, speak back to the Princes.

"…Nothing, I guess."

"He will be here soon." Mr. Crepsley reassured.

A day or so later, Harkat stretched his little arms. He was feel wide awake, which was funny since all the vampires around him were groggy from lack of sleep. Their stomachs growled but Harkat's didn't. All in all, he felt that he had the upper hand here.

As he stepped out, free at last, he saw Darren almost sprinting towards him. "Harkat!" He smiled, shouting loudly.

The Little Person smiled, his sharp teeth hidden behind the mask. Just as he planned to say something, he saw a vampire go by. He had blond hair and the way he looked at Harkat…The Little Person had a feeling of familiarity. That man, that vampire, was…so familiar. But how could he know him? He had never…well, he hadn't been 'born' since a few weeks ago. Perhaps he knew him in his past life?

"Who is…he?" Harkat asked Mr. Crepsley.

The vampires looked over and Larten replied, "Kurda Smahlt, the soon-to-be-Prince."

"…Kurda…" Harkat whispered.