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Chapter 1-The Mysterious Blonde

The Doctor, Martha and Jack stood up as the television screen high above the bustling London street burst into life with a charge of static.

The Doctor watched the footage of Harold Saxon, Britain's new Prime Minister, walk down the staircase among a throng of journalists and photographers all with microphones and flashing cameras. He cursed, his hunch had been correct; if he was sure of anything it was the fact that his man, this leader of one of the world's most powerful nations was the Master; his long-lost peer and enemy. His eyes locked on the smiling figure who looked so satisfied and proud of his quick rise to power. The Doctor was not listening to a word being said all he could think about was how he was going to make everything right again. If he knew the Master, which he did, he would have something grand and evil up his sleeve and it would not be long before he revealed what that was.

The Doctor's eye was suddenly caught by a fleeting glance of a woman on the television screen. The Master paused at the bottom of the stairs and the mysterious woman reappeared close beside, a large, toothy grin spread across her face as Harold wrapped an arm about her waist and pulled her close into his side. Stretching up to get nearer to the bright monitor, as Martha watched with silent interest, the Doctor scrutinised the female for a few full minutes until he turned around with a puzzled expression and called to Captain Jack.

The handsome captain stepped forward and with questioning eyes asked the Doctor,

"What's up?" With a trembling finger the Time Lord pointed at the close-up of Harry Saxon's beautiful companion, Jack scowled and stood beside the Doctor gazing at the screen intently, taking in every detail of the young woman's face from her long blonde hair intricately pinned up on her head, to her large brown eyes and sophisticated knee length gold dress matched with a string of antique pearls. When Jack's mouth fell open the Doctor knew his hunch was correct. The pretty woman smiled again as her partner leaned in to capture her lips in a passionate kiss, the camera focused on the joyous couple, making some comment about the love-sick pair.

Martha studied the shocked and saddened men,

"What's the matter?" she asked.

But the trio's attention was caught by a speech that Harry Saxon had just started, the blonde still hanging on his arm affectionately,

"This country has been sick. This country needs healing. This country needs medicine. In fact I'd go so far as to say that what this country really needs, right now, is a Doctor." And with that the broadcast finished, but not before the camera had focused on the broad and almost mocking smile plastered all over Harold Saxon aka The Master's new face.

Martha stared at the Doctor's shocked expression, she saw that those beautiful chocolate orbs, that she had witnessed so slowly coming to life were once again dead and hollow. His mouth was closed in a straight, solemn line and she could almost spot the tears forming in the corners of his pained eyes. Jack also looked hurt, the lines of his face were etched with pain and his fists were clenched so tight that it seemed as if he was cutting off circulation to his fingers. Martha did not understand why, she wasn't even sure if she wanted to know. Silence fell between the members of the group; it was uncomfortable and told a tale of immeasurable pain. Martha could feel it and even though she did not know what was actually happening the aching in her body was maddening, she could not even imagine how the two men felt when their hearts had so obviously been shattered into pieces.

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