-1Mia sighed and ran her hands through her hair. She had been waiting so long for this to happen, and now it had been arranged, he was late. Michael was finally coming back from Japan, where he'd ended up staying for three years. During that time, they'd reconciled, and he'd emailed her when he landed. They'd arranged to meet up in a café, she'd been looking forward to it for days, and now he hadn't turned up!

She sat and waited for an hour, sat with her back facing the window, a classic mistake. Whenever waiting for someone, sit facing the window. She couldn't see that he was actually stood right outside, trying to gather the courage to walk in.

After an hour and a half, she gave up. He must have been messing with her. But as she walked through the door, she crashed into someone. She glanced up.

"Michael!" she said, grinning like a maniac, then hitting him.

"Whoa!" he said, taking a step backwards.

"Where (punch) the (punch) hell (punch) have (punch) you (punch) been (punch)?"


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