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Fated Reunion

Epilogue: The Aftermath

Sasori walked through the forest, mindset on heading to the cave that Deidara told him to meet him in. It had been a year and a half since the whole Sasuke incident. Sasori recovered rather nicely, the wounds not even leaving a scar on his human body, much to his surprise. But then again, it was to be expected when he used the healing jutsu and Kakuzu's chakra-infused string surgery. Itachi had his brother's eyes, after much time of waiting. Everyone was happy.

Except Deidara. The blond, although he was perfectly safe now, still had little episodes every now and then of being in that dingy room that he feared so much. Many a night did Sasori wake up to the blond's terrorized screams. Sasori was scared to ever leave his blond alone because he was afraid that Deidara would try to harm himself. He knew it wasn't his fault, and he would kill to have a second chance to kill Sasuke and Orochimaru for what they did to his love, but they were long gone and would never come back. Maybe it was for the best.

The Akasuna recalled one incident with Deidara and one of his episodes. The blond had locked himself in the bedroom for five days, sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth when Sasori found him. That had been the five days that the puppeteer had been gone on a mission. When he got back, his blond was sitting in the corner, acting like some sort of mental institution patient, saying things like 'don't let them put me back in the dark again' and many other things along the lines. Sasori felt horrible for leaving him alone.

It always took the marionette hours to calm Deidara down. Ever since then, he was always aware of his blond's state of mind and how he treated him. Over the year and a half, Sasori had learned what set the brat off and what triggered what memories. He was always careful, but Hidan on the other hand...He lived to torture the blond to the point of him snapping. The Jashinist was so evil that he even went as far as to tie him up, butt naked, on the bed while Sasori was gone, even going as far as to turn the lights out. When Sasori got back, however, Hidan always ended up losing a limb. He eventually got to the point where Kakuzu threatened that if he got one more part of his body chopped off, he wouldn't sew it back on and he'd be screwed. The immortal quit terrorizing the blond then, knowing his partner was the only one that would ever be able to fix him.

Sasori had become so comfortable with himself that he didn't even bother to travel inside of Hiruko anymore, unless it were for missions. When he was to meet Deidara, or any other Akatsuki member, however, he was out of the infernal puppet and on his own two feet, but still in his puppet body. This time, however, he was in his human body. He didn't know why, but he just got the feeling he should be. Besides, nothing was out to harm him. It was just a straight shot to the cave anyway.

The trees started to become even more scarce and he could tell that he was drawing ever closer. In a minute, he would see the mouth of the cave. He stopped short though. His brown eyes flashed with suspicion. Why would Deidara want him to meet him at the makeshift base away from base? The puppeteer tried to think of what today was. He tried to see if there were any significance in the day. When he saw none, he continued to question his partner. He blinked in confusion and started on his way, more alert than before. Knowing Deidara, he had something planned, something Sasori wouldn't like.

Sasori jumped the few rocks that was a makeshift bridge and landed on the solid cave floor. He looked around and saw that it was empty. Did he have the wrong one? He blinked and tilted his head to the side in confusion. "Dei?" he called skittishly.

"Danna!" Deidara giggled as he jumped on Sasori's back. The red head blinked and stumbled forward a bit before looking back over his shoulder at his immature partner. The blond planted a small innocent kiss on his danna's cheek and giggled again. Okay, something was seriously going on now. Sasori was sure of it. "What took you so long, un?" the blond pouted.

The Suna born blinked. "And I thought I was impatient..." he mumbled under his breath. The blond hopped off his danna's back and skipped further into the cave, beckoning his elder to follow with a seductive wink. Sasori skittishly followed. When he got half way into the cave, he stopped and crossed his arms impatiently. "Deidara, what is this all about?" he demanded.

Deidara just giggled from the darkness in the cave. The next thing Sasori saw was a small clay bird hopping toward him and jumping up and down eagerly, beckoning him to follow it. The puppeteer sighed when the bird latched onto his cloak and tried to fly away, as if to drag him further into the cave. He finally gave in and started to walk deeper into the dark, murky cave.

As he went deeper, he noticed that this was not the Akatsuki base as he remembered. It was a different cave. Either that or Deidara had been digging for a long ass time. Sasori placed his bets on the earlier of the two. With each step he took, the marionette noticed that there was a small light growing brighter and brighter as he went farther into the cave. He found it odd that Deidara would go through this much trouble to get him into the recesses of the cave, alone, but he didn't question it. Instead, he continued to walk.

When he stopped, he noticed that there were dozens of tiny candles lit, or was that Deidara's clay? It was one of the two. There were tiny lights placed in a circle as Deidara stood in the center, staring at his danna with a mischievous smirk. The blond's hands were behind his back, hiding something. Sasori stood, motionless, stunned at such a beauty he never would have guessed looked so good. The way the dim lighting danced off of the blond's heavenly face made the puppeteer weak in the knees.

"Danna," he beckoned, extending an arm to perform the 'come hither' motion with his index finger. Sasori obeyed, not wanting to be kept waiting himself. He made his way to his enchanting blond and stopped just inches from him. Deidara wrapped his arms around his danna's neck softly and held him gently. "Happy Birthday, danna," he whispered softly, kissing the red head's tenderly.

Sasori blinked and looked down at him in confusion. It was his birth-...oh. The red head had nearly forgotten due to the lack of celebration since he joined the Akatsuki. He had forgotten that he told the blond a year ago. He also remembered how angry Deidara got with him when he told him after the fact. "I thought I told you I didn't want to celebrate my birthday anymore, Deidara," he said, trying to be serious, but on the inside, being very touched that he remembered.

The sculptor laughed softly and smiled up at his lover affectionately, his cerulean eye shining in the dancing candle light. "You did, un. I just chose not to listen, yeah," he smirked. This made the scorpion smirk as well. They both broke into a fit of chuckles and snickers before Deidara held out his other hand and handed Sasori a small rectangular box. It was then that he noticed that his blond's hands were cut and scraped. He grabbed the slender wrist and yanked it to have a better look. He shot him a stern look and scowled. The sculptor blushed and turned his head. "It's not what you think, un...just open your present and you'll see, yeah," he whispered, a small nervous smile on his face. He knew what his danna was thinking. He was thinking that Deidara tried to harm himself again. He hadn't done that in years thanks to Sasori.

Sasori, though rather wary of his partner's dismissal of the matter, obeyed and started to unwrap the blood red wrapping and black bow. When he took the top off the box, he saw two things inside. To the left, there was a small puppet that was a very weird and poorly made replica of himself. He looked to the right and saw another box. This one had a clear lid, allowing him to see puppet tools that he needed, his having been broken when he was trying to save Deidara a year and a half ago. They had been worn down to nearly nothing because Sasori had been working so hard and fast with them.

The puppeteer gingerly picked up the puppet and observed it. Poor joints, uneven wooden body, but the jaw worked properly. After a few seconds of observing, he looked to his blond lover for an explanation. Deidara stood there, blushing. He held up his hands and dropped his head, the wounds exposed. "I tried, un," he said pathetically with a small whimper.

Sasori blinked and instantly took his love into an embrace, dropping the box to the ground with his new tools. He held the replica of himself in his hand as he held Deidara. The red head's face held a small childish smile as he looked at the puppet once more behind the sculptor's back. Though they constantly argued over their views on art, Sasori could see that the Iwa artist tried his form of art. He could tell that it was his love's first time doing it due to the inexperienced cuts on his hands and the poorly made final product, but it wasn't the looks that mattered to the Akasuna now. It was the thought. The very notion that his love gave his art a try.

Deidara stood quietly in his danna's arms with a small smile on his heavenly face. He wrapped his arms around his waist and tucked his head into the crook of the puppet master's neck. "I love you, danna," he whispered, nuzzling his nose at the hollow beneath the older's ear.

"I love you, too, Dei," the marionette replied, kissing his lover's temple softly and pulling away to look at the puppet. His face held the same childish smile as he showed Deidara how much he loved it. He attached chakra strings to it and started to let it dance in Deidara's palm. The blond lifted a small finger and Sasori made the puppet hug it and cuddle with it softly.

A childish giggle erupted from the Iwa-nin as he watched in awe at how good his partner was and how grateful he was to still be alive to be able to witness such significant changes in him. In all actuality, Sasori had come a very long way since Deidara first met him. He was always rude, stand-offish, quiet, and uncaring. The blond was beginning to question his mentality. But as they spent more time with each other, Deidara soon noticed that Sasori wasn't as bad as he let on. He was actually the most caring person he had ever met and he would do anything not to lose him.

"Thank you, Deidara. I'll keep it safe," said the low, velvety voice that Deidara loved to hear. The blond raised a cerulean eye to his danna's face and smiled affectionately. Sasori snapped his wrist back and the puppet reared back into his palm. He closed his hand around it and gently put it in his Akatsuki cloak sleeve.

"Danna?" called the brat. The older responded with a small 'hm.' "That's not the only present, un," Deidara winked before glomping his master childishly.

The last thing heard from the cave was sounds of Deidara giggling, Sasori chuckling, and sounds of love being made. The bird and the marionette were complete. Their missing halves were found again and they would forever fight to keep it with them.

The End