Chapter 1

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How exhausting. Another new town, another new school, another new lie. One more day of my infinite life that I have to pretend that nothing is wrong. That I have to hide the pain that nearly cripples me.

It has been nearly fourty years since Edward had left and still I mourn over his absence. I don't judge him for leaving; after all I had been a weak, pathetic human that was unworthy of his love. It hurts to even think of him, but my feelings for Edward refuse to be forgotten.

Already prepared to leave, I waited for it to be a reasonable time for me to head to my new high school. I couldn't arrive too early or it would inevitably bring unwanted attention that could spoil my cover, so I waited in my truck, reading a book to keep my mind occupied.

After waiting for several more hours, it was finally time to leave. I hopped out of the car and began walking at a human pace. It was annoying, but, since I lived in my truck, it would be a bad idea to drive it to school. I was really beginning to wish that I looked old enough to be able to buy myself a house without arousing suspicions.

The high school was exactly as I had expected it to be; small and worn, the paint fading from years of withstanding the elements. I walked slowly to the main office building to get my schedule, pondering at whether or not it was ironic that last night I had feasted on a large ram, which just so happened to be the school mascot.

Going into the office, I quickly spotted the attendant sitting behind her computer at the desk. I immediately put on a fake smile as I strode up to the counter, not wanting to frighten her. The woman looked up, having just noticed my presence, and smiled in response.

"What can I do for you?" She asked kindly.

"My name is Isabella Swan; I just transferred to this school and was hoping to pick up my schedule here."

"Oh, that's right. Could you wait a second? I'm pretty sure I just set your papers down somewhere only a little while ago," the attendant said as she riffled through the documents that covered the desk. I waited patiently as she moved through the papers at a slow, human speed.

"Here they are!" She exclaimed a while later, grabbing the papers from atop a stack of fliers and handing them to me. I glanced quickly at my schedule and absently noted that my first class was Ecology. The attendant then proceeded to take out a map and point out where all of my classes were.

I half listened as she went on, reading a flier for the school play Romeo and Juliet. When I was human I would have loved to go see the play, but now, whenever I think of Romeo and Juliet, my mind automatically flickers to Edward. Now my favorite story only brings me pain and misery. It's amazing, how things change.

I quickly tuned back in to what the attendant was saying when it became apparent that she had realized that I wasn't paying attention. She pointed out where my sixth hour class would be and handed over the map and my schedule. I thanked her and walked out the door, my fake smile immediately fading once my back was to the office.

I got to my first hour in plenty of time, approaching my teacher and handing him a note from the attendant explaining that I was a transfer. He nodded for me to seat myself at an empty desk near the front of the room after he handed me a textbook. I sat down and began flipping through the pages. It was the exact same book I'd had at my last high school.

How boring.

Then the teacher, Mr. Brown, called for everyone's attention and began the lesson.

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