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"Hn." speaking

'Hn.' Thinking.

hn flashbacks.

Amano Ginji successfully avoided Mido Ban for an entire week. One miserable week of self-doubting, depression, silent tears, and agony on Ginji's half and dark cursing, frantic searching, desperation, furious promises to horribly maim and murder anyone that hurt his Ginji on Ban's half. Finally the brunette snake bearer cornered the blond lightning user at the Honky Tonk in a private room.

"Why are you avoiding me Ginji?" Ban asked with fake calm. Ginji couldn't tell the difference at the moment because he was too busy fighting off the urge to glomp the brunette and beg for forgiveness. And nuzzle him to oblivion of course. Ginji loved nuzzling Ban. And snuggling against him. Hell Ginji loved everything to do with and about Ban.

"It hurts Ban-chan." Ginji whimpered clenching his shirt where his heart rested. Since they were out of sight and hearing of any and everyone who might see this and use it against them, the two could afford to let their masks and defenses fall into nothing.

"What did I do wrong Ginj that you'd leave me?" Ban asked pleadingly. It hurt him that Ginji didn't want anything to do with him. It hurt more than it did when other people avoided him.

"Nothing. At least not yet." Ginji replied dejectedly. Why couldn't he just be mad at him like Himiko was?

Ban dropped down beside the blond former Lightning Lord and turned his face to look into his eyes. He needed Ginji to believe the next statement because it was true. "Whoever told you whatever they said to you to make you avoid me like I did something unforgivable to you, I'll kill them. Make them suffer and then kill them for daring to tell you whatever was said. I could never do anything to hurt you Ginji. Nothing. Do you hear me?" He demanded.

Ginji launched himself sideways into the brunette. "I hear you loud and clear Ban-chan." He replied brightly, every bit of suffering, doubt, depression, and agony gone. Giniji knew without a doubt that Ban would never do the things Himiko told him he would do. The blond allowed himself to nuzzled his nose into Ban's neck.

Ban wrapped his arms around the blond and let him nuzzle as much as he wanted. He missed it when the blond was absent. Hell Ban missed everything the blond did when he was absent. Even when he took up most of the bed. "Who told you whatever it was that had you leaving me alone?" He asked with true calm now that he had his eel back.

Ginji had his head tucked into the curve of Ban's throat when he spoke. "I was mostly unconscious from using too much lightning. Himiko-san came and rescued me I guess. I wasn't too sure because I had already killed the people after me. I used my electricity to stop all their hearts. After she got me somewhere safe, she asked me where you were. I told her you were back here at the Honky Tonk because one of us had to complete the retrieval. Himiko told me it was typical of you to abandon a friend in need. I defended you. Told her that wasn't true. You left because I told you to. She laughed and told me that you were just using me until someone better came along. Someone stronger than me. Then you would leave me behind like you did everyone else. She told me that no one really liked me. They just pretended because they were afraid of what I could and would do to them if I found out they were faking. So I thought if I left you first then it wouldn't hurt when you finally left me. But it hurt so much! I felt like Akebane-san cut me to little, itty bitty pieces with his scalpels. I wanted to die." He responded after a few seconds.

Ban growled low in his throat, rage coursing through his veins. How dare that bitch lie to him like that? She had them both miserable and agonizing for this entire miserable week. That bitch would pay. 'Stupid jealous bitch. She'd do or say anything to break us apart so she can finally have me.' He thought angrily. "That miserable bitch. I'll kill her." He growled angrily. And he would eventually. He couldn't break his promise to Yamato out of brotherly love but Himiko was seriously testing that love and making him want to break the promise just so the two could be reunited again.

"So you really do...Hevn-chan wasn't lying then...I'm so happy...I really am so very happy Ban-chaaaaaaaaan..." Ginji finished with a yawn before falling asleep curled up against his favorite person in the entire world.

"Of course I love you idiot. I wouldn't have been so worried if I didn't." Ban spoke softly as Ginji's warm, even breathing hit his neck in soft puffs of warmth. The Jagon master hefted the blond into his arms bridal style and carried him to the car. He carefully set him in the seat and drove them to their posh two bedroom apartment a block from Hevn's own penthouse apartment. The blonde bought it for them when they returned from Infinity Fortress as a thank you for rescuing her/saving MakubeX from himself.

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