The second lemon

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Never in her life had she thought she would be allowed to wear something so exquisite and equally expensive. Kagome was simple by nature, had always believed that those sorts of things weren't cut for her. And her mother…dear God… her mother must have spent a small fortune on that royal blue satin gown. A potential suitor; she had beamed at her; and a rich one by the looks of it.

Even Kagome had to admit that she was a vision of elegance in that gown. Her dark hair, courtesy of her mother, fell behind her back in loose curls, pulled away from a timelessly beautiful face, with one strand draped forward to frame it.

They were rehearsing, playing dress up, because this was how she was supposed to look like when the fateful day would come.

Still, she felt trapped like the strange reflection that was staring back blankly at her. It was unlike her to feel such a lack of options, a stiffness icily winding around her heart. But it didn't matter anymore. She had no choice in moving forward, and with such an audience watching her raptly, all eyes affixed to her form, she knew better than to think she could disappoint. There was no giving up, no running away this time.

She blinked for the umpteenth time at her reflection. In the glass was a different Kagome; one with hauntingly beautiful defined eyes and a pretty mouth and perfect skin– she felt her face once more, run her fingers over mascaraed lashes, and decided quite firmly that this was a Kagome she might consider keeping.

For a moment, Kagome felt that she liked it; her new reflection that is. It showed a brave face on and she wondered briefly if this fake Kagome; very plastic, two-dimensional girl –could serve her better to keep the real girl inside safe.

She could even train herself to hide the breathlessness and the pain behind an icy, regal mask that would send people running; but she couldn't, or could she?


Kagome turned abruptly; away from her distorted self, startling her entourage in the process. She claimed she was tired, missing fresh air. They left her alone; they knew better than pushing her too far. Twenty minutes later, she was out.

She wasn't sure how, but somewhere in the course of leaving home and heading for the park for fresher air, she'd wound up at the well; again.

Kagome was now equally resigned to the fact that it, too, was no longer going to be a daily, almost ritualistic part of her life. She couldn't have been more correct in her assumptions as a gruesome sight greeted her this time.

The well; her well was simply gone, destroyed.

Through the thick haze of disorientation that clouded her mind, one thing remained startlingly clear; it was over.

It had been hours, but she hadn't moved. Pieces of leaves were mixed up with her curls, dirt on her clothes; but she ignored it all, simply playing with strands of grass, tearing them methodically up one by one by one.

She didn't hear him coming, only saw a breath of air brushing the leaves when there was no wind and white shoes blocking her vision.

'I've been looking for you.' She heard him say.

'Well, you found me.' Her voice came out cracked and rough, torn sandpaper scratching her throat.

'You were right about me,' she continued carefully, tiredly. 'I'm more like Kikyou than just outside –you should have destroyed the well a long time ago; Sesshomaru."

She stressed the last part, felt his surprise, but didn't care. Her mind was set; and God helps her, because she refused to be weak anymore.

A/N: After writing some drabbles; I re-read this story and decided that it's worth the shot. To recap; the second lemon is Kagome, the first is kikyou and the third; Rin maybe? The 'three lemons' is a Persian tale talking about a prince that had three shots with three women. As stated before, Inuyasha represents that prince who foolishly keeps blowing his chances. This is where the tale and the fic are connected. Aside from that, enjoy and do tell what you think.