Title: Songbird At 2am

Author: Wolfoflegends

Beta: Amphritie

Pairing: House/Wilson implied slash

Rating: PG at the most… but most probably G

Summery: When complaining suddenly turns playful.

Note: This crazy Idea came to mind when a mockingbird was singing rather loudly last night near 1 or 2am while I went to fetch some laundry from the dryer. I myself stopped for a while and listened to the bird, but I have a feeling House trying to sleep would go out and listen to the bird.

But my mind went from 'Mockingbird' to the Frank Sinatra song A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square, then to Frank Sinatra himself, then to another Sinatra tune What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life? And Tada! A strange idea for a fic!

Last night came close to driving House insane. Not only was he having trouble getting to sleep recently, but a mockingbird had also decided to perch in the tree near his bedroom window and sing loudly for the world to hear. If it had been daylight and he not trying to sleep, he might have enjoyed the bird's melody. But no, the bird had to choose 2:00 A.M. to sing.

So when he got to work the next day with nearly two hours of sleep, he had to gripe at someone about the annoying beast. And it seemed that a Dr. James Wilson was the perfect target. Not just because he always complained to Wilson about things that annoyed him, but because he was closest. House slipped from his office and out onto the balcony where Wilson was leaning against the wall and drinking his morning coffee.

"A mockingbird sang to me last night."


"Yep, right outside my window." his voice held a slightly annoyed tone to it.

A not-really-serious smile on his face, Wilson took another sip of his coffee. Still leaning against the wall, he asked, "What'd he sing?"

House only eyed his friend and was about to spit out 'What do you think he sang?' when a better idea came to mind. Awkwardly, House climbed over the dividing wall over onto the other man's side. Wilson left his coffee resting on the wall as he stood and turned to House.

Wilson knew he should be worried when a slow playful smile began to grow on House's face.

And unexpectedly, House began to sing in his best voice. "What are you doing the rest of your life? North and South and East and West of your life?" House was circling the younger doctor and was now somewhere behind him. Wilson tried to keep his head forward, only just slightly trying to look at the singing man with a confused expression. "I have only one request of your life..." House started to bring his voice softer until his next words slipped from his lips and huskily into Wilson's ear, "That you spend it all with me."

Wilson was frozen in his position, save for the shiver that shot through him from House's breath in his ear. When he glanced up he was greeted with a wink and leering smile before the older doctor retreated back to his office, leaving a flustered James Wilson alone with his coffee and the echo of lyrics in his ears.