His pillow...happened to be a quite warm and soft one. Did Shori not forget the fabric softener to wash the sheets and pillowcases again for him...? Yuuri would have to ask his Mom to drive him to school… five more minutes in bed and he would miss the school bus… not like he couldn't bike there himself, but she insisted

"I think he's coming to…"

Murata was… in bed… with him…?

Yuuri's eyes shot open in horror as he woke to hard ground. The other boy crouched over him and snickered, "Not even in your dreams, Shibuya."

Didn't I say to stop reading my thoughts…?

Conrad appeared beside Murata, frowning with intense concern. "Are you alright, Heika?"

"He landed alright, didn't he?" The Great Sage glanced around the room as if he greatly pleased with himself. "The Maoh finally made his appearance. Lord Weller and I managed to knock out the bodyguard on the way here." His eyes paused over a figure lolling on the red carpet. Yuuri watched a drooling Sararegi spasm uncontrollably.

Answering the apparent question in his eyes, Murata said, "Do you remember that cute little maid Hana? Well, she told us something very interesting today about humans with strong magic."

He dug into his pants pocket, pulling out a sapphire-blue gemstone the size of a balled up fist.

"It has the same properties as a Houseki stone would on a powerful Mazoku."

Yuuri suddenly panicked, images of the dying blond running wild in his mind's eye. "Where's Wolfram? Is he—?"

"I'm right here, wimp."

An upside down Wolfram stared down at him with a critical look in his green eyes.

Not in pain, not crying, not lifeless, just somewhat annoyed. The usual way Wolfram looked at Yuuri at times. As soon as Yuuri tried to sit up, rambling some sort of garbled apology through heavy lips, the Mazoku placed his palm over Yuuri's forehead and forced him back into a lying position on his lap. "Fool, don't get up so quickly! I won't enjoy carrying you back..." he complained.

"I have to disagree with you, Lord von Bielefeld. Despite being held up in that cell made of Houseki stones for several days, the Maoh completely healed you."

Blushing a little, the fire-caster scowled, "Yes… well…" He yelped once loudly in surprise as Yuuri's lazy fingers strayed over Wolfram's upper leg, as they climbed into his own black hair, Yuuri mumbled tiredly, "Why am I so dizzy..." He felt the sensation of someone untangling his hand from his hair and brushing against his face. Then nothing else.



Being back home in Shin Makoku felt, honestly, fantastic.

Having Greta running around like nothing had changed, no one had been separated, was even better. The air between the royal couple however was still tense after two days.

Yuuri hardly got a chance to talk to Wolfram about anything that had happened. He kept mostly his words short and curt, disappeared frequently (though assuredly it was somewhere he was needed, like training his soldiers— Yosak informed him after the demon king asked him secretly to sweep the grounds for his location), and the moments before sleep were completely and utterly silent. Their little girl rarely ever shared the bed nowadays and preferred her own little purple room down the hall.

On the way to Gwendal's office one day, awake enough to sign new treaties with some newly-risen human lands, Yuuri slumped his shoulders backwards and let out a noisy yawn.

"How dignified of you."

Up against a nearby stone pillar, Wolfram leaned with his arms crossed strictly against his blue uniform shirt. That was the most he had spoken to him since they had gotten back. (I'm not even certain if Wolfram wants to talk to me again.) Yuuri took his opportunity as he could seize it.

He opened his mouth and in mid-formed word, the blond interrupted him, glaring, "Wimp, you thought that if you were to apologize... it would make everything normal?"

Meekly, Yuuri tilted his head down.


"If you ever want to reach that goal, you will be doing a lot more groveling." Emerald green hardened. "Did you actually mean it when you said that you broke your promise to me?"

He was not going to lie to Wolfram. Not ever.


Shoulders stiffening, Yuuri didn't know what to expect from an approaching Wolfram with his determined face. Set him on fire? Punch him in the gut? Curse him out?

"I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to hear this from you, Yuuri."

Yuuri gaped, his jaw slowly slipping unhinged— an unbecoming "EHHHHH?" escaping him before being cut off by Wolfram's mouth pushing awkwardly into his parted lips. The first instinct to slap-and-run would have most definitely served a useless purpose. Strongly muscled and yet thin arms enfolded around his neck as Wolfram pressed a little harder against him, as if urging him to react in some way. Yuuri returned the hug around Wolfram's waist and pulled away, still somewhat shell-shocked.

"I-I thought you were mad at me."

"Of course I'm mad, you wimp. I would be mistaken not to be." Green eyes softened as he peered back. "But I… love you as well."

Mutually grinning, they moved in again for a kiss, this time Yuuri blushing pleasantly as Wolfram's tongue collided with his, stubbornly.

Somewhere off in the haze of reality, someone giggled loudly. One of the newer maids rushed by with a basket of white sheets, smiling giddily as both boys threw themselves from each other. The Mazoku growled frustrated at her retreating figure before realizing the obvious glint in Yuuri's eyes. "What is it?"

"You said you wouldn't take me back. And that…" Yuuri braced his fists into his sides, sadness made evident in the cracking of his voice, "you wouldn't ask for me..."

"My pride and my nobility alone will not allow my word to be broken. What has been said is absolute." Wolfram said, firmly, "I would have to renounce my title."

"Wolfram, that's ridiculous! You don't have to go that extreme—"

The other boy hissed angrily through his bared teeth, "Then you suggest that we run away together? To what, your world where they teach such bigotry and intolerant values to their youth?" Desperately, Yuuri groaned and sunk to the stone pathway, smacking his head against the wall.

"What then... what are we suppose to do...?"

Wolfram turned around, squaring the view of his back, as he managed to speak without any emotion, and as he stomped on his own bleeding heart.

"Accept the terms."



What he wouldn't give for a damn pin...


Conrad poked his head into the chamber room, examining the his king struggling to fasten his violet-colored sash to his shoulder. "They are ready for you."

The Demon King of Shin Makoku moaned, childishly, "Why do I always feel sick before I go to one of these meetings?"

"If you need me, I will be right outside the door," assured the swordsman, grinning humorously.

Yuuri made an exasperated face at him before trudging over to the opposite door. The moment he opened the door, professionalism and a smile fixed over his young features.

"Thank you for your time."

Stoffel bowed immediately along with the rest of the members of the long table as Yuuri took his seat among them. "No, no, Maoh-heika! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us!" Somewhere on the far right, Gwendal snorted faintly. Looking somewhat confused by the sudden grimace by their King, Stoffel was shoved aside and replaced by Von Wincott— definitely Julia's brother with his curly, light blue hair— who spread out his arms invitingly.

"This should not take long. As you are well aware of, the king of Small Shimaron has been detained and we would like you to meet with other candidates for holding the throne."

Yuuri agreed, "Of course."

Stoffel stepped back into view, grinning. "As to be expected of our Maoh, we were also impressed by your valor during such dire circumstances." This was met by a couple nods and whispers. "We would, as the Families, like to discuss another personal matter with you. Regarding Wolfram von Bielefeld and yourself—"

The stocky, bearded man backed up a step as the atmosphere in the meeting room noticeably dropped in temperature.

Yuuri rose out of the front chair provided for him to plant his fingers roughly into the table, voice darkening.

"While I believe it's in your power to question me and my practices as King of Shin Makoku, the business between me and Wolfram von Bielefeld is private. Neither one of us has to answer to any suspicions or accusations made by anyone. What we decide to do with the engagement is our own decision to make." Yuuri narrowed his black eyes at the occupants of the room, purposely ignoring the astonishment coming off of everyone. "I'm not interested in marrying out of gain. I'm not interested in marrying anyone else for that matter."

To his left, Lord von Karbelnikoff chuckled amiably. "So…when I should I expect an wedding invitation…?"

The teenager would have gone pink if Von Wincott had not added, "We understand this, Heika, but arrangements for a marriage have already been made. If you find our choice satisfactory, we wish you the best. If not, further discussion will have to be listed for a later date." He glanced at Stoffel who went for the doors behind Yuuri.

I…I don't want this….

"We think you will be quite pleased with our choice."

Yuuri took a deep breath, ready to turn on that carefully constructed smile for the poor soul forced into this charade, already planning his future rejection speech for the Families. In the middle of his self-reflection of placing the traditional line 'you can all go straight to hell' in his plans, the double doors swing unlocked.

Von Wincott motioned towards a grinning Wolfram in the doorway.

"Is this a suitable proposal?"




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Almost forgot...




Clearly in hearing distance, the noises behind twin, maple-colored doors increased as several tall male figures passed by, stilling their talk.

"Yuuri...not theeere...!" Wolfram's throaty voice groaned. Two of the males sweat-dropped as their spastic companion swayed precariously on his own feet, pressing an ear insistently to the wood.

Joining in with the little whines, Yuuri's purr of a voice rose, "I think... I got it now. How about here...?"


The unbolted bedroom doors to the Maoh's private chambers burst open wildly as a whirl of lilac and white rushed in, crying out melodramatically, "Heeeeeeikkkaaaaaa!"

Stretched out with his stomach flat on the mattress, the blond Mazoku propped himself up on his elbows, thoroughly irritated about the fact that Yuuri's gentle hands massaging into his very sore back (revenge was called for since Dorcas had not sufficiently broken in the new stallion) removed themselves completely.

Instead of blaming his new husband (who was currently scooting into a sitting position on the mattress as oppose to the deep straddle against Wolfram's lower hips, and flushing hotly), Wolfram glowered fiercely at the intruder to his relaxation and his brothers standing in the corridor.

"I believe manners still exist in this country."