A/N: This story is SS/HG/LM and will include slash. If things like this offend you, turn back now because this is not the fic for you. I am writing this for the fans of Professors pet that were interested in slash. Again, I also realize I have put this under SS/HG... my reasons for this is because fanfiction only give me two characters to choose from. I am not an innocent so if things of sexual nature bother you.. don't read this fic.


"I still don't see what the big deal is." Ron muttered "It's just a book."

"It's a big deal because the book is rare and old... I may never have a chance to get that book again." Hermione yelled back

"Then go by yourself Hermione – I refuse to step foot down there."

Hermione turned to look at Harry, "Are you going to chicken out too?"

"Umm, It's not chickening out Hermione. There really has to be another way to get the book."

Hermione glared and walked away from the two boys, she didn't like the idea of going into Knock Turn Alley either but the book in question was rare, old and within her reach; one of only four in existence. They had promised they would go with her two weeks prior, but now they had changed their minds and left her with two choices... forget the book or go alone.

She pondered her options, weighing each carefully. The rational part of her mind told her to forget the book; it was too risky to go into Knock Turn Alley with a few death eaters still on the loose. The Hermione part of her brain told her she wanted that book... it was a once in a lifetime chance.

With her mind made up, she squared her shoulders, straightened her back, made sure her wand was securely in her hand and went in the direction of the book.

Knock Turn Alley was dingy, smelled bad and had loads of witches and wizards that looked as if they hadn't seen a shower or comb in years. She walked past the different shops, not making eye contact with anyone or talking to anyone either; all she wanted to do is get the book and get out.

Once she reached the old bookstore, she walked inside and went straight to the counter. She had heard that the storeowner had the book under lock and key to avoid it being stolen. She hit the little bell and waited patiently until the little old man emerged from the back smelling of rotten eggs.

"What's a pretty little thing like you doing here?" The old man asked with a smile of missing, broken and blackened teeth.

"I'm here to purchase the 'Thomason book of ancient Potions'" she replied with firmness in her voice. She didn't dare show weakness here.

The old man eyed her critically; "I want to see your payment. I can't risk a book like that walking out of here."

Hermione rolled her eyes and pulled her money pouch from her pocket, "I think this will be sufficient" she stated, handing the man the pouch. The old man walked over to the back counter and emptied the pouch. Once he had finished counting, he gave her a nod.

"I will get you the book... feel free to glance around a bit as it will take me a few minutes to break the wards around it."

Hermione frowned, "I want my money pouch until you return. I have something to protect as well as you do." she stated.

He tossed her the pouch, went to the back of the store and into a second door. Hermione tucked the pouch back into her pocket and started browsing the shelves, after all, she didn't think she would be back here anytime soon... or ever.

The shelves were full of antique looking books. The books were on everything from Dark magic to Potions and everything in between. Once she reached a shelf in the very back, she scanned the titles for any she couldn't live without... she'd give the man a bank note if need be.

She could feel magic coming from some of the books... she avoided those as best she could – no telling what they were capable of. She picked up a book about Merlin and another about the uses of moonflower. She had enough left in her pocket for both of them. Happy with her findings, she started towards the counter once more when a small, brown leather bound book caught her eye. She didn't feel any darkness coming from the book and she also noticed the book was without a visible title. She slipped the two books under her left arm and pulled the brown book from the shelf.

"Strange, no title on the front either." she muttered to herself.

She flipped the first couple pages and still didn't find a title, not to mention the book was in a language she wasn't familiar with.

"Well, so much for that." She said with a sigh and went to put the book back. As her hand reached out, a small piece of parchment fell from the back of the book and landed gracefully at her feet. She slipped the book back into place and picked up the little paper, fingering the delicate edges carefully.

"I've got the book Miss." the old mans voice rang from the front of the store.

Hermione tucked the paper in her pocket without thinking and walked towards the counter to pay for her books.

"Find anything you like?" he asked, pointing to the two books in her arms.

"Yes I did." she replied, "I must say you have a large selection here."

The old man grinned again, showing his ugly smile, "Many years of collecting." he said shortly.

Hermione once again pulled the pouch from her pocket. As she did, the little paper fell out of her pocket. She bent over to pick it up, she could see writing on the inside.

"Whatcha got there?" The man asked in curiosity.

"Paper fell out of a book I was looking at." She replied, still fingering the paper. She finally unfolded the small missive and read the words. They were in a different language and she didn't have a clue what they said. When she finally muttered the last word, the paper erupted into a ball of fire and she vanished from the shop, leaving the shop owner with his mouth hanging wide open.

Two days later, Hermione woke up to the sound of voices whispering around her. She tried to open her eyes but the sunlight was blinding and gave her an instant headache.

"She's alive" one of the voices stated, a male voice at that.

"Have you ever seen her before?" another voice whispered, this time if was a woman.

"Not that I can recall." the male stated.

Hermione could hear the man walking closer to her, "Are you alright dear?"

She turned her head slightly and groaned in response.

"I don't think she is." The woman stated, "Lets get her to the wing to be checked out."

Once she was in the wing, she opened her eyes and took in her surroundings. The bed she was laying in was white metal. The walls were a yellowish color and held moving painting.

"Don't try to sit up just yet dear." the man stated from her left.

Hermione turned her head and smiled, "Hello Professor Dumbledore."

"You know who I am?" He asked with a questioning look

"Of course I do... I've been at Hogwarts for seven years... I hope I know who you are."

Albus Dumbledore frowned, "I'm sorry Miss, but I know all of my students and you are not one of them."

Hermione looked at him again, closer this time and realized something was wrong... Dumbledore was younger.

"You say you are a student here -- who are your Professors?" Dumbledore asked

Hermione frowned at him, "Flatwick is charms, transfiguration is McGonagall, Snape is Potions, Malfoy is D.A.D.A, Sprout is Herbology..."

"Miss" Dumbledore stated with his hand raised, "Did you say Snape and Malfoy?"

"Yes, you know, Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy." she replied looking at the man that was confusing her.

"I'm afraid that's impossible."

"It's the truth." She stated, starting to get a bit angry

"It's impossible because both Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy are 7th year students."

Hermione looked over to her Professor and fainted without another word.