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"Christine, hurry up!" yelled my stupid "brother" Sam. I told him he could call me my real name, Bella when we are at home but he doesn't listen. "My name is Bella you idiot!" I yelled back at him and finished getting dressed. I was wearing a tight black top that said "The Vampires", (some band name I mad up that I don't think is real.) gray skinny jeans, and black flats. I looked totally different too. I was prettier, I had hair down to my butt that I died black with red streaks, I had a better shape, and I had topaz eyes. I ran downstairs. "So Michael is hunting?" I asked. Sam nodded. I sighed. Where's Leah? "She putting makeup on." he said looking at my eyes lined in thick black liner. Just then Scott and Michelle, Mimi for short, walked in.

"Who's car are we taking?" asked Mimi.

"Mine." said Leah walking in. "Yay!" I said. I looovved Leah's car. Maybe because it was a black Volvo. Maybe.

When we walked to school we went to the office to get our schedules. I had only two classes without one of them, Biology and English. Oh Well. Me and Leah headed off to our first class. Math. We had fifteen minutes until the start of class and everyone was milling around talking so I pulled out my iPod and cranked it up and listened to "Happy Ending: By Avril Lavigne." Leah winced as the sound hit her sensitive ears but I was used to it. Soon the teacher walked in and we went up there to ask where our seats were. I thought I smelled vampire but I dismissed it.

"You girls can sit next to Mr. Cullen there. Mr. Cullen please raise your hand." he said. I gasped and Leah's eyes widened. This is not happening, I thought. I turned slowly around and saw Jasper looking boredly out the window with his hand raised. Once he felt my...whatever, horrible feelings he turned but I turned back to the teacher before he saw me. "Ummm couldn't I sit somewhere else?" I asked quietly but Jasper heard. The teacher looked surprised. "That's the only empty seat, Miss. White." he said. I sighed and sat down. Jasper stared at me and Leah. Well the teacher droned on and on about decimals Jasper whispered "Do I know you?"

"No why?" I asked. He smirked.

"You didn't seem to want to sit next to me very much." I sighed. I felt calm pass over me. I glared at him. He looked surprised.

"Thanks Mr. Emo." I said sarcastically. He ignored me.

"Would you all like to sit with my family and lunch?" he asked. We nodded and went back to work.

This is kinda ummmm...used but Oh Well. I don't like it that Bella just accepted Edward back like that so I wrote my own. Should Michael just be her like best biggest brother or her boyfriend? Also Edward will be very...different. Lol. Read and Review!